Best Electric Bike for Camping Outside

Best Electric Bike for Camping Outside

Sep 30, 2022


Camping is one of the pastimes of many outdoor enthusiasts, and the recent rise of e-bike camping has been warmly welcomed.
Electric bicycles, compared with other bicycles and hiking methods, save time efficiently, and because of their load-bearing capacity, they can be a good assistant for camping equipment. So a high-performance electric bike is ideal for camping. The Cyrusher XF900 is a powerful electric bike that's perfect for riding camping.

What qualities do e-bikes suitable for camping need? Riding on different terrains, mountain electric bicycles have become the first choice for camping, but if there is a need for RV travel, considering the space occupied, folding electric bicycles can better meet the needs.

Cyrusher XF800 camping rider review a(from Cyrusher rider)

Camping Electric Bike Picking Guide

Camping once became the favorite of many outdoor enthusiasts because of its changeable experience. Each camping will be a very novel experience at a different campsite. Looking at the stars and the lake, some people even bring their utensils and barbecue for cooking. And because of its complex site selection route, all-terrain mountain bikes are more suitable for cycling. Whether it's on flat backcountry roads or narrow forest paths, riding is a piece of cake.

Speaking of the front, mountain electric bikes must not be as flexible and light as traditional bicycles in terms of weight due to additional accessories. But whether it is walking or riding a traditional bicycle, it is very physically exhausting. If you need more comfort and speed to reach your destination, the powerful motor of a mountain electric bike can help you achieve it.

For the stylish hungry for more power
62 miles (100 km) - PAS 1
28 mph (45 km/h)
250W Bafang 
48V 17Ah 
Front + Rear
Shimano 7/21-speed
26”x4” Fat Tire
Giant 180mm full hydraulic disc brakes
Load capacity
330 lbs (150 kg)
Riders Height
5'9"~6'4" (175~193cm)
Bike Weight
70 lbs (32 kg)

Cycling mileage is a very important thing for camping because it is very necessary to choose a large-capacity battery in advance when the charging method in wild camping is not very portable. The capacity of the battery determines the distance traveled. The XF900 is equipped with a large-capacity battery of 48V17Ah, which can help you drive a distance of 62miles at the farthest. Batteries with small capacity can easily run out of power, especially in the case of inconvenient charging in the wild, which will quickly limit your travel. Frequent recharging also consumes time and energy.

The United Kingdom has clear restrictions on electric mopeds, and the power must be below 250W, otherwise, it will be classified as a motorcycle or moped that needs to be registered and taxed and requires a driver's license. Therefore, the power of Cyrusher electric bicycles is limited to 250W Bafang. For better travel, the models sold by Cyrusher have been modified to comply with road riding regulations and help you pass more freely.

Cyrusher XF900Camping rider review 0930(from cyrusher rider)

The XF900 can provide a maximum carrying capacity of 150kg, which is large enough for carrying goods and can effectively help you carry a certain amount of luggage.


The front and rear suspension systems of XF900 can help you pass bumpy terrain more comfortably. The suspension system works best on bumpy trails. And 26*4 fat tires can help you adapt to complex terrain faster, whether it is mud, sand, or mountain. Some of the campsites are on undeveloped primitive terrain, and fat tires are very suitable for handling it. Therefore, the XF900 is a very comfortable choice for camping riding.


As far as safety is concerned, the brake components are also powerful enough to brake quickly in dangerous situations, and the Cyrusher XF900 uses hydraulic brakes to help you stop faster and ensure driving safety.

The thoughtful design of the illuminated headlights and taillights can help you avoid hitting other obstacles such as trees when riding on dim trails, and it also provides favorable conditions for your nighttime adventures. Under the prompt of the electronic horn, it can effectively remind pedestrians on the trail to pay attention to avoidance, but it is recommended that when riding on the trail, drive at a slow speed and give priority to pedestrians to pass.

To sum up, from the perspective of safety, practicality, and comfort, the XF900 is a model that is very suitable for camping and riding, so you can choose it with confidence.

Benefits of Electric Bike Camping

  1. Can carry a certain weight of packages

There are still many accessories needed for camping, such as tents, floor mats, and other trivial items that always have a certain weight, so your electric bicycle must have enough capacity. In general, the carrying capacity of electric bicycles will be more friendly. However, it is worth noting that the distance traveled by an electric bike is related to the weight carried. The heavier the load weight, the more limited the distance you can ride. So try to keep your luggage as compact as possible to help you travel and explore more easily.

  1. Reduce carbon emissions

Compared with car camping, electric cycles greatly reduce carbon emissions and are environmentally friendly. With more extreme weather in the world and the energy crisis in Europe, environmental protection and green travel have become popular concepts.

  1. More comfortable riding experience

The high efficiency of electric bicycles is popular with the customer, which has successfully attracted many electric travelers. It is equipped with a motor, high-quality brakes, front and rear suspension systems, and wide fat tires that will provide a completely different driving efficiency than ordinary electric bicycles. In addition, with the equipment of the motor, the riding mileage is also farther.

  1. Give you extra range to explore further

The more efficient speed of e-bikes allows campers to explore different places. Unlike traditional bicycles, which are limited in distance, e-bikes can help you explore further and return quickly and effortlessly. In this way, your biking and camping will be full of more unknown surprises.

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Tips for camping trips

  1. Make your camping plan in advance
  •   Route strategy:

A. It is necessary to know in advance the surrounding environment of the camping site and whether there is a camping site. Many national parks have set up spots on a first-come, first-served basis, so be sure to check the guide in advance.

B. It is best to set up camping spots in not too remote locations, and try to be familiar with the route to the nearby residential areaso that you can seek help in an emergency.

C. Where is the water source, how to make a fire, and survey of living conditions such as the temperature difference between day and night. Where is the escape route in times of crisis? This is all that you need to do your homework in advance at the camping site.

  •    E-bike riding strategy

A. To check whether the camping site allows electric bicycles to pass, and the types of electric bicycles allowed to ride. For example, some parks allow second-class electric bicycles to pass.

B. Before riding an electric bicycle for camping, you should be familiar with the riding mode of yourelectric bicycle, and ride as many times as possible to make it easier to adapt to riding on the wild trails.

  1. Bring necessities with you.

 You can prepare some medicine and first aid kits. When traveling in the wild, you will inevitably encounter mosquitoes, etc., or accidentally scratched by branches. A medical kit is very necessary to be able to handle some simple wound disinfection in time to avoid deep infection. Cold-proof clothing can also be prepared. The temperature difference in the field is large, so it is necessary to bring some warm clothes. Check the weather forecast in advance, and consider postponing the plan if there is heavy rain. But also prepare rain gear in case of sudden rainstorms.

  1.  Bring a portable power supply

Traveling with an electric bike requires a portable power source. Or check the charging stations near the campsite in advance, if not, the portable solar panel is a good choice. Avoid affecting your travel due to a dead battery. If possible, you can bring two original batteries for replacement and charging, which will be more convenient. Some ranger stations will also allow providing a place to recharge, and if you can't do anything about it, you can also check out the nearby ranger station.

  1. Equip your e-bike with a lock

You may have found that the anti-theft of electric bicycles is necessary, and it is even more necessary if there is a place lack of monitoring probes. If the ebike is missing, getting home will be a problem. So install an anti-theft lock on your e-bike and set an anti-theft alarm to help you better monitor it.

  1. Take away your trash and be environmentally friendly

Camping will inevitably produce waste. Please be an environmental guard when you leave, and carry your own waste to maintain a friendly environment.

  1. Pay attention to fire safety

When you camping outside, fire safety is very important, especially when there are many flammable substances on the site, small fires can also cause wildfires, causing irreversible property damage.

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Although camping is full of fun, it is also filled with some dangerous factors, so keep safety first. Whether it is driving safety or living safety, it is equally important. Therefore, when conditions permit, try to choose a brand electric bicycle with quality assurance. Cyrusher XF900 is a very ideal choice that not only helps you open up the road for riding, but also helps you comfortably explore the fun of camping.