Cyrusher Ranger

All-Terrain Electric Bike
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Our impact

Faster, stronger, better looks. The new Ranger is packed with the best features and components, conceived to be our new flagship electric bike. Bafang motor, 20 Ah high-capacity battery, rear air suspension, color LCD screen and a unique two-color frame that will turn heads wherever you go. Aggressive appearance and powerful. Not for the average rider!

Rider Height: 5'7" ~ 6'6" (170cm ~ 200cm)

Capacity limit: 150kg

Bike weight: 41kg

Important Note

Due to the current law surrounding ebikes in the UK, we have done our utmost to comply.

So when you receive your new ebike now, there will be no throttle on the handlebar, and the motor is restricted to 250watts with a top speed of 25KMs (15.5mph).

Please note : Cyrusher do not condone the use of an unrestricted ebike on the roads within the UK.




Motor 250 W(limited) Bafang
Battery 52 volt 20 amp-hour
Max Load 330 lbs (150 kg)
Range 50 - 85 miles 
Rider Height 5'7" ~ 6'6" (170cm ~ 200cm)
Included Battery, charger, air pump, assembly toolset,
assembly guide, battery manual, user manual, free stickers
Warranty 2 Years


Motor 250 W(limited), 80 N.m Bafang electric motor
Battery 52 volt 20 amp-hour LG lithium battery. 
Range 50-85 miles 
Charger Standard 110V~240V AC, 52V 3A Smart Charger (included)
Battery Charge Time 5~7 hours
Battery Lifetime 800 charges
Frame 6061 Aluminum full suspension frame; Waterproof IP65 (included)


Controller  52V 250W rear hub cassette motor controller
Display 3.7" LCD display, Smart Computer


Tires Kenda 26" x 4" puncture-resistant fat tires
Spokes 12-gauge stainless steel
Saddle Breathable ergonomic sport cushion seat
Seat post Adjustable height
Crank 170mm forged alloy dual-sided aluminum
Rear Derailleur Shimano 9 speed ASLM20109RC/ARDM370SGSLC
Front Light 250 lumen LED


Brake lever Logan anti-slip grip levers with motor cutoff switch
Brake Logan hydraulic 180mm disc brakes front + rear
Transmission Shimano M2010/M370 gear shift system 9
Front Suspension Suspension fork with lockout and adjustment
Rear Suspension Air suspension 165x750 lbs 3 mags

Dimensions & Capacity

Bike Weight 90 lbs (41 kg) with battery
Bike Dimension Height 33.5”-41.3“ (85-105 cm) / Length 76” (193 cm)
Packing Size and Weight 167x36x84 cm/116 lbs (52 kg) 
Total Payload Capacity 330 lbs (150 kg)


Frame 2 years
Parts 1 year
Battery 1 year
Terms & Conditions This warranty only applies to the original owner of a Cyrusher and is limited to the replacement of defective parts.
Cyrusher covers the cost of the replacement, buyer is responsible for the shipping cost. 

Bike Dimension

Bike Dimension

(Click Image to Zoom+/-)

What's In The Box



Your Cyrusher comes 90% pre-assembled. Just unbox, mount the front wheel, put pedals in place, turn some bolts here and there and you are ready to ride in 40 minutes or less!

Watch & E-bike Assembly Guide


Cyrusher Ebike assembly tools

Assembly Toolset. manual, wrench, charger. pump



We not only make amazing products but strive to provide the best experience and support to our customers. When you buy a Cyrusher you get peace of mind knowing we will be there when you need it.

  • 2 Years warranty. All Cyrusher bikes come with 2 years warranty in frame and parts, and 1 year warranty on the battery. Learn More
  • Customer support. We offer you many ways to reach out: call center, live chat, ticket system. Learn More
  • Community. When you become a Cyrusher owner you also join a big Cyrusher Owners community online where you can share your new happy Cyrusher life, ask questions and get answers from fellow Cyrusher owners. Join

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We wanted to create the most amazing bike in our series, one that looked cool, powerful, and easy to ride. The result was the new Cyrusher Ranger. Conceived to become the new Cyrusher's flagship bike, the Ranger is packed with the best components and specs. A 250W Bafang Motor, higher-capacity 20Ah battery, rear air suspension. On the looks, LCD screen, fat tires, new custom paintwork, and a unique two-color frame. These amazing features make the Ranger among the most fantastic bikes in the market.



Up to 56 Miles

Max Range

250 W

Bafang Motor

Full Suspension

Front & Rear


Fat Tire

Torque Sensor

Smooth Ride


    UP TO 15.5 MPH


    UP TO 56 MILES


    52V 20AH

All-Terrain | Ranger

What Online Reviewers Say:

The ranger is probably the most comfortable e-bike I've ever ridden. Honestly, it was so much fun to ride! The fat tires and full suspension combo make the off-road feel like on-road.

Cyrusher Ranger Wins the No. 1 Fat Tire Ebike 2023 in the Electrified Reviews Competition.

When riding the Ranger, it really felt stable, and that gives you a lot of confidence.

I do like about this bike is the brakes. The brakes are great! Um they feel fantastic; they're good for if you have big fingers and hands; they're very wide.

It feels extremely solid and inspires confidence when riding it, I personally went with green for the colours; it was the most striking, almost like a Lamborghini!

Torque Sensor

A torque sensor measures the amount of force applied to the pedals by the rider. It provides feedback to the electric motor, allowing it to adjust the level of assistance provided based on the rider's effort. Torque sensors are considered to be more advanced than cadence sensors because they provide a more natural riding experience, with power assistance that feels more like traditional cycling. With torque sensors, the motor output is proportional to the rider's effort, so the harder the rider pedals, the more assistance the motor provides. This means that torque sensors are ideal for riders who want to maintain a consistent level of effort throughout their ride, regardless of terrain or incline.

Cadence Sensor

a cadence sensor measures the speed at which the pedals are turning. It provides feedback to the electric motor, allowing it to adjust the level of assistance provided based on the rider's pedaling speed. Cadence sensors are generally less expensive than torque sensors, but they can provide a less natural riding experience. With cadence sensors, the motor output is based solely on the rider's pedaling speed, so the rider may experience a lag in assistance when starting from a standstill or when riding uphill.

Why torque sensor?

  • 1. More natural riding experience: Torque sensors provide electric assistance that is proportional to the rider's effort, making it feel more like traditional cycling. With cadence sensors, the motor output is based solely on pedaling speed, which can feel less natural.
  • 2. More precise assistance: Torque sensors can detect even small changes in the rider's effort and adjust the electric assistance accordingly. This means that riders can maintain a consistent level of effort throughout their ride, regardless of terrain or incline.
  • 3. Better battery efficiency: Torque sensors can help to conserve battery life by providing assistance only when needed. With cadence sensors, the motor may continue to provide assistance even when the rider is not exerting much effort, which can drain the battery more quickly.
  • 4. Easier to start from a standstill: Torque sensors can provide immediate assistance when starting from a standstill, making it easier to get going. With cadence sensors, there may be a lag in assistance when starting from a stop.
  • 5. Safer and more stable ride: Torque sensors can provide a safer and more stable ride by adjusting the electric assistance based on the rider's effort. This means that riders can maintain better control of their bike, especially when riding at higher speeds or on uneven terrain.

A Native All-Terrain

The Ranger was born wild, its powerful 250W motor and new rugged frame design will take you through any tough terrain with ease, and its larger capacity battery will let you explore farther.

Not only powerful but also comfortable. Its wide 26"x4" tires add more grip and stability, and its rear air suspension will soak up any bumps in your path.

For Taller Riders and NOT so Tall

You can't pack that much power into a small size. The Ranger is best suited for taller riders, yet its lower frame design allows shorter riders to enjoy this awesome bike to.

With its size, it comes with a more aggressive riding position and more ground clearance. The Ranger will make you feel powerful from the moment you step on it.

The Most Impressive Bike so Far

The Ranger is destined to become the new flagship of the Cyrusher series. It combines power, comfort, appearance, and functionality all in one.

New custom paintwork, hidden battery, color LCD screen, huge fat tires, and unique two-color frame make the Cyrusher Ranger one of the most amazing electric bikes out there.

Product Highlights

Designed for Your Comfort

Bafang 250W Motor(limited)

With its 250 Watt peak power and 80Nm max torque, the powerful Bafang motor allows you to run at high speeds and, in assisted mode, cruise with little to no effort.

52V 20Ah Battery

Powered by a 52v, 20ah lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 56 miles on a full charge, the Cyrusher Ranger is capable of going wherever your adventures take you. Recharge the battery on the bike or take it out and recharge it separately at your convenience.

Smart Display

The smart color LCD screen gives you all the information you need with the push of 3 buttons. Its easy programming along with the mechanical pedaling system allows you to fully customize your speed options and other safety settings. 0-5 PAS mode, 3.7" LCD display

Made of Quality Components

Cyrusher strives to strike the right balance between price and quality components.

26" x 4.0" Fat Tires

Mountain-style fat tires provide better grip, even in sand or snow, as well as giving it a look that turns heads.

Shimano 9-Gears

With 9 gears and 5 pedal assist levels to choose from, you can always find a comfortable pedaling cadence to match your speed.

Rear Air Suspension

The rear air suspension adds to the Ranger's comfort and versatility.

Bright LED Horn Lamp

A bright 250 lumen LED front lamp helps you to see your way clearly even in bad weather and also to be heard, increasing safety.

Logan Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Stop quickly with large 180mm hydraulic brakes front + rear. We've added motor cutoff capabilities for added safety.

Twist Throttle

The twist throttle allows you to accelerate the bike in a more convenient and safer way.

Pedal Assist System (PAS)

What makes electric bikes special is their pedal assist system (PAS). Contrary to what is thought that an electric bicycle does not allow exercise, the reality is that the PAS allows the cyclist to pedal but in a more comfortable and efficient way.

The bike can be ridden entirely by pedaling, using only the motor, or with a combination of both (PAS). In PAS mode, the bike's computer detects pedaling and activates the motor to assist and power the ride.

Tailor-fit comfort for amazing rides.


30" bike inseam

Slide the scale for your bike inseam measurement


You will be able to pedal and stand over the frame comfortably.

Person sitting alongside the Cyrusher Ranger, All-Terrain ebike

Mark's measures: bike inseam 30"/ 76cm, height 6'0"/ 183cm


Customer Reviews

Based on 108 reviews
Simon (Conwy, WLS, GB)
Capable and great looking.

Had this bike a while now and very impresses. Takes everything I throw at it in its stride. One fabulous looking bike, boy, does it get attention from all age groups. Every ride I end up spending 15 mins talking to someone who is impressed with its looks. Totally smitten with my green beast.

Hello, we are so glad you are enjoying your bike! Cheers to many great rides and welcome to the Cyrusher Family!

Antoine Tessier

This bike does just so good in the mountains

Thank you for taking the time to leave feedback on your experience with us. Welcome to the Cyrusher Family!

Patryk Duszynski

This is one of the best purchases in my life.
I save loads of money using it to commute to work.
Makes me fit, feel and look so much better.
It is sooo enjoyable to ride this E-Bike.
Literally every day somebody on the street speak to me admiring the bike, I feel like Lamborghini owner :)
Done 1000miles so far, no breakdowns what so ever, even tires still look like brand new.
Perfect Stuff.
Love it.

Hello, thank you for such an amazing review. We are so glad you're having a blast with your bike! Happy riding!


Summary: It’s heavy but it rides amazingly, plenty of power and with the added rack and fenders you get loads of utility as well. A great choice for experienced riders such as those of us also riding motorbikes and needing something a bit more substantial to feel comfortable. Great range from a very good battery and the torque sensor works surprisingly well with the rear hub motor - no excess strain on the drivetrain and chain. Do put slime or similar into your tyres immediately to prevent punctures - they are very hard to fix once you’ve got a flat. The Ranger could benefit from some security features but these can also be added afterwards. There are sensible accessories available that enhance the bike substantially. I have attached the accessory mirrors, rear rack and fenders as well as an Urban Iki child seat (fits just about!) and panniers.

I bought the bike in April 2023, delivery was very but the packaging uses a lot of plastic and styrofoam, this could be solved with cardboard and be easier to recycle. Braking power is average at best with wooden feel in the levers of the hydraulic disc brakes but it'll stop you. I am using the bike for leisure, shopping, school runs, 38 mile round trip commutes and it does all of this absolutely wonderfully. 800 miles done and only maintenance so far is lubing the chain and adding slime to the tyres. Comfy seat, big tyres and full suspension make for a very plush ride, can only recommend.

Hello, thank you for such an amazing review. We are so glad you're having a blast with your bike! Happy riding!


A gentle 15 mile cruise to the beach in PAS 1 and a similar workout to my Hybrid non e bike according to my Fitbit. Its a real joy to ride this bike I am impressed even only after 1 day of ownership.

Hello, thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We appreciate your support and feedback!

Darren minter (Preston, ENG, GB)

Brilliant machine , love it ,