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Cyrusher XF900

With a powerful Bafang motor 750 watt and lasting 17 amp-hour battery, the XF900 is capable of going wherever your adventures take you. Stylish design, turn heads and crush any terrain in style.

62 mile range, 31 mph speed, 750W Bafang motor.


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Model Cyrusher XF650 Cyrusher XF690 Cyrusher XF800 G4 Cyrusher XF900
Low-cost for the ones just wanting to go electric For easier commute. Folds and fits any trunk For long-distance and explorer's spirit riders For the stylish hungry for more power
Price £1,699 £1,799 £2,199 £2,499
Range 50 miles 50 miles 50 miles 62 miles
Speed 26 mph 26 mph 31 mph 31 mph
Motor 1000W LKS 1000W LKS 750W~1500W Bafang 750W~1500W Bafang
Battery 48V 13Ah Cyrusher 48V 12.8Ah Panasonic 48V 13Ah Samsung 48V 17Ah Samsung
Frame Hard-tail Folding Suspension Motorcycle-style
Transmission Shimano 7-speed Shimano 27-speed Shimano 7-speed Shimano 21-speed
Includes Fenders, Rack Fenders, Rack Fenders
(Rack, Bag not included)
Fenders, Rack
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Our Reviews

Hear from Real Cyrusher Bike Owners

This bike is amazing, easy to assemble, more power than I ever thought, just a total blast to ride. Bring these hills on, makes you love biking again.

Anthony Terrell

United States
Did a 13-mile ride today with my Cyrusher XF900, as I was with dad I thought I’d see how much I could do without using PAS, managed around 98%! Bit of an effort on hills but great on the flat and free-wheeled to 17mph. It’s such a comfy bike to ride.

Cat Lee

United Kingdom
Fiona, I was seriously concerned about ordering bikes without seeing them first but I think your product is very well made, I have no complaints and as far as customer service you by far have been one of the best companies I have ever had dealings with. You have been super friendly to deal with and you have always gotten back to me very fast. Fiona thank you so much.

Ray Goins

United States


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