Five Reasons to Commute with the Cyrusher Ebike

Five Reasons to Commute with the Cyrusher Ebike

Aug 17, 2022

Get tired of the congestion during rush hour? The unhealthy physical fat deposits can block this flow of blood and cause a heart attack because of the sedentary job, and fail to punch the clock on the gym for lack of time or just run out of energy. Get trouble with the parking lot for the piles of cars. Besides, you are an environmentally friendly supporter. Then the Cyrusher ebike is going to suit your taste.

Nowadays, the number of ebike riders is enlarging, the obvious reason is that it is an ideal way of transportation, especially for the commute. Cyrusher XF690 maxs which is designed for the one looking for flexibility and an easier commute is an excellent choice you can take a look of.

Five reasons to choose your ebike as the way of commute 
One: With its great convenience and flexibility

The basic reason that chooses a specialized e bike as the way of transportation for commute is it can easily get across the crowded and get rid of the long queue of the rush hour so that it never gonna happen late for work or back home late after a long period of daytime work. Moreover, it provides other solutions for public transportation which is crowded with people in rush hour. Pick up your key and wear your hard hat and then go to work with the breezing morning air by using less time which you can save for sleeping longer in the morning.

Two: An alternative way of exercise

Besides it being convenient as a way of transportation, it is wonderful for exercise use. Basically, all the Cyrusher ebike is equipped with three working modes including the full power, power and pedal and the pedal only mode. Among them, the pedal-only system is helpful to consume the fat stored in your body, leg especially, to help you keep a fit body figure. And if you like, you can ride even further to start your exercise plan while back home with the power-only mode helps you back home comfortably. Meanwhile, you can finish up your daily exercise plan on the way back home so you don’t have to squeeze time to work out in the gym. Compare to the other exercises way, the cycling way is more friendly to the joints and left less burden on your body. So it is accessible for someone with disorders which is considerable for the majority of rider types. 

Three: Easy to stop or store

It is admittedly that everyone with a car has faced the situation that failing to find the parking lot and getting tired of the long queue of waiting to park. But if you are an ebike owner, it is not even a thing. You can park your ebike in any vacant place even in a corner, moreover, if it is a folding one, you can even store it in your office.

Now that it is very convenient for parking, you can use it to do all your daily stuffs, such as, do some shopping, do the laundry and so on. It can save much time you cost on the way which is beneficial to improve your life quality.

Four: Low-carbon and environmentally friendly.

Compared to the traditional automobile car, the electric power model is more welcoming among the environmental lover. It can be supported by so many people with its environmentally friendly specialty. Without being powered by the traditional gas, it uses easy-acquired and greener electricity which can largely protect the environment from being polluted. The oil gas is only accessible by extraction which is limited and the over-extraction will cause irreversible damage to the Earth. What’s more, the emission of carbon dioxide from the combustion of fossil fuels is harmful to the environment which may contribute to long-term climate change while the ebike does not. The frequency of extreme weather around the world is becoming more and more frequent, such as unusually high temperatures and changeable weather.  It is time to take action to do something  environmentally friendly.

Five: Economical and worth buying

Although the listing price of an electric bicycle is around 2000 pounds which seems to be a relatively expensive thing. It is easy to maintain in subsequent daily use, and its low-cost energy storage features make it an extremely economical and cost-effective investment. Especially in the changing world of the energy crisis, it is absolutely economical to spend on an electric bike. The expanding use of gas is a large amount in the long-term use. Moreover, as it is a way of transportation, the expenditure on public transportation and the fee spend in taxis and so on all can be saved. And the money saved is enough to buy a brand new electric bike for your family.

Why are the XF690maxs a good choice?

Although the basic use of an electric bike is to commute, if it can be given much more possibilities with the budget money, why not go ahead with it?

Many commuters are prone to choose a folding ebike over a non-folding one, the reason is that it can save the storage place and of great security. However, can a folding ebike do some more challenging activities? The Cyrusher XF690maxs give the right answer.

It not only is a folding ebike but also a mountain ebike with its powerful motor and fat tires. So it is available to commute but also to climb the mountain. It is pretty worthy with its inspiring performance.

Here is the specific information about XF690maxs:

The folding structure is folded through the half side of the bike and you can learn the specific compact model from the picture below and estimate the space it will take.

For its folding structure, the battery is fairly small and removable from the bike so it is easy to charge without moving your big ebike. Moreover, the battery is waterproof so it is possible to ride on a rainy day and on some wet and slippery roads. For just casual riding around, the battery life is quite solid. The capacity is 48V 15Ah which is possible to run about 55 miles range in one full charge and even more with the pedal assist mode.

The motor is a powerful 250W LKS motor allowing you to run at versatility speed, and on assisted mode, cruise around with little to no effort. The daily commute is very easy to reach with this performance.

The remaining range and speed and all the information data are listed on the programmable smart computer which is clear to keep track of. And you can choose the suitable riding speed and mode to meet your different use easily.

The fat tire is the key part to making this foldable electric bike distinguishing. The 26’4’fat tire is big enough even as a non-folding ebike so it is powerful enough to tackle any terrain problems. And the fat tire can help you commute more flexibly and conveniently, making driving more stable to suit all road conditions, such as road, mountain, snow and sand.

Moreover, this electric bike is full suspension with an alloy front suspension fork that has 80mm of travel, preload adjustment, and lockout and extra rear spring suspension for maximum comfort. The uneven road is piece of cake with the full suspension so you can keep the comfortable riding experience. It can help the ebike absorb the vibration and shock caused by the tough terrain.

The unique painting design and good-looking frame make your ebike eye-catching among the other ebike so you can pick it up at one glance and find it easily.  Moreover, you have four color choices which are red, gray,white and yellow to choose from. The material passes CE certification, using anti-exposure safety painting materials.

To ensure your riding safety, the ebike is equipped with giant 180mm full hydraulic disc brakes and competes with major motor cutoff capabilities. It can cut off the power quickly and safely to ensure safety and more stability for long-term use.

The ebike comes with the ergonomic bike seat which is comfortable for long time riding and is designed for riders between 5'7"~6'6" (170~200cm). To ensure your night riding safety, a large 250-lumen Led headlight on the front of the bike and the integrated brake tail light are installed. And the alarming horn is available. With all of these considering designs, no matter the night riding or sudden brake or the rush turn, you can alarm the car or pedestrian around your car to notice and for dual safety guarantee.

So XF690 maxs is designed as people-oriented with its powerful performance which is an ideal choice for people looking for an ebike to commute.

The Cyrusher XF690maxs can meet the fashion design and rigid riding performance needs.

In a nutshell, buy an ebike to start your fresh new lifestyle which is much more efficient and healthy. Get ready to be the one pushing the way of commuting much easier and be the one enjoying life casually.


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