How to Choose an Ebike for The Senior

How to Choose an Ebike for The Senior

Sep 09, 2022

The wider the popularity of electric bicycles, the design of electric bicycles are constantly improving to meet the needs of different body types and different stages of riders in different scenarios. Then in addition to the young generation, the elderly group has also begun to become the main force of the huge electric bicycle team. According to data, the number of elderly people riding electric bicycles is exploding. How to choose a suitable electric bicycle for the elderly? This article will take you to find out and introduce you to the best e-bike  for the senior which is Cyrusher Kommoda.

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Make sure to seek medical advice before starting your cycling, so you can start your ride with more peace of mind.
The Benefits Of Riding Electric Bicycles For The Elderly

After professional investigation and research, there are many benefits for the elderly to riding electric bicycles. Because it is equipped with a motor, the pedaling frequency and intensity of electric bicycles are reduced compared to ordinary bicycles, so they are very suitable for the elderly. Moreover, cycling itself will cause less damage to the joints than other high-intensity exercise methods, so electric bicycles are also an option for the elderly with joint inflammation and other problems.

  1. Enhance Physical Fitness

Under the attack of the epidemic, the elderly and children account for a large proportion of the infected people, because the immunity is low and the resistance to the virus is too weak. And through a certain intensity of exercise, you can improve your physical fitness. Riding an electric bicycle can effectively reduce bone loss in the elderly, and relieve pain caused by joint aging, thereby enhancing immunity and reducing the risk of disease.

  1. Improve the Quality of Life

Riding an electric bicycle every day will make the body of the elderly lighter so that they can cope more flexibly in daily life. This relaxing and effective way can also help improve your mood and ease anxiety, leading to a more peaceful attitude towards life.

  1.  Improves Brain Function

Older adults are at many risks, some of which are associated with degeneration of brain function. And e-bikes can be a tool to keep exercising and improve brain function. The control of balance while riding will also improve body coordination, thereby preventing some underlying diseases (diabetes, cancer, heart disease, premature death, etc.), and can also better maintain the health of the heart.


How To Choose An Electric Bike Suitable For The Elderly

Picking an e-bike for seniors is different from a general e-bike selection guide. Because electric bicycles are suitable for young people to travel, high power and fast speed are the focus of many people, while choosing electric bicycles for the elderly focuses on the pursuit of stability and durability.

Step-through Design

This model design will be more suitable for the elderly. This frame design reduces the design of the front crossbar, which connects directly from the front of the bike to the seat. This model design is very convenient for riders with hip or leg problems to get on and off the bike. So for the elderly, riding this model will not be too strenuous.

Frame Stability

The stability of the bike frame must be guaranteed, so as to ensure the stability of riding. The materials of the general car frame are steel, titanium alloy, carbon fiber, etc. Among them, the lightweight aluminum alloy frame is light in weight, strong and durable, and the price is moderate to become the ideal choice for the bike frame material.

Quality Components

An electric bicycle must be a big expense for the elderly, so it is more necessary to have a quality-assured product. E-bikes that have passed the test of time will surely stand the test of the rider. The more important components in electric bicycles are motors, brakes, batteries, suspension systems, etc. Make sure that these functional components are quality guaranteed before purchasing. 

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Power and Range

For the senior, there is no need for too high configuration power, because too fast riding speed can lead to dangerous driving, and even cause heart problems. Therefore, electric bicycles with pedal assist mode are very suitable for elderly riders. First of all, it can adjust different speeds according to different gears. Elderly riders can choose a lower gear mode to perform more pedaling movements and achieve more effective exercise. Second, because you ride in a lower gear mode, it usually doesn't consume too much power, and you can ride longer distances.

Some easily overlooked but essential parts
  1. Horn

Horns are very important for the elderly to ride. For older riders with weakened reactions, the horn can maximize its warning function, alerting passing vehicles and pedestrians, because it can be turned on with just a button.

  1. Lights

Lights are necessary when riding on some dim evenings. The vision of some elderly riders may weaken with age, and the lights can help open up the field of vision, which is an important part of ensuring driving safety. 

Suitable Model To Buy

Combining the above benchmarks, The model Kommoda from the Cyrusher is very suitable for the elder riders.

Cyrusher is a manufacturer with eight years of experience in the manufacture of electric bicycles and always insists on bringing the most cost-effective models to more riders with high-quality electric bicycles at the most reasonable prices. During its eight years of working, it has always absorbed the opinions of riders, and continuously developed and designed models that are more suitable for riders. Currently, it has been supported by 60,000 riders around the world. For all products on sale, a two-year after-sales guarantee service is provided so the quality can stand the test.

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Reasons why Kommoda is suitable

It's a step-through frame that's designed to make the e-bike accessible to short riders and riders with mobility limitations, so its frame is designed to be friendly to most riders. In addition, its frame is made of lightweight aluminum alloy, which can carry 330lb of weight and is durable.

This model is equipped with a Shimano seven-speed freewheel to help you better adjust the speed, in addition to a five-speed pedal assist mode, you only need to adjust with three buttons. What’s more, there is a color display screen in the center of the handlebar, which helps you better monitor the driving speed, driving mileage, battery remaining, etc, which is very friendly to the elderly.

This model is also equipped with a powerful motor to help you start a more comfortable riding experience. It can help you get through an easy ride, or it's great for rough terrain. The 48V14ah battery capacity can help you ride up to 50miles in the lower assist mode, which is more than enough for your daily riding. And the battery is removable, so you don't have to move the e-bike to charge it.

This model can also ensure your riding safety to the greatest extent. The fat tires are equipped to absorb the bumps on the road. In addition, there are front and rear suspension systems to better reduce the discomfort caused by road obstacles. This is a very considerate configuration for the elderly riding with frail bodies.

Lights and horns are available for Kommoda. The 250-lumen Led headlights are mounted on the front of the vehicle and the integrated brake tail light when braking helps you warn the following vehicles to avoid rear-end collisions. There are also bright electronic horns, but be careful not to accidentally touch them when riding, so as not to scare yourself.

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So it is ideal for older riders as a daily exercise option.

How To Start Safe Riding
  1. Be sure to wear a helmet and safety guard. For the elderly, the collision and fall are completely different from that of young people for the body function of the senior is weakened. It is necessary to protect their head and joints when riding to avoid serious consequences.

  2. When you go out to ride, you can bring some cash,a health care card, an ID card, etc. In case of emergencies, you can better seek help, and you can prove your identity faster and more effectively. If you are injured, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

  3. When planning to go out for a ride, check the weather forecast in advance to avoid being trapped on the way due to bad weather. You can also arrange the riding route in advance and choose a location with fewer passers-by to make your riding easier. Make sure the brake components are functioning properly before riding.

  4. Maintain your electric bike regularly. Be sure to schedule timely maintenance of your electric bike, which is critical to your riding safety.

For seniors, riding an e-bike is a very suitable exercise option, helping fitness while improving quality of life, and the Kommoda is also a very friendly model for the senior. It can help you embark on your exercise journey more easily. And its sturdy and durable quality can also become a good partner to accompany you as you get older.


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