Become a Cyrusher UK
Test Ride Spot

At Cyrusher, we believe in the power of community and the joy of spreading the eBike revolution. That's why we're excited to introduce our "Become a Test Ride Spot" program. This initiative allows Cyrusher eBike owners to become ambassadors for the brand and offer potential customers the chance to test ride our incredible bikes in person.


Becoming a Cyrusher Test Ride Spot comes with its perks

  • Commision: £100 for each ebike order.
  • Incentives: Unlock special incentives and promotions.
  • Local Attraction: Attract local customers interested in eBikes.
  • Cyrusher Community: Become a part of the Cyrusher family and share your love for eBiking.


To become a Cyrusher Test Ride Spot, you need:

  • To own a Cyrusher eBike.
  • A safe and suitable location for test rides.
  • A willingness to engage with potential customers.
  • The customer places the order through your exclusive link.

Join Our Test Ride Program Now

Meet new friends and get 80£ -100£ reward for each ebike order.


As a Cyrusher Test Ride Spot, you'll play a crucial role in our community. We offer some guidelines to help you provide the best test ride experience, including route suggestions, customer interactions, and safety precautions.


Cyrusher will promote your test ride spot on our website, social media, and in marketing materials. We want potential customers to find you easily!


We're here to support you with marketing materials, signage, and any equipment you might need to make your test ride spot a success.


Being a Cyrusher Test Ride Spot isn't just about spreading the love for eBiking. It's also an opportunity to connect with other Cyrusher owners who share your passion. You're not just a spot; you're a valued member of our community.