The New Way of Date by Riding on Your Cyrusher E-Bike

The New Way of Date by Riding on Your Cyrusher E-Bike

Aug 05, 2022

The New Way of Date by Riding on Your Cyrusher Ebike

Is the summer the season of love? The long day time has offered many date times for couples to get waste. The method of having dinner together or hanging out in the cinema is out of date and lacks freshness.

Let’s try a new date way to spice the summer up, and cycle your love just like the cycling tire.

Before starting the e-bike date time, there are two things that need to be settled, one is the e-bike we choose and another is whether the body is suitable for riding the e-bike . 

Then how to choose the suitable mate electric bike, the Cyrusher XF900 and the Kommoda is a matching pair you can take consideration of.

For the choice of mate electric bike, the appearance of the e-bike is the first eye-catching factor. You can choose a more colorful one to replace the black or white color which is too serious and ordinary to ride on a date.

Plus, the performance is of quality to support all your follow-up date activities, avoiding the situation that runs out of power during the date.


XF900 is one of the best men electric bike among Cyrusher for the performance is top of the line.

  1. For its large frame, the height limit of the e-bike is 5'5"~6'3" (165~190cm) which is much more suitable for men. ( the height over 5'5"women are also welcoming for this model) Especially for the speed seeker, the half twist throttle is designed for better control which allows for quicker launches and the 250W Bafang motor can meet the pursuit of speed.

  2. An attractive appearance of an e-bike is very critical in the date, the motorcycle design shows great performance in the market and the color have white, blue and yellow to choose from. You can match the color to make your mate electric bike more special and attractive.

  3. The range of the battery is supportive about 35 to 62miles on a full charge which is enough for your date activities.

  4. With the higher power, a more sensitive brake system is needed. The e-bike is featured the giant 180mm full hydraulic disc brake which is completely capable of cutting motor off.

  5. Moreover, the equipped fat tire can help you tackle all terrain problems no matter the tough forest road or twisting countryside road, not to mention the level street.

xf900/Kommoda 0805

For the large frame of XF900, so the Kommoda is a better choice for the women cause the suitable rider height is around 5'1"~6'2" (155~190cm). What’s more, Kommoda is accessible for those who have disorders that lead to the absence of couple riding or family riding. The full-electric mode is helpful to catch up with your partner without consuming much energy and make the companionship come true.

  1. The performance of Kommoda is also of great quality, with four color choices, it offers much more color reference to make your mate electric bike the center of the crowds.

  2. The 48V 14Ah Samsung Lithium-ion battery and the 250 watt brushless motor are supportive for multiple activities use, it can ride a range of about 50miles and even more with pedal-assist mode. You can easily change your riding mode according to your need which is very helpful to coordinate with your partner.

  3. Except for the essential fat tire which is adaptable to many terrain problems; the front and rear suspension can ensure your comfortable riding experience.

  4. The brake system is as the XF900 which can cut off the power from the motor as soon as possible to ensure your safety during a sudden occasion.

In addition to this, you can check other data in Cyrusher official website for more information. XF900 and Kommoda are very suitable for the couple date use. No matter the riding experience or the performance can meet the basic date need. Pick them up as a gift to him or her must be a romantic surprise.

Who are Suitable for an E-bike Riding Date?

xf900/xf800 0805 b

A. Have you experienced the situation of failing to catch up with him or her during the together bike riding? Or the situation that a weak body or some disorders which lead to the absence of the couple riding or the family riding. And the imbalance of energy and physical power causes the difference in riding distance may come into an unpleasant riding experience for both sides. And the solution to that difficult situation is trying a Cyrusher electric bike.

Compare to the busy bus and subway, the way ride on the e-bike acts like a relaxing way to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy a pleasant riding time. The fun and freedom during riding have attracted more and more riders which makes them more fit and feel like a teenager again. The speed and less energy-consuming way are suitable for the seniors at the same time.

B. If you are experiencing an embarrassing first date, having no idea about what to say or how to start the topic. Try this e-bike dating way.

Both of you can have the e-bike to open the topic casually and less nervous and awkward when riding on the bike even without saying anything, the cool air, and the beautiful street view have already replaced the word as the better way to create the romantic date atmosphere.

And as an exercising way, riding on electric cycle also consumes your energy, then it offers a better excuse for you to buy your date dinner or a drink. Moreover, it is a healthy way out to keep both of you fit.

The riding will accelerate your heart rate and help to relieve your nervousness  and keep a relaxed and pleasant state to start your date which is beneficial to leave a good impression on your date.

C.  And if you are arranging an anniversary or some special days, then riding on the electric cycle also is a smashing idea. A good date will leave a deep impression and a beautiful memory that is memorable for a long time.

 So the e-bike date is appropriate for the majority of people, once you have a date, you can take the chance of trying this new date type.

xf 800/900 0805 a

How to Arrange Your Romantic E-bike Date

While planning your ride plan, combined with other romantic activities will twice the result with half the effort. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Organizing an outside picnic. The date time can be the moment of sunrise or sunset, the location can be set under a tree, feeling the warm sunshine across the leaves and shining down on the body and the scenery of sunrise or sunset will come into your eye, with your lover sit by your side. That acts like the best romantic way of dating.

  2. Date needs to be well-dressed but not too much is an annoying problem. However, the thing that mattered is the one by your side, so dress as you want, no matter the suit or a magnificent dress. By the way, riding on your ebike with suit and dress, holding your hands on the  way, isn’t it a new and stylish date way? Fun is the most important thing so enjoy your date time completely.

  3. If both of you are adventure lovers, then riding on your electric cycle and starting a forest adventure is perfect for you. This way is a more sense stimulating and meaningful choice. The fat tire can tackle all the tough terrain in the forest to ensure date safety.

  4. Everything in the summer street comes alive, you have the choice to ride around the farmer’s market, searching for the fresh fruits and vegetables that come from the farmer’s land. You don’t have to carry them with your hand and the SR 200 pannier bags can help you relieve the burden. And then prepare a lovely meal together. No matter the fresh air or the fresh food can fully satisfy your body. The simplicity you spend together sounds ordinary but the most precious time in your life.

  5. Or you are planning a city tour, then mate electric cycle could be your best choice. The reason is that it saves the space of the parking lot and can pass across the street and lane to avoid the long queue congestion. So you can visit the places of interest in your city as you want and it finally meets your couple’s need for multiple choices.

  6. While it’s summer, the outdoor activities are colorful, the music, the show or the performance and so on, some of them even free to open. Search the listing online and prepare yourself for a romantic outdoor show.

  7. If both of you are fond of delicacies, then an electric bike also is your best partner, for it can take you across the street and lane casually, or even town to town to find different restaurants and taste different delicacies in one day. It admittedly is the best way to extend your daytime and spend a such delicious date.

Xf800/xf900 0805 c

It can draw the conclusion that these all are some simple ways of dating but with some romance, enjoying the simplicity in life. Spending time together is the precious time you can share when you are getting old. Moreover, the riding offers a new perspective for you to feel the attraction of the lover, which adds special color to your relationship.

Some Tips Need to be Noted

  1. When you riding your e-bike, be aware of wearing your helmet or any other safety accessories to assure your safety. Safety and romance are equally important.

  2. Make sure you have made some specific ride route except both of you want to spend a casual riding day, or else the aimlessly wandering may leave a bad impression.

  3. When you ride your electric bike, pay attention to your riding speed, and do not leave your partner far behind you which may cause some unpleasant feelings. The most enjoyable part of riding together is “together”.

  4. Safety first, no matter the forest adventure or the delicacies tour, pay attention to the riding.

Riding from city to countryside, while looking up at the blue sky, white clouds and charming scenery, you have the chance to breathe fresh air and enjoy your time on the electric bike.

Hope you round off your dating with an Cyrusher electric bicycle.