Rainy Day! Riding on Your Full Suspension E-bike

Rainy Day! Riding on Your Full Suspension E-bike

Aug 19, 2022

Rainy day will lead to slippery roads or form some water holes which is dangerous to pass through. It is time to take a look at the full suspension electric mountain bike, designed to tackle tough terrains with ease. When choosing a new electric bike, it is inevitable to meet the problem what is the difference among the hard-tail, full suspension and stiff e-bike and is there a necessity to choose an ebike with suspension? The following passage will use the bike models from Cyrusher to fully show you how the suspension works.

The Classification of Suspension Electric Bike

Rigid bicycles were originally welded from a simple frame structure, but with the continuous development of the industry, rigid bicycles were gradually replaced by more diverse new structures. And with the accumulation of riding skills and the expansion of applicable scenarios, more riding needs have been taken into consideration in the design.

As the name implies, the rigid structure is the most basic model without any suspension device to optimize the riding experience. So it is really stiff to ride for a long time.

Hard-tail ebikes, on the other hand, have only the rear seat without suspension, hence their name. However, compared with the rigid bike, the riding experience has been greatly improved, if it is on a flat road, the hard tail can greatly meet your pursuit of speed.

You can easily draw the conclusion that the full suspension is the one with front and rear suspension, so they are named after the hardtail. But compared to rigid bicycles, its riding experience has been greatly improved. If it is on a flat road, the hardtail can greatly satisfy your pursuit of speed.

How Does the Suspension Works

When you are riding, the resistance of the bumping obstacles will be compressed by the front fork and the shock absorption will bounce back to the original length. (The speed of rebound is affected by damping.) The front fork will repeat the bounce back to reduce the uncomfortable riding experience for the rider. And the basic entry-level model can meet the needs of daily driving.


suspension 0819a
The Classification of the Front Fork

Generally speaking, the electric bicycle front fork can be classified into three common types, spring, oil spring and oil & air.

Speaking to the spring as a shock medium, the spring will be equipped on one or both sides of the front fork, through the compression of the spring to achieve the effect of shock, so the price of this structure is relatively low.

Oil spring is the result of oil resistance and spring. Spring is installed on one side while the oil is damping on another side to adjust the speed of rebound. In addition to providing the function of spring suspension, it can also be equipped with the adjustment and lock function. So the price of this structure varies with the function difference. Because of its configuration, it shows poor performance in terms of weight. But when dealing with some steep slopes, the lock function will play its advantage.

Oil and gas are similar to the oil-spring forks while the air is used instead of the spring on one side as the shock absorbing medium. There will be different pressure values for riders of different weights. Due to the replacement of air pressure, this type of front fork will have an advantage over the former in terms of weight when other functions are equivalent. So the price will be higher.

But compared to the oil spring, it shows less performance on the small bump.

Here are the two models from Cyrusher with one is hard-tail and one is full suspension. You can learn the distinct differences from the data comparison.


XF 650
(Hard tail)

XF 900
(Full suspension)






62 miles (100 km) - PAS 1


15.5 mph 

15.5 mph


250 W LKS

250 W Bafang 


48V 16Ah

48V 17Ah



Front + Rear


Shimano 7-speed

Shimano 7/21-speed


26”x4” Fat Tire

26”x4” Fat Tire

Load capacity

330 lbs (150 kg)

330 lbs (150 kg)

Rider height

5'4"~6'1" (163~185cm)

5'7"~6'6" (170~200cm)

Bike weight

62 lbs (28 kg)

70 lbs (32 kg)


The two models are from Cyrusher, one of the most distinguished ones of the electric bike shop. The XF 650 is the only hard-tail model in the Cyrusher product line as an entry-level ebike that is friendly for the beginner with great performance at an affordable price.

xf900 0819b

The XF 900 is the best model of the product line with its high-quality components. If you are a speed lover then do not miss this one, it not only can tackle all the terrain problems but also guarantee your comfortable riding experience when you do some adventure in the forests or other activities.

It is easy to draw the conclusion that the bike weight of XF 650 is lighter than XF 900 for the extra suspension is equipped with the rear one. So it is much easier to carry and control the XF 650. Both of the ebike is showing great performance compared to the other model on the market.

The battery of the two models with one is 48V 16ah and another is 48V 17Ah, both are available for daily use with its range over 50miles or even further with pedal-assist. And the riding speed is determined by the motor and battery so the speed among them is show minor differences but if you are a beginner, it shows less importance in your consideration lists.

For the structure frame, the hard-tail is more friendly to the rider ranging from 5'4"~6'1" (163~185cm) while the XF900 is 5'7"~6'6" (170~200cm). So the hard-tail are more inclusive to the riders.

Then the major difference between them is the suspension system. The XF 650 only comes with the alloy front suspension fork has 80mm of travel, preload adjustment, and lockout. It can meet the daily road ride or basic adventure use. And the lockout function is of great use when you ride on a steep slope.

The XF 900 is a full suspension model with an Oil-spring suspension has 110mm of travel, preload adjustment, and lockout, and the extra rear spring suspension for maximum comfort. This is more powerful when you do some tough riding for it can largely absorb the vibration. And the range of 110mm of travel is available to do some fancy moves with your ebike. While the oil suspension is of great weight, but it shows great performance on the small bumps which optimize your riding experience.

These two models are equipped with the giant 180mm full hydraulic disc brakes, complete with motor cutoff capabilities that are powerful enough to cut off the power of your ebike no matter your speed, ensuring your driving safety, so feel assured to purchase yourself a wonderful suspension ebike.

As you can see, the price of the hard-tail is lower than the full suspension one with its simple frame. So if you are the one with budget money, then the hard-tail can meet your demand for good performance at an affordable price.

Are the Full Suspension Better Than the Hardtail?

If you are a skilled one with a higher pursuit of the riding experience, then the answer is yes. But if you are a novice and have lower requirement for the ebike, a hard-tail is much more suitable for you.

Admittedly, the full suspension can provide a comfortable riding experience which the hard-tail fails to. Moreover, the full suspension added the security of your feet staying on the pedals. The ebike is going to give you more grip on roads so the full suspension ebike can open up the trail to a different style of riding. It is going to smooth out all the bumps in the trail giving you a far more comfortable ride.

xf900 0819c

The hard-tail also shows its own pros. To begin with, the first one is no extra parts are equipped so they are cheaper and more budget option which makes them a great accessible kind of thing. The next one is weight saving, you have not got all the extra hardware which means you are not hauling around any unnecessary weight.

Moreover, they are great for learning ebike techniques if you are a beginner or you want to brush up your skills. The simple structure is an ideal practice tool for you with budget money.

So you can choose the suitable one according to your own need. And the Cyrusher XF650 and XF900 are worthy to be chosen. 

If you are going to choose an ebike to pass through the slippery road or the water holes, then the full suspension electric mountain bike is your first choice.

The quality product of the qualified components is listed higher price which is more durable for long-term use. The full suspension electric bicycle can promise you a comfortable ride on a rainy day so feel free to buy XF900 to start your brand new journey.