Ride on Your E-bike to Start Your Summer Exercise Plan

Ride on Your E-bike to Start Your Summer Exercise Plan

Aug 03, 2022

Start Your Summer Exercise With Cyrusher E-bike

It is summer time and summer is a season full of passion and impulsion. Summer not only is the season to wear colorful clothes but also the time to show off a good figure. So it is time to pick up your electric assist bike to start your daily sports. The Cyrusher XF650 is recommended to meet your need.

 This summer is like a fire burning, whether the indoor exercise or outdoor running, it is too hot to insist on. With the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic and other infectious diseases around the world, the worries of virus intrusion spread during home isolation or going out so the mental pressure is aggravated day by day while some of them even getting worse and worse. People show great concern over the improvement of physical immunity and the necessity of exercise. Therefore, it is essential to choose an appropriate exercise mode. It is a good choice to exercise by e-bike. Especially the diet composition of British families is consist of a high proportion of calorie and fat foods, and the after-meal high-calorie dessert will increase the risk of coronary heart disease and diabetes or other diseases.

It is known to all that jogging, running, jumping are commonplace sports types, which also damages your joint if  act properly. While peddling the e-bike show lower pressure on your joints. And the more pedaling, the more calories your will lost. Rest assured, battery is enough to support long-distance riding.

The benefits of the electric cycle exercise are of great many, the first one is easy to insist on, for during your riding you have the chance to appreciate the scenery along the road without focusing on your pedaling. Compare to other intense exercises, this way is more effective and more comfortable to meet your exercise goal.

The Performance of The XF650

As the entry-level electric pedal bike, the Cyrusher XF650 will be your better choice with the economical price and the outstanding performance.

It contains all the basic need of an electric bike and comes with the pedal assist operations which is needed for your exercise.

  1. The red color of the rim shows great attraction to many people which is very eye-catching in the black or white color e-bike market.

  2. The car frame is built with aluminium which is sustainable and stiff enough for a long period of use.

  3. Although the price of it is affordable, the equipped battery is 46V 16Ah, the estimated range can be up to 50miles or even further if you use the pedal-only mode for exercise. And this is very convenient for daily use for there is no need to recharge your e-bike once a day which is kind of annoying for the long time.

  4. All the Cyrusher electric bikeare featured fat tire, which is far-surpassing the regular tire for it can tackle all the terrain problems. For some occasions, if you want to challenge yourself with more challenging motivation, such as climbing a steep hill, then the fat tire will come into handy, no matter the marshland or the bumpy road, so the climbing hill is nothing difficult just assisted by the electrical power.

  5. To ensure your safety, with the qualified and sensitive brake and the alarming horn and headlight. One of which is to cut the power of the motor as soon as possible while one is to alarm the car ahead or behind to notice the sudden situation.

For exercisers, the mode transmission should be as much multiple choice as better, so the transmission mode offers Shimano 7 speed, you can design your characteristic mode for your exercise. And there has a smart computer display in the center of the hand bar, displaying the data including the modes you choose, speedometer, odometer, trip odometer, pedal assist level, watt meter and more.

So considering all the factors, the XF650 definitely is a better choice as your summer exercise e-bike. 

Besides the exercise use, it is accessible for commuting needs or short tour trips.

How to Exercise with Your Electric bike

Before your exercising life, there are some tips you can take:

According to the power mode and pedal assist mode start your exercise at different levels.

  1. If you are a fresh new one in exercise, find some scientific advice and take medication or have some medical concerns.

  2. First of all,you should get your body accustomed to the exercise intensity for a period. Otherwise, you will make some injury to your joints such as knees, ankles, and so on, which block your exercise plan, avoiding the work in which we lose more than we gain. So at first, you can start your pedaling with the help of the low electric power

  3. When you exercise for a period, it is time to start the pedal-only mode by doing more pedaling, for it can consume much more energy and calories to strengthen the exercise intensity. But do not push yourself too hard to catch on some objectives which may cause some dangerous situations.

  4. And when you finished your daily exercise, you may come to the exhausting situation, then the full electric mode can save your energy and help you go home easier and faster. Compare to the other workout way, we are supposed to cheer up for driving or walking home.

The Benefits of Exercise

The benefits of exercise are widely known, such as it can alleviate the working pressure or the suboptimical health state caused by long-term indoor work or the harmful effect because of late nights. And the benefits of exercise can be summarized as follows:

  1. Improve memory and the function of the brain. People who often stay up late will meet the situation that they fail to memorize some important things or easily forget things. Regular exercise can always impel the brain to keep exciting  and exercise brain activity, thus improving your memory and brain function.

  2. Lower the blood pressure

  3. Upgraded your blood sweet level

  4. Strengthen the immune system, after a period of exercising, we will easily feel that the body’s resistance is constantly becoming stronger, and the virus fail to fight with our immune system which means our resistance to viruses is better.

  5. Keep in a stable mood and relieve your stress whether in life or work. When someone does exercise, the brain will secrete dopamine and endorphins which will help us improve our mood and maintain a pleasant state.

  6. Improve your sleeping quality, for some cases of insomnia caused by long-termed staying up, it also shows great significant effect, which is helpful to your sleep and makes your sleep quality better .

  7. Get full energy for your work and life. There is a big difference between people who do exercise and those who do not. People who give up sportsfeel tired easily and their work efficiency is greatly affected, while those who have exercised have enough energy to finish their work efficiently with the body full of energy. This is because the converted muscles will help you be more efficient and use less energy to finish the same work.

  8. Burn your fat and keep a healthy body shape. The most basic need of exercise is to shape the body and turn the extra fat into muscle, which can not only achieve the goal of losing weight but also improve the physical immunity. This is helpful toparticipate in daily life and work more healthily.

Exercise can improve the levels of neuroticism and related hormones in the brain, such as dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine, etc. Therefore, exercise does great help to the memory and brain function, and improves sleep quality, concentration, reaction speed, body immunity, etc in the meantime.

By the way, for those who plan to lose weight, daily food should say no to high-calorie food and eat food with few salt and oil and pay attention to the nutritionally balanced meal. Moreover, a cheating meal once a week is suggested to avoid crapulent behavior or another unhealthy diet because of the sick state of weight loss.

Admittedly, a healthy figure is of great importance so it is best to keep regular living habits, do not persist on the number loss in the weighing scale. After all, the weight of the muscles is higher than those of fat.

Some Tips for Injury Prevention

Doing exercise is necessary while reasonable, healthy and proper exercise is an essential prerequisite. To prevent injury from improper exercise way or overdoing the activities, pay attention to the listed tips.

  1. Stay a proper way doing your exercise no matter the traditional exercise or pedaling the electricassist bike to prevent unnecessary injury. 

  2. When you doing yourpedaling, pay attention to your body limit. If you overdo the exercise beyond your body limit may cause some irreversible injury or even worse. So it is of great importance to focus on your body situation while do not overpass your limit.

  3. Leave time for a break, things will develop in the opposite direction when they became extreme. So break time is requisite and it is helpful for you to insist on your exercise plan.

  4. If any accidental injury happened, you should seek medical advice promptly whether it is an accidental injury or sports injury. Or if you have any problems with your balance or blood pressure, make sure that the e-bike workout is suitable for you by talking with your doctor in advance.

You can download a sports app to track your sports data or after and before figure pictures, or find a familiar rider to supervise each other. Keep you motivated and then twice the result with half the effort.