The Key to Promoting Sustainability - Electric Bikes

The Key to Promoting Sustainability - Electric Bikes

Oct 14, 2022

The frequency of extreme weather has increased awareness of the importance of sustainable development. Recyclable use, energy saving, and emission reduction have become the factors considered by the customers purchasing products and account for a large proportion. In addition to the daily necessities purchased in daily life, transportation has become the main source of carbon emissions in many regions of the world.

According to the data, transportation is the largest part of the UK's carbon emissions, accounting for about 1/4 of the proportion. And this is mainly from the cars burning petrol and diesel, especially automobiles. The rate has only silghtly declined since 1990. Therefore, it is urgent to promote traffic reform, which is of great significance to achieving the goal of sustainable development. This also makes electric bicycles a favorable product for travel for many people. Electric energy supply has also become a major trend in future transportation development. If you are interested in electric bicycles, then this article will take you to know the well-known electric bicycle brand Cyrusher and provide inspiration for your car selection.  

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Are electric bicycles really environmentally friendly? 

This is a question that many people will have when purchasing an electric bicycle. Of course, in the process of producing an electric bicycle, many production procedures will inevitably pollute the social environment. But from the completion of assembly, it is not an exaggeration to say that the impact of electric bicycles on the environment is environmentally friendly compared to cars.

As the name suggests, electric bicycles rely on electric energy for energy supply. Compared with non-renewable heavy fossil fuel resources, renewable electric energy has become the direction of future transformation. The most commonly used type of battery for electric bicycles is the lithium-ion battery. According to statistics, under normal use, the battery of an electric bicycle can achieve an average of about 400 cycles, depending on the rider's usage and battery quality. Therefore, the general electric bicycle can guarantee that you will not have the battery discarded within two years, which will cause harm to the environment. Electric bicycles powered by electricity will not produce exhaust fumes like cars and truly achieve no tailpipe emissions. This coincides with the goal of achieving green travel.

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Electric bicycles and electric cars

Of course, electric vehicles that rely on electric energy are also a very suitable choice in the implementation of green travel. So which one is more valuable to buy?

Electric vehicles certainly have their specific advantages, such as:

  1. More comfortable to drive

  2. The riding rangeis longer, which can realize long-distance travel

  3. Can drive faster

  4. Larger loading capacity

But it also has its disadvantages compared to electric bicycles, such as:

  1. Lack of exercise

  2. Easy to be restricted by road traffic

  3. High maintenance cost

Compared with the previous charging economic advantages, electric vehicles have been greatly weakened. According to a survey by British car service company RAC Charge Watch, the electricity price of electric vehicle charging piles in the UK has increased by 42%, and the average charging cost of users using chargers has also increased by 25%. The average cost required to quickly recharge to 80% with a 64 kWh battery is about £32. For drivers who rely on public charging posts, the average cost per mile is already around 18p, compared with around 19p for a regular petrol car. So this economic gap is narrowing between the cost of charging an electric vehicle versus the cost of gasoline. Of course, if you choose to charge at home which is a cheaper electric price, it will save almost half of the cost.

The charging and energy storage method of electric bicycles will be more economical due to its smaller energy storage capacity. Generally speaking, a full charge only needs about 15p (it varies according to the electricity price and battery capacity in different regions).

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And this is just a price comparison in terms of charging, if you take into account the insurance and maintenance costs of the car, then the cost will be more.

The typical cost of maintaining an electric car can range from a few thousand pounds. For an e-bike, the cost of maintenance may be for two tyres, chain maintenance, or maintenance of components such as brakes, etc. The combined cost is estimated at a few hundred pounds, which is a very cost-effective option compared to an electric car.

Admittedly, electric cars are also a major transport option for green travel. Since they drive and travel in the same way as conventional fuel cars, they are a more environmentally friendly option for many people who travel long distances, regardless of the financial cost. But if it's just a way of getting around daily, then it's even more recommended that you buy an electric bike, which can be a good choice both in terms of financial cost and energy saving.

The advantages of electric bicycles have become familiar to everyone, and they can become a traffic weapon for commuting and avoiding traffic congestion. Its unique pedal assist mode also helps you start a more effective exercise program in conjunction with your workout. Provides a more efficient speed than ordinary bicycles to help you reach your destination more efficiently, etc.

If you are interested in buying an electric bike right now, the Cyrusher electric bike is sure to be a solid choice.

Cyrusher is a global company with eight years of professional electric bike manufacturing experience. Since its establishment in 2014, it has continuously improved the ebike category to provide riders with high-quality and more practical electric bicycles. At present, it has won the support of over 60,000 riders around the world. The company is registered in Australia, China, the European Union, Japan, South Korea, the United States, and other places. And there are fulfillment centers in France, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The products are all tested for international quality and comply with CE, UL, Rhos, and FCC standards. The company specializes in fat tires. At present, there are entry-level ebikes suitable for beginners, step-through ebikes suitable for different rider types, folding ebikes that are easy to carry, and MTB that is very suitable for adventure. Therefore, you can make different choices according to your needs. If you are buying an electric bike for the first time and want to use it for your daily commute, but also consider comfort and ease of use, then the Kommoda released this year is a suitable choice.

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(For shorter riders looking for quality)

Price: £2,099
Range: 50 miles (80 km) - PAS 1
Speed: 26 mph (42 km/h)
Motor: 250W Bafang 
Battery: 48V 14Ah
Frame: Step-through
Suspension: Front + Rear
Transmission: Shimano 7-speed
Tire: "20"x4" Fat Tire (Chaoyang/CST")
Brake: large 180mm dual hydraulic disc brakes
Load capacity: 330 lbs (150 kg)
Rider Range: 5'3"~6'0" (160~183cm)
Weight: 66 lbs (30 kg)
Color: Blue, White, Orange, Gray

As an electric fat bike for daily travel, driving comfort is very important. To achieve this, the Kommoda step-through frame can help many people get on and off easily to start their ride. In addition, the equipped "20"x4" fat tire structure is very suitable for urban riding, and it can help you overcome the unevenness of the road surface and help you ride through various complex roads better. The fully equipped front and rear suspension system can alleviate the bumpy road you encounter. It provides a battery capacity of 48V14ah, which can provide a riding distance of about 25-50miles, making your daily travel easy and comfortable without battery anxiety. Therefore, Kommoda is very comfortable for urban commuting or outdoor cycling.

This electric cycle is also equipped with a 7-speed shifting system, which can provide you with a variety of pedal-assist modes to choose from, allowing you to freely change your riding speed according to the occasion. This makes it more flexible to ride on different roads. Moreover, the pedal-assist system can be a good way to start your exercise plan and help you keep fit.

The equipped hydraulic brake system is a component with excellent performance. It can provide faster braking sensitivity, help you respond to emergencies faster, and ensure your safety.

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According to UK road regulations, electrically assisted pedal cycles (EAPCs) that do not need to register to pay taxes and licenses need to show the power output must have a maximum power output of 250 watts.

The rich color choices of Kommoda can also meet your pursuit of appearance. With the multiple color choices, you can customize your unique electric cycle. The most recommended is the classic orange, which represents a vibrant color, and the bright color scheme will also bring you a happy mood every time you ride.

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The sustainable development concept of energy saving and emission reduction has begun to be practiced by more people, and environmental protection has become the main issue of all mankind. Reducing the emission from cars is necessarily the right path for the country. Therefore, choosing an economical and energy-saving electric bicycle is tantamount to promoting the pace of sustainable development. Cyrusher works with you to contribute to the construction of a green Earth. Keeping you fitter while breathing the nation's healthier air.