How to Choose An Ebike for Beach Riding

How to Choose An Ebike for Beach Riding

Sep 28, 2022


In addition to exciting adventures in the mountains, or leisurely afternoon riding, beach riding is also a very interesting leisure project. Feeling the sea breeze and warm sunlight in the sand is a very enjoyable scene no matter what time you feel it.

But can the bicycle travel in soft mud and sand? If it is an ordinary narrow-tire bicycle, there is no doubt that the riding effect is not good, but if it is a Cyrusher fat tire electric bicycle, then your beach riding will be full of boundless fun.

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How to choose an electric bike for beach riding

Wide tires

When it comes to riding on the beach, the most important point is that you need an all-terrain bike, because traditional narrow tires simply won't work on sand. This is because there is less air inside the narrow tires, and the grip on the ground is not strong enough, making your riding time-consuming and laborious. But fat tires can help you adapt to all-terrain, provide better grip and traction, and help you better adapt to the sand.


Fenders play an important role in beach riding. In the special terrain of sand, electric bicycles will bring blown sand while riding, and the fenders can effectively prevent most of the sand from splashing into e-bike components, it's like filtering out most of the silt with a strainer. It also saves time and effort for subsequent cleaning.

Pedal assist mode

Different pedal assist modes have their unique advantages in beach riding. In different types of sand, you need different assist modes to help you adapt to beach riding more easily. In addition, the pedal assist mode can also customize your riding speed to make your beach riding more fun.

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A strong motor is very necessary for beach riding, because the resistance of sand riding will be greater than that of daily street riding, so you should choose a high-efficiency and high-wattage motor when purchasing. The more power the motor can provide, the easier it will be to ride.


The weight of the e-bike is also a factor to be considered when driving on sandy roads, where the road surface itself has a high resistance to the electric cycle,the excessive weight of the ebike and the large driving resistance will make your beach riding becomes less enjoyable, but consumes most of your energy very quickly.

Waterproof components

A beach means an ocean. Cycling through the offshore area will inevitably encounter seawater splashing. Therefore, electric bicycles need to be equipped with waterproof components to prevent water from causing the e bike to be scrapped.

Best Ebike for Beach Riding

Referring to the above parameters, mountain e bikes and all-terrain electric bikes are very suitable choices, and Cyrusher has launched two mountain electric bikes to meet riders with different price and different performance needs.


As an entry-level mountain bike for Cyrusher, XF800 is full of sincerity in performance.

It is equipped with 26*4 wide fat tires to make your dream of riding on the beach come true, in addition, puncture-resistant tires can help you avoid some hidden "killers" under the sand, such as glass, metal sheets, rocks, and so on.

The high performance of the front and rear suspension system is featured to escort your comfortable riding. Shimano seven gear freewheel allows you to choose different riding speeds according to your needs in pedal assist mode. The braking system is also very powerful, and the configuration of giant 180/203mm full hydraulic disc brakes buys insurance for your safe riding.

Therefore, the XF800 priced at £2099 must be a cost-effective choice for many riders who need entry-level mountain electric bikes.


The XF900 is a high-performance mountain bike for the high-performance rider.
Wide tires are an essential part of the MTB, and the front and rear suspension can help you minimize vibrations on bumpy roads. The XF900 is equipped with a Shimano transmission with pedal assist mode, which can provide up to 21-speed shifting mode selection. You can customize your riding speed more diversely and enjoy your beach ride better. It is equipped with a large capacity battery of 48V17ah, which provides a sufficient power guarantee for your riding. Not only can you complete some difficult riding, but also meet your long-term riding needs. It is worth mentioning that the batteries of both models are waterproof batteries, which can effectively avoid the splash of seawater.


The brake components are also equipped with hydraulic brakes, allowing you to brake more smoothly when you are in an accidental situation. In addition, lights and horns are available to help you have a wonderful beach ride in the dark evening.

In addition, the cool motorcycle design of XF900 makes you beautiful scenery on the boundless beach. Colorful options in white, yellow, and blue make your beach ride colorful too.

The weight of these two electric bicycles is about 30kg and 32kg, which are the weight of normal electric bicycles. Although there is a certain weight, the equipment of high-quality components will make you get started faster. If you need a fender, you can buy it and attach it to your e-bike to make your e-bike more suitable for beach riding.

Plus a two-year warranty gives you peace of mind with your purchase. In addition, if you have any questions about the purchase of your model, you can consult online customer service to help you buy the right product. If you have the opportunity, offline test ride stores can also allow you to buy models that are more suitable for you.

If you're still skeptical, take a look at the real reviews of Cyrusher users who have purchased it, and hope it will provide you with valuable information.


I just survived a rare thunderstorm in LA. I was enjoying the offshore weather when I saw 3 lighting strikes... counting 1, 2... BOOM! BOOM! I did a quick U-turn at Manhattan Beach Pier as that is 2 miles away and outran the storm 8 miles... north! I still got wet with Florida like with huge rain drops but not pouring... ugh! Gotta love e-bikes... changing my tire size to 28.5 which was radar approved, I just broke 28mph at 210 miles... so the bike is getting faster breaking in!

Greg V. 

XF800 0928c

   it was the right choice.

I have now owned the Cyrusher XF900 for just over 2 months. From what I’ve experienced it’s a great all-around e-bike, allowing me to ride easily on various surfaces from the roads to woodland trails, across the country, and even on the sandy beach. The 80 Newton-metres of torque the motor supplies really makes a big difference. From climbing steep hills and accelerating from a standing position and or lower speeds. The XF900 is a real head turner and there’s a reason why! With those unmissable 4-inch fat tires, no visible bike controller and not to mention the rather nice art design on the frame, and did I mention those wonderful Motorcycle style front forks? It all just sets this e-bike apart from all the others. The 17ah battery that’s included was able to get me just shy of 50 miles on a straight road using a low power assist mode and reaching about half that distance using higher assists. Coupled with a great customer support service and social media owners group. For me, it was the right choice.

Glen O. 

XF900 0928 d

      Awesome and fun bike!

Awesome and fun bike! great battery life! this bike is fun to ride! Non-slip handlebars, great for when hands are a bit wet the saddle is nice and ergonomic, very mushy and comfy too! Loving this bike for fun and commuting, great to take by the beach, and to the park, and excellent to take a run to the store and get some dinner rolls :)! We highly recommend it!



Precautions for riding electric bicycles on the beach

  1. Put on your fenders to prevent most of the blownsand from splashing directly into your e-bike chain and tire inseam, making your e-bike time-consuming to clean up.

  2. Wear a helmet, the soft sand may cause instability in the driving, and you may fall and be injured.

  3. Put on sunscreen. The UV intensity of the beach is much higher than that of urban street, so if you are going to ride for a long time by the sea, make sure you put on your sunscreen to avoid sunburn.

  4. Tire pressure is a factor of concern for beach riding, but its size is affected by the type of tire, rider weight, and the hardness of the sand on the riding surface. So you can experiment with different tire pressures to find the best riding option for you.

Cleaning your e-bike after a ride

Riding on the beach is a lot of fun, but it also takes time to clean and maintain your electric bike. It also shows your responsibility on your ebike. The residue of sand and saltwater after riding on the beach will cause irreversible damage to the components of the electric bicycle. If not cleaned, it can cause oxidative damage to bicycle components over time. Wash your e-bike promptly after you finish riding. If necessary, it can be washed with a spray gun. The water pressure is higher, and the washing of fine sand particles will be more efficient.

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If you haven't tried riding an e-bike on the beach yet, you're missing out on a great deal of fun. For those who try it for the first time, you will feel like you are riding on clouds, relaxing your anxiety to a great extent, and occasionally meeting seagulls to watch the waves rise and fall with you on this endless beach. the Cyrusher e-bike is the key to unlocking this door of joy and you are sure to find your fun on the beach.