2022 Best Womens Ebike —— Comparison Between Kommoda and Z MIAMI

2022 Best Womens Ebike —— Comparison Between Kommoda and Z MIAMI

Aug 10, 2022

Are you planning to pick up a women’s electric bike to start free riding? Then there are some good suggestions for you. The following information is about a bike model comparison between Cyrusher and Super 73 and how to choose a women’s e-bike while picking up your first ladies electric bike.

 The epidemic brought disruption and despair, but it also caused some people to think about the meaning of life and pay more attention to individual physical and mental health. What’s more, because of the energy crisis, electric vehicles are springing up which is a shock to the traditional car industry with their energy-efficient and environmentally friendly features. More and more private cars are acting as a burden on the congested roads of cities.

 The e-bike has emerged as a short-distance travel option for more and more riders, relying on electric power and occupying a large market in terms of supply and demand due to its compact size, as well as being an economical and energy-saving way to avoid congestion.

 It admittedly is a hard decision when faced with a wide range of electric bikes to choose from. Most of the models will be more oriented toward the male market. Their quest for speed and the spirit of adventure lead to an obvious tendency in market proportion, but of course, some ebikes are perfect for women to get their hands on, and where there is a demand, there will be a market.

The following passage has selected two models from the market at similar price that are suitable for women's riding to analyze and recommend, thus providing you with a little inspiration for selecting a women's electric bike.

Cyrusher Kommoda and Super 73 Z MIAMI

Both are one of the most popular ebike manufacturers in the market. Speaking to the women electric bike, there are many factors worthy to be considered, pick up your electric cycle as the following factors comparison.

You can learn the specific information in the chat below, it clearly clarifies the difference and easily helps you to find out the information you consider about.

  Kommoda Super 73 Z MIAMI
Motor 250W
With 80Nm Max Torque
SUPER73 48V EPAC 250W limited motor, satin black finish.
Color Blue, White, Orange, and Grey Prickly Pink, Panthro Blue, Sriracha Red, Powder Grey
Frame Aluminum Aluminum, Tapered head tube
Transmission  Shimano 7-speed gearing Cadence, 4 support levels (1- ECO, 2- TOUR, 3- SPORT, 4- SUPER) 8-speed gearing (EU model)
Battery 48V 14AH (High capacity, Waterproof Battery) 615 Wh
Tire CTS/ Chaoyang mountain fat tires Trooper Tire - Front: 20 x 4” / Rear: 20 x 4”
Riding range 50km(PAS 1) 40km-80km**
Suspension front and rear sold separately ( availability TBD)
Horn yes sold separately ( availability TBD)
Brake zoom full hydraulic brakes Tektro Mechanical Disc Brake Front 180mm - Rear 180mm Rotor
Front or rear light yes yes
Weight limit 150kg 125kg
Bike weight 30kg 30kg
Rider height 155cm-190cm 140cm-180cm
Price £2,099 €2.399,00

The rider height range & The bike weight

Multiple bikes are designed unisex while the way we distinguish whether it is suitable for women is the rider height range and model weight. The average female height or wrist strength is not tall or strong enough to fit the e-bike very well. So the first step is to check whether the weight and height range is friendly to women.

The height range of Cyrusher Kommoda is between 5'1"~6'2" (155~190cm) which meets multiple women’s standards while the SUPER73-Z MIAMI is available to the riders between 1.4m and 1.8m which is more friendly to the short riders.

And both of the e-bike are produced with a light-weight aluminum frame with 30kg bike weight which is very easy to controllable for women. Moreover, the aluminum  frame shows great durability and sustainability.

The color choice

The majority of the electric bikes are painted black or white on the market while these two e-bike show many colorful choices which can meet the appearance priority of many females.

The Kommoda has Blue, White, Orange and Grey while the Z MIAMI has Prickly Pink, Panthro Blue, Siracha Red, Powder Grey. The prickly pink color will win many preferences.

The performance data

The critical part of an ebike is its motor for it determines the range of the power you can use. Both models are equipped with 250w motors in order to comply with UK road regulations

The transmission

All the pedal-assist e-bikes have offered many different riding modes according to your requirements so that it is applies to many scenarios such as commuting and exercising way.

The Kommoda featured the Shimano 7-speed service, you can exercise yourself with the pedal mode and commute with the full power mode and the driving speed according to your need.

The super 73 has designed 4 support levels (1- ECO, 2- TOUR, 3- SPORT, 4- SUPER) and you can choose it as what situation you are in. And their EU model is equipped with the 8-speed gearing which is practical.

In a nutshell, the transmission part between Kommoda and Z MIAMI show little difference, both the pedal mode can largely meet your daily demand.

The brake system

Safety first, so the major part of riding safety is the brake, the more sensitive the brake is, the safer it can assure. Then before discussing the brake of two ebike, there is an explanation of two kinds of commonplace brake systems. 

The difference between the Mechanical brake and the Hydraulic brake.

These are two common brake systems used on an e-bike. Generally speaking, the hydraulic brake is of longer durability than the mechanical system. When you use the hydraulic brake, it provides better control of braking speed and braking linearity than the mechanical one, for it is dual brake system left less damage on the brake pad.

While the brake lines of mechanical brakes are prone to oxidation but their lower cost and maintenance and easy to change make them still the choice of many e-bikes manufacturers. 

And come back to these two ebike with one is hydraulic brake and the other one is the mechanical brake.

The Kommoda is equipped with the zoom full hydraulic brake and adds a motor cut-off for increased safety. When you are faced with some accidental situation, it can help you cut off the motor power more quickly to ensure your riding safety.

And the Z MIAMI is featured with mechanical 180/180mm rotors which also can ensure your safety but shows less performance compare to the hydraulic one.

The Tire

The merits of the fat tire is well known for its wide use in different terrains such as the mountain, sandy, snow, and gravel. It is piece of cake to the fat tire as it provides a firm grip and traction on rugged terrains.  

And Cyrusher Kommoda can apply to different situations no matter the urban use or forest adventure use with its 20’*4’fat tire. Therefore, the fat tire can ensure your riding safety to great extent.

While the Super 73 Z MIAMI uses the TROOPER TIRE, 20" X 4". The tire was designed with a dense center tread pattern that extends tire life while an aggressive side tread provides a cornering grip. With good handling on the street, this retro-influenced tire is built to tackle the urban landscape with good wear over time. While it only applies when you doing some urban riding which is limited.

Suspension system

The suspension is very critical to absorb the vibration when riding on some tough roads and ensure your comfortable riding. The Kommoda has a dual suspension to relieve plenty of collisions because of the obstacles.

While the suspension system of Z MIAMI is sold separately and the availability is TBD.


The battery is the part to power the whole bike so the battery is the basis of all the activities.

The Kommoda is equipped with a 48V 14Ah Samsung lithium battery, which will last you around 50km, and is perfectly suited for everyday activities. And it only takes you 4-7 hours for a full charge. It’s motor and engine are built under the handlebars for better motor protection in the rain or on some muddy roads.

And the battery of Z MIAMI is nestled under the seat to help keep it safe too, providing up to 615-watt hours of operation.

This is not too far off from the kommoda's operating hours, but with a similar price point, people definitely tend to go for the one with the higher power capacity.


The front horn may seem annoying at times, but it is a device that comes in handy at critical times. In case of an emergency, or a sharp turn, the horn can help alert you to surrounding vehicles and keep you safe on the road.

The Kommoda is equipped with a front horn to help you when an emergency happened; but the Z MIAMI horn is sold separately and compatibility is to be determined, which is inconvenient for those who need this and will cost an additional amount if required.

Rider weight

Another point that needs to be noted is the rider weight limit, both bikes offer a relatively friendly load range, with the Kommoda at 150kg and the Z MIAMI offering a load capacity of 125kg. Most riders can fit into both ranges, so you can buy as you need.


On balance, the Kommoda is the better choice if you're looking for the practicality of an electrical bike, but if you're looking purely for color or appearance, both are good choices, it is all up to you.

It would be best to choose according to your own needs, for an ladies e bike is not a small expense, it's of necessity to consider its durability as much as possible to get the best value for money.

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