Cyrusher's First Ride Launches in Gloucester to Explore the Beauty of Cycling

Cyrusher's First Ride Launches in Gloucester to Explore the Beauty of Cycling

Apr 07, 2024

On March 31st, Cyrusher organized its first community ebike ride event in Gloucester, UK. The ride was partnered with Insta360 and featured surprise camera prizes to capture the memorable moments of the ride.

The event brought together Cyrusher's cycling enthusiasts to explore the local sights and experience the freedom and benefits that cycling has to offer. With a focus on sustainability, the ride allowed participants to discover the charm and joy of eco-friendly transportation.

The ride begins at Steading business center on Sunday, March 31st, 2024 and concludes at Maisemore Park, covering a distance of 39 miles.

The occasional rainy weather on Ride Day did not dampen the enthusiasm and joy of the cyclists. The riders traversed the trails in the picturesque Gloucester countryside, savoring the rejuvenating scent of spring. They encountered occasional riding challenges on the road, but immersed themselves in the flow of the unique scenery. With each pedal stroke, they welcomed a new landscape, fully embracing the surprises and delights of the ride.

The route planning combines both cycling and leisure elements, allowing participants to enjoy the ride without overexerting themselves. Experienced cycling leaders will provide technical support throughout the event, encouraging riders to fully immerse themselves in the experience and continue exploring the scenic route.

The balanced approach of the event caters to cyclists of various skill levels, ensuring that everyone can participate and appreciate the wonderful experience of the activity. 

After the ride, everyone returned to the showroom to take a break. They replenished their energy and shared fond memories of the ride with one another. The communication helped build new emotional connections between the participants. The pleasure and excitement of the ride lingered, allowing the joyful feelings to expand.

"It was a fantastic day out, I really enjoyed myself and made new friends, and hopefully I will join you again. Thank you very much for putting on this event," shared by one of the participants.

Participants praised the friendly atmosphere and well-organized nature of the event, which encouraged riders of all skill levels to get involved.  

The ride was designed to encourage more people to take up cycling, allowing them to discover the charm and freedom of electric-powered exploration. Participants were able to measure the world through the unique perspective of the ride, gaining a fresh appreciation for their surroundings as they embarked on new adventures.

Lucky draw

The ride not only focuses on the cycling experience itself, but also provides exciting opportunities for participants. As part of the event, Cyrusher team with Insta360 have prepared a raffle with two grand prizes: an Insta360 X3 camera and a Cyrusher Kommoda electric bike. This allows the riders to capture their cycling adventures and preserve the beautiful moments of their journey through the world.

Cyrusher ebike kommoda winner: Paul 

Paul, Kommoda ebike winner, shares his experience riding in the event.

“ My experiences of the first cycle ride. It was lovely to meet other customers and like-minded people with Cyrusher e-bikes to go for an enjoyable countryside cycle together as a group, and it was filmed with a professional videographer and a 360 camera. Which made it more fun! The videos. It will be posted shortly on the Cyrusher website. It was a very organized and enjoyable day with the team members from the shop, with them handing out sweets on the route, and we got back to the shop for a well-deserved cup of tea and coffee! Thanks! ”

Paul is the owner of a Cyrusher ranger e-bike. He used to be an mountain biker, but as he got older, cycling became increasingly challenging. He could barely manage to ride 3 miles before feeling fatigued. However, the e-bike has transformed his cycling experience.

Now, Paul can ride for 20 miles or more without the same level of exertion. The e-bike allows him to customize his ride by adjusting the difficulty level using the pedal-assist feature. The ease of use of an ebike has reinvigorated his love for the sport and made it easier for him to stay active and explore his surroundings

The ride left a deep impression on Paul. The event allowed him to connect with a group of like-minded riders and share an enjoyable time, exploring the freedom that the e-bike provides.

Insta360 X3 winner: Keith

“I haven't had time to use the camera yet, but will get the chance soon.

The Easter ride was a lot of fun and Cyrusher's video clip was great and really showed off the excellence of the bike.”

Keith, the winner of the Insta360X 3 camera, expressed his excitement about the new equipment. Although he hasn't had the chance to use the camera yet, he is looking forward to doing so in the near future.

Keith particularly enjoyed the Easter ride event, where he had the opportunity to witness Gloucester scenery from new perspective. The Cyrusher’s video effectively showcased the exceptional performance of the bicycle, leaving Keith highly impressed and satisfied with the experience.

Contribute to sustainability

Combined exploration with a sense of social responsibility, this bike ride primarily focuses on promoting sustainable and eco-friendly transportation. Cyrusher advocates for a low-carbon lifestyle and aims to inspire riders to adopt a new, greener, and more sustainable mode of transportation, starting with every pedal stroke. Through this initiative, Cyrusher hopes to contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of the local community. 


Overall, Cyrusher's first community ride in Gloucester was a resounding success, aligning with the company's commitment to sustainability and promoting the benefits of electric-powered exploration. 

Cyrusher plans to organize more additional rides in more regions and countries starting from the UK. This will bring together more cycling enthusiasts to enjoy the freedom of exploration and connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for the sport. 

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