How to Extend E-bike Battery Life

How to Extend E-bike Battery Life

Sep 23, 2022


Many riders choose e-bikes for  its upgraded riding speed compared to a regular bike But while it provides faster riding efficiency, it also requires maintenance. One of the most important components is the battery. A battery is a consumable part that loses its capacity rapidly with unhealthy usage, and thus becomes less and less durable.

The reduction in battery capacity has a tremendous impact on the performance of your e-bike. The first stage is not riding far, and the second is not riding fast. The cost of battery repair and replacement is not a small amount, so it is very essential to maintain the battery of your electric bicycles.

The natural service life of the battery

The battery of electric bicycles is a relatively common lithium battery. A lithium battery is a portable battery packaged on the outside. It can carry reliable power with a small package, which has triggered a revolution in portable energy supply. With proper care and maintenance, it can help extend battery life for up to four to five years.

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The advantage of this type of battery is that it can provide cyclic charging, but when the battery goes through a natural charging cycle, the battery capacity will be lost over time, which is a natural process of electrochemical degradation, and its life span is indefinite. However, if you just started riding your new electric bike and the battery capacity drops at an abnormal rate, you can apply for a warranty policy.

Cyrusher electric bicycle batteries choose brand manufacturers. Under reasonable maintenance, they can effectively provide 800 cycles of charging and provide a 6-month warranty, which is within the scope of normal maintenance. However, in normal daily use, reasonable maintenance methods can be adopted to prolong the service life of the battery, which can be as long as 2 years or more.

To make your Cyrusher e-bike battery more durable, here are a few rules to follow.

When charging your Cyrusher electric bike
  1. You can periodically top up the battery when it needs charging. Avoid keeping the battery in a fully charged state, which will quickly degrade the battery's chemical performance and damage the battery's health. Moreover, it is also necessary to avoid fully discharging the battery for a long time, because this will quickly reduce the battery capacity, and for batteries that are not charged for a long time, there is a certain hazard to the battery when recharging.

    Alarms or countdown timers can be set, and the battery can be charged to a moderate level in two or three hours so that it does not take up your time for other things at all.

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  1. Always choose the original charger when charging, don't be confused by unbranded and so-called cheaper alternative chargers. If it is an unsuitable charger, it will cause current damage to the battery, which can have irreversible consequences if it is serious. If possible try to choose a slow charger, which is more beneficial to the battery than a fast charger.

  2. Do not charge the battery at high or low temperatures. When you ride home immediately, it is very unreasonable to charge the battery while the battery is still hot. It is recommended to leave it for 30 minutes before charging. The same is true in cold weather conditions. In cold weather, the electrolyte can become very viscous, and lithium ions need to travel through a thick cloud of electrolyte. The resistance in the electrolyte increases in a low-temperature environment. Therefore, the battery can be placed indoors to allow it to return to normal temperatureand then recharged.

  3. Try to keep your battery at around 80% charge capacity, this will double your battery cycle life.

When storing your Cyrusher electric bikes

Storage conditions are like living environments for batteries, so harsh environments will definitely damage batteries

  1. Avoid storing the battery in a humid environment, or directly exposed to water, which will seriously damage the battery life.

  2. For a battery that has not been used for a long time, although it has not been used, the power will be gradually exhausted over time. At this time, it is necessary to check regularly to maintain its power between 40% and 70% to avoid fully drain, this will keep the battery healthy and make the battery more durable.

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  3. The temperature of the environment will change according to the season, so whether it is outdoors in winter or outdoors in hot summer, do not directly expose the battery to the outdoor environment. It is worth noting that high temperature is an unfavorable environment for lithium batteries. Generally, above 40 degrees Celsius or 105 degrees Farenheitis a high-temperature environment. Remember not to store the battery in a car outdoors in summer. Although the outdoor temperature will not be too high, the temperature will rise rapidly in a completely closed space in the car, and the battery will be greatly damaged in the case of overheating content.

When riding your Cyrusher e-bike
  1. Although the Cyrusher is equipped with a waterproof battery that can help you ride freely on a rainy day, avoid exposing your electric bike to a humid environment for a long time because water can easily cause a short circuit of the battery. Therefore, after arriving at the destination, it is very necessary to wipe the ebikewith a dry towel. If you find that the water has got into the battery, you can use the hairdryer to disperse the water in the cold air mode or put it in a cool and ventilated place to dry. If you want to further prevent damage to the battery due to weather conditions, you can buy plastic caps for the battery contact points.

  2. Riding mode will also have a certain impact on the battery. For those who prefer high speed modes, riding in higher mode and pedalling the throttle can cause rapid discharge of the battery. But with an e-bike that is always on pedal assist mode, the battery energy will remain relatively stable. But frankly speaking, the fast riding mode is the most enjoyable thing for electric bicycle riding, so you don't need to pay too much attention to the choice of riding mode for daily riding, as long as you choose a good storage environment and a healthy charging method, the battery life can be better maintained.

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Routine maintenance
  1. When cleaning and maintaining your electric cycle, remember to remove the battery to avoid water damage to the battery.

  2. If the electric cycle needs to be transported, the battery can also be removed and stored separately to avoid damage to the battery caused by bumps and collisions during transportation.

  3. In the case of careful maintenance, the service life of the battery will definitely be improved. However, batteries are consumable components. After a certain period of use, when the consumption rate of the battery is much faster than before, and the power storage capacity decreases, it needs to be replaced. This will help you extend the life of your e-bike and maintain the safety of your e-bike.

  4. If you often ride on bumpy roads, pay attention to regularly check the battery for collision damage. Batteries can cause overheating or power outages when damaged, as there is some functional impairment in a crash. Therefore, it is necessary to check the battery regularly and replace it in time if it is damaged.


It's best to store your battery at a cooler environment with low humidity and keep it at 50% charge. If you are not riding for a long time, also charge your battery on time. If you can, buy a plastic cap to protect your battery, which is not only waterproof but also protects the battery from dust, mud, and salt. But as time accumulates, the capacity of the battery will continue to be depleted. Even if you leave it unused, the capacity will decrease over time. Therefore, ride your Cyrusher electric bicycle as much as possible to make fully use of it rather than store it in the garage as an exhibit.

How can you have a sufficient power to ride without keeping it fully charged? There is no doubt that to buy an electric bike with a larger battery. In this way, even if it is not fully charged, it can meet daily riding needs. Cyrusher models all offer larger battery capacities. The entry-level XF650 is equipped with 48V 16Ah battery storage, which is more than enough for many riders. The latest Kuattro is also equipped with a 48V 17Ah battery capacity. Cyrusher continuously improves and upgrades the models according to the needs of riders for battery capacity to help them ride happily.

So hope all Cyrusher riders can ride with greater peace of mind, rather than having battery anxiety about running out of battery power. With proper maintenance, you can have long-lasting benefits.



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