2022 New Release of Kuattro —— Best Ebike for Heavy Riders

2022 New Release of Kuattro —— Best Ebike for Heavy Riders

Aug 24, 2022

The brand new step-through electric bike Kuattro will be available for pre-sale in August 2022. Get ready to order early and get a sneak peek at Kuattro's powerful performance. The earliest batch will be shipped after the second week of September, come and try it.

Kuattro, inspired by the Spanish word "Cuatro", which means four, feels stronger than two (wheels), hence the name. The main target customers for the Kuattro are heavy and tall riders.

It features original paint, and is mainly composed of geometric figures, which are sprayed on the car frame respectively. The simplicity and atmosphere make this electric bicycle unique and fresh in this hot summer. And, the newly added cyan brings bright new color to the hot summer days.

Beyond that, the most obvious feature is a performance upgrade over the previous model, the Kommoda. Just one e-bike size won't fit everyone's needs. Biodiversity shows that species diversity makes the world more vibrant , so Cyrusher designed this model to meet the needs of taller and heavier riders with customer requirements in mind.

Kuattro 0824 a

How powerful the upgraded Kuattro is




For taller and heavy riders




50 miles


15.5 mph (25km/h)


250W Bafang motor 


48V, 17AH


6061 aluminum alloy full suspension frame


Front Fork Suspension


Shimano 7-speed shifting system


Chaoyang 26"×4.0" puncture-resistant fat tires


Star-Union fully hydraulic 180/230mm front and rear disc brakes

Load capacity

330 lbs (150kg)

Riders Height

 5"4'-6"6' (163~200cm)

Bike Weight

66 lbs (30 kg) / 74 lbs (34 kg) with battery


Fenders (FREE)
(Rack not included)


 Cyan, White

Battery capacity

It is known to all that heavier riders have more traction when riding, so need to have a more powerful motor and battery capacity to run with more power. The first point worthy to be mentioned is the capacity upgrade of the battery, providing a large capacity battery of 48V 17Ah, which is powerful enough for heavyweight riders, not to mention lighter and shorter riders. Riding farther is no longer an everyday ride's dream. 


The braking system is the all-new Star-Union full hydraulic 180/230mm front and rear disc brakes. It provides better braking power and braking thread than mechanical brakes with less damage to the pads. It exhibits excellent cut-off ability and is more sensitive to braking. The brake system is more durable, faster, and safer to protect your ride. The 180/230mm thread is the most powerful brake system of all Cyrusher electric bikes on sell.

Kuattro Brake system 0824

Moreover, the upgraded frame is a 6061 aluminum alloy full suspension frame, which can further optimize your riding experience under the premise of being equipped with a front suspension. The frame design of the bike can guarantee you a more stable ride. In addition, the aluminum structure is more durable and can be used for a long time, which greatly improves the lifespan of the electric bike. Its newly upgraded large frame increases the size of the entire ebike frame, providing a large seatpost range and weight capacity. But at the same time, Kuattro uses lightweight aluminum alloy, so the weight is not too heavy but shows a certain degree of flexibility.


The rear hub motor is a Bafang motor, with a torque of 80Nm, suitable for those who pursue speed. The speed can reach 15.5 mph (25 km/h), which is more than enough for off-road and commuting needs. A powerful motor can open up new possibilities for your e-bike that no other low-end motor can match.


The controller's computer gives you all the information you need with the push of 3 buttons. Fully programmable, along with the mechanical pedaling system allows for full customization of speed options and other safety settings. 0-5 PAS mode, 3.7" LCD display is clear for you to read.

Kuattro computer 0824

It is specially designed for people of large size, the specific rider height of this model ranges from 5"4'-6"6' (163~200cm), you can choose according to your own height.

In addition to the newly upgraded components, somesome components that continue to be used also help you ride more conveniently. For example, front and rear lights and warning horns play a vital role in riding safety.

With the upgraded components, it is going to smooth all the bumps in your trail and offer you a more comfortable ride especially when you doing some tough riding. However, with the upgrade of high-quality components, the price of Kuattro is only 100 pounds more expensive than the previous Kommoda. This is because Cyrusher always insists on a balance between price and quality, bringing more riders with more cost-effective products.

Kuattro couple riding 0824 b

What’s more, the new release of Kuattro also provides more options for couples to pair electric bikes. Its unique colors and high-performance configurations can be paired with any Cyrusher high-performance electric bikes that have been released, opening up more colors for couples’ electric bike matching possibilities.

You can use your new Kuattro in many different scenarios, whether it's camping in the wild, riding in the sand by the sea, or walking through fields to experience unique natural scenery, Kuattro's fat tires can help you handle all kinds of bumps. The fat tire provides better grip, takes you anywhere you want to go, becomes a good partner for your travel, and extends more possibilities of life. There is no doubt that daily commuting is a trivial matter for Kuattro. With abundant battery energy storage and a comfortable riding experience, you can drive the Kuattro freely and easily to start your daily work and life.

From Cyrusher

The new generation of Kuattro comes from Cyrusher manufacturer. Cyrusher is a  professional manufacturer of electric bicycles, since 2014, with their 8 years of working experience, they do their best to meet the needs of different types of riders, so they have won the favor of more than 60,000 riders around the world.

For heavier riders, the Kuattro is a breakthrough for the Cyrusher. Cyrusher respects beauty of diversity, believes that confidence is the most beautiful thing, and hopes that all riders who choose Cyrusher will find the right electric bike for themselves and start a fresh and relaxing ride from now on.

This new model is recommended for heavier and taller riders, in addition, the model design makes it easy for people with mobility limitations to get easy access to the bike. The seatpost is height adjustable to better suit different heights, and the handlebar position is adjustable for a better riding experience. All design details are people-oriented, and Kuattro full of sincerity is worth a try.

Kuattro 0824 c

The difference between Kuattro and XF800

In addition to being a step-through model, the Kuattro is equally capable of mountain bike riding. Compared with the professional mountain bike XF800 that Cyrusher has released, it also has better performance.

Battery upgrade

The XF800 is equipped with a 48V 13Ah battery capacity, which is of course sufficient for daily riding; while the Kuattro is an upgraded version of the 48V, 17AH battery energy storage, which can run farther and be more durable.

Newly added colors

XF800 provides four optional colors, while Kuattro only has two colors. In addition to one white, Kuattro has added a cyan design. Although there are fewer color choices, the fresh cyan must be very eye-catching selection of color. With the original paint design, it will definitely be more attractive.

Brake upgrade

The original XF800 brakes are powerful enough to handle all kinds of emergencies, but Kuattro uses a new and upgraded version of the fully hydraulic brake discs to provide smoother and more reliable braking capability, optimize braking speed and experience, and is also equipped with a special motor cut-off function to provide substantial protection for your safe riding.

How to choose Kuattro and XF800

Both models are great for mountain biking and come with quality components. so choose with confidence. Both of them are equipped with fat tires that are excellent for handling bumpy roads, and high-quality motors can also help you open up many riding possibilities.

However, compared with the XF800, Kuattro's step-through frame model is simpler and has no front crossbar design, which is more convenient for girls to ride; it is also more friendly to some riders with mobility limitations. In general, if you pursue a more professional mountain ebike model, then you can choose XF800; if it is for daily mountain riding, Kuattro is enough to meet your needs, and Kuattro is more tolerant to riders and is suitable for many riders to get started.

So the suitable height range and different pursuit of performance and color preference will be the reasons why you choose different models for yourself.  The bike that suits you is the best one.

Kuattro 0824 d
Kuattro is undoubtedly a good choice for heavier and taller riders. It is also very friendly to riders with mobility limitation. Its user-friendly design can help riders to open up many riding possibilities while ensuring your riding safety and comfort. Come to the Cyrusher official website to learn more information about the new Kuattro.

Nice to meet you, new Kuattro is waiting for everyone to pick up, come and order now.

If you are interested in Cyrusher specialized electric mountain bikes, you can find more information about Cyrusher at the following link.

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