The Solution to Congestion

The Solution to Congestion

Jul 30, 2022


The school summer vocation is coming, have you made some schedule to go out for fun. With the experiencing lengthy heatwave in July, the majority of families plan to spend their holidays abroad. If you are still making the plan, the airport congestion problems may affect your plan. As the data shows, nearly a million holidaymakers plan to leave the UK on flights.

Have you noticed the news about the congestion chaos in Dover port or the news about the Folkestone has replaced Dover as Britain’s ‘hotspot of holiday hell’? The news of long queue congestion on transportation and the crowd on airport are constantly reported by some media and posted by the passengers on site. 

In addition to the long queue problem, the long-lasting crowd waiting to get through the security, plenty of luggage bags were not transported with the passengers, but arrived very late to the baggage hall which sounds better than the baggage losing situation; and some passengers even been informed the fight cancellation after boarding.

And the long queue situation not only existed in Heathrow and Bristol Airports but also in Manchester and Stansted. The posts on social media are all about the congestion and the lost luggage.

Are we getting the solution to solve the problem? If you are sticking to going for an abroad holiday, then the answer is no while if you are considering giving up the abroad plan and looking for some alternative way, then there is a good suggestion.

How about having an electric bike trip?

The destination can be forest, beach, and so on. It will be a better alternative way to have an electric bike speed riding competition or the exciting forest expenditure or the romantic couple riding along the river or interesting fishing or an outside picnic or camping.

Why do we choose an electric bike or is the ebike worthy of it?

The first shining point worthy to be mentioned is it can avoid congestion, saving your precious time which can be used to do more interesting things.

And compare with the large automobile car mode, the shape of the electric bicycle is far more smaller so you can move it easily whenever and wherever you want.

Without saying that the parking space of an electric bicycle also is smaller than that of a car so the parking position and space are very beneficial to an e-bike which is more convenient to pass through the street and lanes where the car fails to enter. And it also saves parking time, avoiding the searching time and long queue of waiting to enter the parking lot. Many a little makes a mickle, the accumulated time can be used in many meaningful matters but not idle away your time in the car for meaningless waiting. 

Compare to the traditional bike, the electric cycle saves riders more energy and the speed is far surpassing the traditional one. And the equipped fat tire can absorb different terrain problems, such as sandy, mounting, and so on.

Most electric bikes are equipped with the minimum 48V 13Ah battery, they can ride for 25-50miles with a full charge. So no matter riding on the beach, or expenditure in the jungle, the battery is enough to support your activity.

So if you are considering buying an electric cycle, the factor could be your purchasing purpose or just the appearance.

Then what can an e-bike do for you, the most basic one mentioned above is commuting which avoids the long queue on the road on and off work. Moreover, it can be your best partner to help you lose weight.

And In social terms, the specialized e bike is an environmentally friendly product that also is the solution to the energy crisis. With the international tension, and the sharpening energy crisis leading the gasoline price keeps stubbornly high, the higher prices have already been a burden to many British families. While the electric bike is driven by electricity which saves the expensive transportation fees. The fuel tank of most British families is 55L so over 100 ponds need to pay for one charge. Then charging expenses of an electric cycle was little more than a drop in the bucket. Admittedly, the electric bike is far from being the substitute for cars, but it is still the best choice for a shorter trip taking it as a means of transportation that is economical and energy-saving.

How was the electric cycle performance? Take a Cyrusher kommoda as an example.

It is a newly reviewed mode from Cyrusher, one of the best electric fat bike manufacturers.

The highlight of this electric cycle is it suitable for most types of people, the height range of it is 5'3"~6'0" (160~183cm) which covers the majority of body types.

Guided by the safety first, then the brakes and suspension system is requisite, the Kommoda is armed with a spring suspension front fork with preload adjustment feature which can absorb the vibration caused by the tough terrains. The rear suspension adds to the comfort and versatility of the Kommoda.

And the brake system is Zoom Hydraulic Disc Brakes, which can cut off the motor power more sensible and quickly to stop the bike, reassuring your safety.

In addition to the brake and the suspension, the large headlights on the front of the bike and the integrated brake tail light are also equipped for safety to avoid sudden brake during night driving.  

For the driving experience, all the ebike offer 3 kinds of driving modes, with pedal only, electric mode only and electric mode combined with pedal assist mode. The Kommoda offers five levels of pedal assist and the transmission system is a Shimano 7-speed flywheel rotation system. So you have kinds of driving choices according to your requirement.  

Then the using time is closely connected to the battery capacity, the bike has a 48V 14Ah Samsung lithium-ion battery which takes 4-7 hours to charge at one time. Then you can drive for 25-50miles.

The color of the summer is orange, representing passion and fervor. And the orange color choice of the bike seems to suit the summer very well, attracting people’s attention and the motorcycle style design of the bike also is a better choice for the one looking for a cooler and more eye-catching style.

Last but not the least, the warranty and after-sale service are worthy of consideration. Whether the electric bike shows great performance, what matters most is the guaranteed warranty and after-sale service. Before purchasing, the best choice is a qualified shop with its patient customer service to avoid any extra expenses on accidental repair, for there may happen a collision during the shipment or any other incidents, which may ruin your riding mood. Many problems can be tackled by the after-sale service, just like the “invisible insurance” of the bike.   

No matter the purchasing suggestions or the installation problems, feel free to consult the online staff.


In discussing the performance, it also acts as a better choice under multiple considerations.

The simple explanation of the electric bicycle is an upgraded version of a traditional bike, the speed of it has a great advantage for it driven by electricity and the equipped fat tire is capable of solving many tough terrain problems which the traditional one without any way to do. The upgraded suspension and brake function largely ensure your riding safety. 

For a shorter trip, elaborately plan outside camping, or fishing and riding along the sea, all of them are nice ideas saving your time of packing, just taking your camp, fish pole and riding on the e bike can start your free trip. The time and economic cost of this kind of trip are much lower.

Instead of wasting time for meaningless waiting, it is better to spend more time for accompany.

There is no doubt that spending your vacation abroad is a nice idea, but as the news showed, plenty of tourists are crowded together, being the ones in the long queue no matter on the way to the airport or the way aboard or the way to picking up the luggage. So the idea of just staying in your town and having a trip in the vicinity seems not a bad idea. Moreover, for a family trip, what matters most can be the tour destination, but also can be the time shared with your family. Just escape from your tiresome work or piles of homework, the opportunity to take in the fresh air is a new type of relief.     

Keeping a similar lifestyle in the long life cycle is too boring, it would be better to try other opportunities and find yourself much more possibilities. Once you try it, you will chase the opportunity to find the charm of an e-bike which may become a new way to relieve pressure.

Each suitable stuff requests deep consideration so that spend your time buying your satisfying e-bike instead of wasting money on a useless decoration.

That is the new suggestion to spend your holiday, avoiding the crowded congestion.

Escape from the long queue, cherish the time and start a new adventure with your e-bike