What Is Pedal Assist System Exactly?

What Is Pedal Assist System Exactly?

Aug 27, 2022

Electric bicycles with pedal assist have become more and more popular, and pedal assist to help exercise has become a new type of exercise, so have you learned about the pedal assist mode? This article takes Cyrusher Kommoda as an example to show you what the pedal assist system is and how it works.

What Is the Pedal Assist System

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What makes e-bikes special is their Pedal Assist System (PAS). Contrary to the belief that e-bikes do not allow movement, the reality is that PAS allows cyclists to pedal in a more comfortable and efficient manner.

The bike can be ridden entirely by pedaling, using the motor only, or a combination of both (PAS). In PAS mode, the bike's computer detects pedaling and activates the motor to assist and power the ride. 

If you've ever ridden a bike, you'll feel that an electric bike in pedal assist mode doesn't require as much pedaling force, you can feel the quicker starting energy, and you can feel the torque force more easily.

The pedal mode of an electric bicycle will be easier to use than the pedal mode of a bicycle, because it has the blessing of a motor, so there is also an adjustable pedal mode. Therefore, you can pedal at different speeds according to your needs in different scenarios. For example, when you are tired, you can use electric assistance to help you reach your destination easily; if you want to use an electric bicycle for exercise, then the low gear mode can help you consume energy better.

Pedal-assisted e-bikes use a cadence sensor built into the bike's drivetrain. When you step on the pedal, the sensor will receive the movement of the pedal, and then send a signal to the motor to provide you with different assistance forces according to the pedal level you choose, helping you to pedal better and faster, thus realizing pedal assistance. 

What Does Pedal Assist Do?

  1. Convert your pedaling effort to extend your e-bike mileage. Riding with pedal assist mode typically consumes less power, and has a more durable battery to go farther.

  2. To help you get involved in the ride. The pedal assist mode can help you feel the driving route better, and it also helps you stabilize and balance, ensuring stability for your riding.

  3. If you want to exercise with pedal assist system, then the PAS is necessary. It can be customized for a personalized pace based on your physical fitness and how often you exercise. If you're just starting with an exercise plan, you can turn on a higher level of assist mode to help you get used to the frequency of pedal mode first. As your workout program progresses, you can adjust lower levels and ride longer distances, which will burn more energy from your body. Compared to other forms of exercise, exercising on an e-bike is also more joint-friendly.

  4. Pedal assistance can also help people with mobility limitations, providing higher auxiliary energy to achieve the purpose of cycling, and a moderate amount of pedaling exercise can also help maintain the basic exercise to keep a healthier lifestyle.

  5. Pedal electric bicycles are also very suitable for commuting, because it is easy and effortless, and can help commuters reach the office faster and easier, which is a more convenient and greener mode of transportation than public transportation. If they choose to ride a normal bicycle, they may arrive at the office sweaty. If they choose public transportation, they will encounter crowds in the morning rush hour. Therefore, choosing an electric assist bike is no different than a good choice.

Motor and Pedal Assist

The motor is the engine of an electric bicycle. An electric bicycle equipped with a motor can achieve the purpose of driving by electricity without stepping on the pedal. The higher the motor power, the higher the driving speed that can be provided. For some speed-seeking riders, a high-quality motor is very necessary. Like some electric bicycles that only use pedal mode, its pedaling speed is limited.

And Cyrusher is a professional e-bike manufacturer that combines the pedal assist mode and powerful throttle.

In addition to the high-quality motor and pedal assist function of the products currently launched; all electric bicycles use fat tires, the advantage of which is that they can overcome all kinds of complex roads, whether it is mountain, sand, or grass. All electric bikes also offer three riding mode options, pure electric, pure pedal, and pedal & electric mode to meet riders with different needs. Riders are free to choose the riding mode and speed that suits them. Under the pedal assist mode, you can adjust the appropriate pedal gear through the three buttons on the handlebar, a total of 5 gears are available; and the equipped display can clearly show the gear you choose and the speed you adjust. The display is very simple and easy to operate. In addition, you can also track your charge indicator, speedometer, odometer and more to help you clearly adjust the speed and charge in time.

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You can check the following data to learn about the change of riding speed in the pedal mode for reference.

Kommoda pas chart 0826a

Take the Cyrusher Kommoda for example, which is great for beginners to get started with. It is equipped with 750W Bafang Motor With 80Nm Max Torque, and 1000W Max Output.

A high-quality motor can satisfy many people's quest for speed, and its top speed can help you hit 26 mph. It is equipped with a high-quality Shimano 7-speed transmission, you can adjust different speed gears according to your different riding situations, such as some mountain riding or hard riding, and you can adjust the high-speed gears to help you pass easily.

High-quality motors can also help you open up more riding possibilities. Compared with some lower-end motors, which can only provide a speed of 20mph, Kommoda can help you move forward more easily, with great power and energy, making some difficult movements easy to achieve. In addition, the Kommoda is also equipped with front and rear suspension to help you optimize your riding comfort. They can better absorb road bumps and avoid riding collisions or injuries. When riding on flat ground, you can lock the suspension function, which can help you reduce the resistance of riding and make your riding more efficient.

Under the motor that provides high power, Kommoda is equipped with a powerful braking system to ensure your driving safety. It is equipped with a large 180mm dual hydraulic disc brake system. Compared with mechanical brakes, it can provide a better braking experience and braking speed while reducing the wear on the brake pads. In addition, it is equipped with a motor cut-off function for emergencies. As such, the powerful Kommoda can handle most everyday riding needs.

Moreover, it comes with a 48V14AH battery reserve, which can deliver up to 50 miles of range in one charge (In PAS one); and if you add pedal-assisted riding, you can ride farther and your exercise effect will be better. What’s more, the battery can easily be removed for easier charging, and its waterproof function is also very beneficial for long-term use.

If you also have a certain pursuit of e-bike appearance, Kommoda's colorful and cool design is also very attractive. Different from other single-color electric bicycles, Kommoda has four colors to choose from. Among them, orange is very bright, and it will gain the attention of passers-by when you ride. In addition to the color of the bike frame, the inner rim will also have the same color as the frame. When riding, the color of the tire will also rotate along with the wheel, making your riding more colorful. If you don't like too ostentatious colors, then white and gray can also satisfy your taste.

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What’s more, the small design of some details is also very considerate, such as the front and rear lights for night riding and the electronic horn to warn pedestrians and vehicles can ensure your driving safety in time. By the way, these functions all consume battery power.

The walk-in design of this bike is very accessible to many riders, especially for some riders with mobility limitations and short stature, the Kommoda is a very suitable choice, its official height range is 5'1" ~6'2" (155~190cm), covering the height range of most riders. It can meet most of the needs of daily riding and has great convenience for your life travel. So if you are considering buying an electric assist bike to start your happy ride. Then Kommoda is a high-quality option.

Pedal-assisted electric bicycles are favored by many riders because of their easy-to-use characteristics and more effort-saving riding, so for riders, riding will be more interesting and become a daily activity that is easier to stick to. Compared with other more challenging activities, it is more acceptable to the majority of people, so as to achieve a healthy cycling exercise.

In a nutshell, whether it is a means of transportation for commuting or a tool for everyone to exercise, pedal-assisted electric bikes are a very worthwhile choice.