Cyrusher showroom

Cyrusher Gloucester's Open Day Showcased New Models and Free Test Rides to Excited Riders

Oct 14, 2022

On October 1st, Cyrusher showroom in Gloucester, UK held an open day. Cyrusher has carefully selected a range of models that better match local consumer habits and needs, and it attracts many bike enthusiasts from all over the UK to visit.

Cyrusher showroom

This day, the Cyrusher store provided free trial rides for all customers, and all the best-selling ebikes were displayed in the store. The most popular model of the day was the road ebike XF650.

Also on display are new models launched in the second half of 2022, such as the new step-through commuter Kuattro and the freshly upgraded folding commuter Bandit to provide a different riding experience. For riders living in the city, the Kommoda range offers a more stylish riding experience, while the XF series of mountain bikes is more suitable for off-road and rough terrain. Most ebikes in the XF series are equipped with water-resistant batteries, and an inner cable-designed bike frame, offering a safer ride in all conditions.

"I heard the news about Cyrusher store exhibition event from social media; my wife and I drove 3 hours from the south of England to buy the Kuattro; it was so cool; the real ride experience exceeded my expectations from the photos!" Mr. said.

Cyrusher Snack
Cyrusher Lounge

In the afternoon of the exhibition, Cyrusher provided delicious snacks and afternoon tea to all the visitors in addition to the test ride service. Mr. Steve, who lives nearby comes, Mr. Roundly and Ms. Roundly had a very nice afternoon here!

Steve said: "I attended the Cyrusher ebike exhibition; it was an exciting day; I saw a lot of brand new ebikes and different riders. I had a good time with Lily; we talked a lot, from ebikes to economy!"

"We bought a new Cyrusher ebike, and I got an extra gift," said the Roundlys. "It was so lovely!"

Harry, the founder of Cyrusher said: "We have constantly been developing products that our customers can imagine and can't imagine. Our products can be used to travel on oceans and over deserts. And our app is in development and will be released in the near future. Cyrusher will construct our ecosystem by combining our products and app."

Moving from primarily selling online to opening a brick-and-mortar store marks an important milestone in the brand's history as it increasingly focuses on localizing the products and services. Offline activities can not only allow people to experience ebikes and enhance the brand culture truly but also increase the opportunities for people to communicate face-to-face; on the other hand, the valuable opinions and feedback of riders are also an important factor in improving customer satisfaction of ebikes, which is the significance of Cyrusher ebike exhibition.

Cyrusher has been manufacturing ebikes for eight years and opened their offline physical store in Gloucester to better service the growing demand in the UK. The showroom is located near Steadings Business Centre, Church Rd. It can provide customers with a test ride experience and solve after-sales problems.

Cyrusher ebikes have been quality tested internationally and meet CE, UL, Rhos, and FCC standards. The Cyrusher brand name is registered and recognized everywhere - in Australia, China, the United Kingdom, Canada, Taiwan, Philippine, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the European Union, Japan, South Korea, and the United States.

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