Happy Birthday:Eight-year-old Cyrusher

Happy Birthday:Eight-year-old Cyrusher

Oct 10, 2022

In September 2022, Cyrusher, a global specialized electric cycle company, celebrated its eighth anniversary. The eight years have been full of infinite surprises and challenges for both Cyrusher riders and Cyrusher staff. Over the years, every step that has been taken has laid the foundation for the professional and first-class products and customer service that are now displayed in front of the customers.

Founded in 2014, Cyrusher started out selling electric bike parts. In 2015, the founder Harry realized the importance of electric bicycles to the market. In order to provide more riders with high-quality and cost-effective electric bicycles, he began to connect with manufacturers and tried to sell electric bicycles to the world. Of course, there are many setbacks and difficulties, but with constant persistence, Cyrusher still stands firm in the wind and waves.

cyrusher XF800 1010 a

In the past eight years, various products have been continuously designed to meet the diverse needs of riders, from the first bicycle to the popular fat tire bicycle, from ordinary bicycles to fat tire electric bicycles to folding electric bicycles, all achievements are traceable. You can see from these constantly upgraded products that Cyrusher keeps moving forward and never stops. Continue to stabilize Cyrusher original intention in the complex and ever-changing market situation, adhere to its own design characteristics, enter the market with colorful color matching and fat tires, and constantly integrate the changing laws of market demand to make products more in line with market positioning while retaining original product features. This has also won the favor of customers. With its high-quality, colorful design and cost-effective features, it has brought reliable products to over 60,000 riders around the world to start their happy riding.

Eight years not only has been a memorable time for the Cyrusher staff but also a special time for the society and Cyrusher customers.


At Cyrusher's China headquarters, the entire company held Cyrusher's eighth-anniversary celebration. Each department expressed its blessings for the eighth-anniversary celebration and planned wonderful performances for the celebration. Relevant suppliers were also invited to the celebration. Cyrusher employees stationed at different locations also sent video congratulations, expressing expectations and blessings for Cyrusher's eighth-anniversary growth. In the offline store in the United States, employees bought cakes for Cyrusher to celebrate a very ceremonial anniversary.

For the product

Since its inception, Cyrusher has always insisted on bringing high-quality products to customers. Whether it is a bicycle in the early stage or a fat tire electric bicycle in the later stage, the continuously upgraded products are equipped with quality-assured components.

In the recent sale category, Cyrusher is equipped with a Bafang motor for the core component part of an electric bicycle, which helps to have a more prosperous driving force and ensures the safe riding experience of the rider.

Motor ebike 1010 b

The brake system is equipped with hydraulic brake discs in the MTB and step-through models and folding categories, providing more responsive braking capability than mechanical brakes. Due to its high cost, the durability and experience of hydraulic brakes are better than mechanical brakes.

Cyrusher electric cycles, which mainly focus on the fat tire market, have CTS/Chaoyang tires. And it is a puncture-resistant fat tire, which can help you open up more riding possibilities and at the same time help you avoid the crisis caused by the small gravel on the road to the tire.

The battery is important for the safety of electric bicycles. In addition to the unreliable energy storage function of inferior batteries, the unstable electric current may cause short circuit explosion due to overheating of charging, so do not trust some inferior replacement batteries.


Battery ebike 1010c

Cyrusher's batteries are selected from Samsung quality manufacturers. Under reasonable maintenance, they can generally provide over 500 cycles of charging, which is not only durable but also safe. Provide reliable energy storage guarantee for riding distance. Moreover, most batteries have a certain waterproof function, and they will not be scrapped and unusable as soon as they encounter water, which is very beneficial for daily riding.

Therefore, the quality of products that can stand the test can win the support of more riders. In the future, Cyrusher will continue to serve customers around the world with high-quality products and bring reliable products to more riders.

For the rider

For the past eight years, Cyrusher is most grateful for the riders and customers who have been supporting Cyrusher.

 It is the trust of the riders that build this bridge of communication. It is also their continuous suggestions and evaluations that inject more inspiration into Cyrusher's product design and help Cyrusher become a more professional and diversified electric bicycle manufacturer.

For the rider, purchasing the right product is the main purpose. In order to improve the buying experience of every rider, online 24-hour pre-sales service is set to help customers choose suitable models. In addition, the test ride in offline physical stores are also constantly opening new locations to help more rider have the riding experience on the spot and buy products that are more suitable for them.

Admittedly, reliable after-sales service is also a topic of concern for riders. Cyrusher provides a two-year after-sales service. If there is any problem with the vehicle, you can contact the after-sales service within the time limit, be online at any time, and patiently answer your questions. There’s also a solid warranty period to help maintain the vehicle if something goes wrong with the product. 

In addition, in order to offer the rider a better riding experience, the Facebook group “Cyrusher bikes owner group” has joined more than 3200+ members who have purchased. Everyone exchanges riding experience with each other, agree on riding routes, answers questions about vehicle failures, and customizes their vehicles with decorations, etc., . Group members help each other to make riding more colorful.

Cyrusher Ride route  1010dFrom “Cyrusher bikes owner group”

To help new customers learn about the user experience more intuitively, a review channel has been opened on the official website. The on-the-spot photo uploaded by the riders spontaneously, and the real experience of use, is of great reference value for the buyers who are unable to test ride offline. Of course, these evaluations have also become guideposts urging Cyrusher to design a better product and continuously improve the components.

Cyrusher always puts customer service first, whether it is product design or purchasing experience. To help more riders buy suitable high-quality professional electric bicycles, Cyrusher is still constantly improving customer service and is still insisting on continuous research and development of new products. The future Cyrusher must be full of expectations and surprises.

For society

A good enterprise not only serves customers but also has a certain sense of service to society to help build a better social environment. Cyrusher maintains its original aspiration and has contributed to recent social events.

When a new distribution center opened in Utah, USA, the person in charge, Jeff Flammer donated two folding bicycles to the Logan Police Department to provide a great convenience for social patrols. These are two foldable XF690maxs foldable electric bicycles, which can effectively improve the efficiency of police work, and quickly pass through the crowd without worrying about the parking position. More efficient to help patrol officers to reach the crime scene, or to clear the traffic.

Logan police ebike donation 1010e

The city of Logan hosts many large-scale outdoor events every year, and this portable XF690maxs can make patrolling in congested crowds easy. In addition, the equipped fat tires can also overcome various complex riding surfaces, which has more advantages than traditional bicycles. Help the police to quickly pass through various roads without restricted and congested traffic, and gain effective time for handling cases.

In September 2022, Cyrusher UK hosted a charity party at the Steadings Marketing Centre to raise money for Social Hospice to support Sue Ryder's hospice services. Bring warmth and kindness to more people. Appropriate funds have been raised for the ride, and about 500 pounds have been raised at this party, all of which will go towards social hospice care. The British team is constantly following up on this charity, helping more patients to leave the world with warmth and dignity.

Social Hospice 1010f

In the future, Cyrusher will continue to pay attention to charity, contribute to it, and continue to work hard to create a better social environment.

Cyrusher is an excellent company that maintains its original aspiration and is full of social responsibility. The products sent to the customer are constantly tested products, and the customer services have been continuously admitted by customers. Therefore, it is worth believing that this professional electric bicycle company, which is constantly moving forward, constantly improving, and always insisting on customer-oriented principles, will bring the rider, the staff, and society more surprises in the future. Let the Cyrusher slogan “making rides amazing ”be better interpreted.

If you are interested in Cyrusher specialized electric bikes, you can purchase and find more information about Cyrusher at the following link.

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