What to Do Before and After Buying a Folding Ebike

What to Do Before and After Buying a Folding Ebike

Aug 13, 2022


If you are considering buying a folding ebike, then what are you going to look for? The foldable electric bike can largely save space while the standard one can not. So the first principle is compact space. However the smaller it compacts, the more function it loses for the functional part is of great weight and space. So it depends on which aspect you pay more attention to, the performance or the compact space. If you are acceptable for a bit more weight with higher performance, then you might want to keep an eye on this Cyrusher XF690maxs.

The following passage is divided into four parts to fully show you how to buy yourself a satisfying foldable ebike and what can you do with your new ebike. 

What should be noted when picking up the folding ebike?

When commuting takes someone more than an hour or when someone always gets in trouble with the congestion or someone always gets late for the event, then it is time for you to buy a folding electric bike.

The compact space

If you are considering buying a fold up electric bike, then it is ideal to fold it as small as possible. And what determines the storage space is the tire. The smaller the tire is, the smaller space it takes. So if you are looking for a smaller one, then the first thing you need to note is the tire size.

The majority size of the foldable electric bike is between 10 inches to 26 inches. So you can refer to the specific size to estimate the storage place which is helpful to find the suitable one.

The riding experience

However, the smaller tire performs a worse riding experience compared to the larger one. So it is really a hard decision to make. Folding ebike offers a stiffer ride for the small tire size is limited to tackle the terrain problem. Or if you riding on some bumpy road, the bumpier ride may lead to a worse riding experience.

The color

It shows a small part for your fold up ebike, but if you are fond of this, then the multiple colors which help to personalize your ebike to your preference are necessary.

The bike weight

If the compact space is under your consideration, so do the weight of the ebike. Except for the component part and the tire, the part that contributes the weight to the fold up electric bike is the frame. Various frame of the ebike is made of steel, titanium alloy, carbon fiber, and so on. While the lightweight aluminum frame is a much better choice for its rigidity is more substantial and lightweight.

The quality

With the development of the industry, the gimmick poorly made bikes are replaced by quality ones. The quality standard is assured in the well-known brand. So the focus should be paid on the performance.

The following part will use the Cyrusher XF690maxs as an example to help you fully understand the performance factors.

The XF690maxs

It is a folding model from Cyrusher, which was established in 2014, and has won over 60000 riders’ favor, aiming to provide their customer with the coolest and most cost-effective e-bikes. The XF 690maxs is an upgraded version of the last model so the powerful performance is inspiring. Though XF690 maxs is a folding ebike, it is riding just like the standard bike.

XF690 Maxs




55 miles (88 km) - PAS 1


15.5 mph (25 km/h)


250W LKS


48V 14.5Ah




Front + Rear


Shimano 9-speed/ 27-speed


26”x4” Fat Tire

Load capacity

330 lbs (150 kg)

Rider height

5'11"~6'4" (180~193cm)

Rider weight

70 lbs (32 kg)


Fenders (FREE)
(Rack not included)


Firstly, by increasing the size of tires to strengthen friction on road, the equipped fat tire offers an incredible grip that let you ride safely regardless of any weather or any terrain. Moreover, the driving speed is connected to the tire size, the bigger size can cycle a further range and offer you a fast driving speed. The XF690maxs is equipped the 26”x4” Fat Tire ( Chaoyang/Kenda/CST), the enough size can help you tackle any terrain problems so that you can ride your folding ebike in sandy, snow and even mountain but not only in the commuting way.

The frame is produced with a lightweight aluminum frame so you can literally carry it anywhere. 

The color of XF650maxs includes red, gray, white and yellow. Besides the color of the frame, the inner rim also painted color, which make your bike more eye-catching.

The motor determines the speed you can drive so if you are a speed lover, pay attention to this factor, the XF690maxs has equipped with a 250W LKS motor which is powerful enough no matter for commute or adventure.

The transmission of all Cyrusher ebikes have three working modes, electric mode, pedal-assisted & electric mode, and normal pedal. It is easy to adjust by the three-button to meet your different needs.

The capacity of the battery is very critical for it is the power station of the whole ebike. The fact that battery is fairly portable and removable from the frame so you can easily take it off and charge it. The XF650maxs adopts a 48V 14.5Ah water-proof battery offering up to 35 miles of range on pure electric and around 55 miles with pedal assist.

The dual suspension shows great performance on the bike making it possible to go uphill and tackle tough terrains more safely and comfortably. The front fork is made of high-strength carbon steel and rear suspension reduce the rear wheel vibration again. 

The driving and braking are multifunctional and powerful enough for your daily need. It is a 21 speeds system mountain e-bike with a hydraulic oil disk brakes system. So you can adjust to a larger gear when going uphill, and switch to a smaller gear when driving on gentle roads. The powerful brake system gives you the optimal stopping power and modulates your speed while going descents. It is comfortable to replace the heavy traffic with a cool morning breeze.

The programmable display can help you keep track of mileage, range, and all the bike data information. So you can clearly adjust your bike and charge your bike in time in case of running out of energy.

And you can check the rider’s height and weight range to avoid any details which may lead to  inappropriate riding.

As all the quality components are equipped, so the bike weight is not as light as other folding ebike. However, there are two sides to a coin, this is going to be your main source of transportation, like the commute. And the listing price is closely connected to the components prices so the pricey one which is of greater performance. So it is well worth the investment in both power and folding ability.

Something needs to be noted after buying your ebike

  1. Please install your ebike according to the manual to prevent the part from being  damaged by improper operation. If you have any problem, you can search the installing video from the Cyrusher Youtube channel or feel free to find the customer service.

  2. Try to store your folding ebike in a dry and cool place, to avoid the oxidation of equipment caused by humidity or direct sunlight in order to prolong the service life of your ebike.

  3. Before you start riding, check the braking system and then get familiar with the speed changes of each gear to get you started on a faster and safer ride. And do not forget to wear your safety helmet.

What can you do with your cyrusher folding XF690maxs

  1. The most basic thing is it can be your best partner on your way to work, avoiding the traffic jam and there is no way that you are gonna end up late to any event. A good amount of speed and convenience can be given to satisfy your need. In addition, to its folding characteristics, you can take it with you to keep the ebike from being stolen.  

  2. It also can be used when you travel around. It is more convenient than the car in most cases for it can park in any vacant space. So you can wander around and find the scenery and delicacies in different cities which is the best way to free yourself and leave a much more special and sweet travel memory. Moreover, the great performance can help you tackle many kinds of terrains no matter go uphills or go down the stairs. It is powerful enough to help you explore the magic of the world.  

Besides these, there still have many other possibilities waiting to be explored, which will make your life colorful and full of validity.

In the end, it is very helpful for you to buy a foldable electric bike if you are a city commuter or the one who loves to cycle around. You can bring it anywhere you want and store it in a corner or even under your office desk.  

And XF650maxs is fun to ride for this ebike is packed with powerful motor, and incredible performance. Meanwhile, it is comfortable to ride and has a beautiful design appearance that will no doubt that turn some heads when you are riding.