Bandit − The Best Folding Electric Bike to Change the Way You Travel

Bandit − The Best Folding Electric Bike to Change the Way You Travel

Oct 20, 2022

Feeling that mountain electric bikes aren’t portable enough? Don't worry. Cyrusher has already figured out a solution for you. In this golden October, the latest folding electric bike, Bandit, is on sale! Come to Cyrusher for an early viewing.

Bandit is a new version of the Cyrusher folding series, upgraded in terms of design and structure as well as performance. The Bandit's name evokes outlaws, which means strength and power; that's where Bandit is bold, using its mighty performance to help you kick off your ride with an uninhibited attitude.

bandit 1020 a

The newly designed graffiti on the crossbar echoes the color of the frame. It’s shaped like a lightning bolt smeared at will, showing an untamed wildness and giving your riding a different kind of charm. And, its foldable portability opens up possibilities for many commuters or those with limited storage space. It can switch freely between unruly and agile, making your ride full of surprises.




Blue, Black, Red






26 mph (42 km/h)


250W Bafang


48V, 17AH




Front + Rear


Shimano 9-speed


Chaoyang 26"×4.0" puncture-resistant fat tires


large 180mm dual hydraulic disc brakes

Load capacity

330 lbs (150 kg)

Bandit: Versatile & Powerful Performance

Strong battery capacity

The powerful large-capacity 48V 17Ah battery provides confidence for Bandit's rebellious attitude. This battery has a higher capacity than the previous generation, which helps you ride for longer distances. Plus, the battery is waterproof enough to allow you to deal with most daily riding weather or terrain conditions. Whether riding in the rain or the mud, you’re safe. Moreover, the battery is removable so you can easily take it out to charge it without moving your e-bike.

Available in the full suspension system

The full suspension system completely upgrades the comfort of this electric bike. An e-bicycle with a shock absorption system has the capacity to be ridden in the mountains. The impact of bumps on the steep slopes of mountainous terrain can be greatly alleviated by the shock absorption system, giving a somewhat smoother ride and lessening the chances of collisions. In short, the Bandit’s full suspension system is more comfortable than that of a hardtail mountain e-bike.

Powerful hydraulic brakes

The powerful brake component is the reason why the Bandit is so arrogant. In an e-bike equipped with high power the faster you go, the more exciting the ride feels. But the higher the speed, the higher the requirements for brake components and this is not difficult for the powerful Bandit. 180mm dual hydraulic disc brakes guarantee a quick response and complete braking capability in a crisis. The extra motor cut-off function adds to your riding safety.

Upgraded Shimano 9 gears freewheel

Pedal assist mode has become the basic requirement for electric bicycles and Bandit's upgraded 9-speed Shimano freewheel provides more shifting options. Compared with the original 7-speed gear, you have more choices for your driving speed. You can start your workout program on weekends at a slow pace with pedal assist mode, or go faster to shorten your trip or navigate road troubles. Take your keys, put on your helmet and venture out on any kind of ride at any time with the Bandit electric assist bike.

Newly upgraded frame structure

The eye-catching frame design makes the Bandit look like a powerful beast, leading you to forge ahead fearlessly. The motorcycle-style suspension front fork and headlights integrate the design of the entire model uniquely which achieves the desired aesthetic while ensuring practicality. The inner rim of the wheel still uses color. Reflective spokes are added to give a bright color change when the electric cycle is moving. At the same time as being stylish, this enhances safety for night riding.

More portable storage

Compared with the original series of XF690, this fold-up electric bike includes a redesigned rear seat with a more compact storage area. This gets rid of the shackles of the back seat, making riding more relaxed and wanton.

Insisting on the original design characteristics: fat tires and bright color

The Bandit comes with Chaoyang 26" x 4.0" puncture-resistant fat tires. The solid fat tire craftsmanship will take you anywhere. The bright color is nice and visible for urban riding. What’s more, the fat tires can readily overcome steep slopes and rough mountain roads with their excellent grip and puncture resistance quality. With Bandit's Bafang motor, you’re readily supported to climb steep slopes.

Bandit continues the Cyrusher's usual bright color design, launching in blue, red and black. There are even more options for you to customize your ride. The color rim echoes the color of the frame, showing a harmonious beauty. The new Bandit has reflective spokes which can also be a light source in the dark to warn pedestrians. Finally, the Led headlights on the front of the e-bike help you ride easily at night.

The Creation of Bandit Offers More Possibilities for Your Lifestyle

Bandit 1020b
Make outdoor activities so easy

The best way to relax from hectic city life is to be outdoors and absorb fresh oxygen to calm your body and mind. Whether you’re interested in camping, recreational fishing, a romantic sunset picnic, or a challenging wooded adventure, Bandit is a terrific companion for outdoor activities. The powerful Bandit with solid fat tires can add to the charms of any leisure pursuit, providing you with endless adventures as you ride out readily from home or store it easily in your vehicle for a road trip.

Excellent travel tool for commuters

For commuters, an e-bike can help them get rid of the strenuous effort of pedaling a traditional bike, steer clear of car congestion on the road and avoid taking rush-hour public transportation. Bandit is nothing less than a perfect commuter tool. In the case of a short trip, Bandit's powerful battery energy storage capacity can help you cover a driving distance of around 60 miles so you only have to charge it once a day. Bandit will reliably deliver you to your destination so you can start your day with ease. Once at the workplace, its portable capacity means that it can easily be stowed under your desk. All in all, this makes your commute so easy and simple.

Compact the storage place like a breeze

The biggest advantage of this foldable electric bicycle is its portable storage method. It can be easily folded and stored in any tight storage space. With its portable and small footprint, Bandit's better construction serves this purpose. The design of the rear seat is reduced to make the storage more compact. Whether it’s in a small corner of the room or the boot of a vehicle, Bandit can be hidden.

Bandit compact size1020 c
Anti-theft weapon

Due to the rise of the electric bicycle industry and the greater economic value of e-bikes compared with traditional bicycles, they’ve become the main target for many thieves. If a thief takes an angle grinder with him, he might be able to cut most of the toughest locks on the market. Theft represents a huge loss for owners of electric bicycles. However, the fact that Bandit can be flexibly hidden in the boot of your vehicle or under your desk at work gives it an advantage. Essentially, you can take it with you wherever you go. There’s no need to park it outdoors for long periods if you don’t have a garage as its compact size allows you to store it inside your home without taking up too much space, reducing the risk of theft.

From the Well-known Global Electric Bicycle Brand − Cyrusher

Cyrusher is an experienced electric bicycle manufacturer that was formed in 2014. It has eight years of professional electric bicycle production experience. It adheres to the original e-bike design style of fat tires, bright color and color rim, and integrates market changes into the design. It insists on using high-quality components during production and has won the favor of more than 60,000 riders worldwide. Cyrusher products have undergone multiple quality tests and the brand has been registered and certified in many places around the globe. To better serve customers all over the world, Cyrusher has successively opened fulfillment centers in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan and the United States.

To offer customers with more diversified product designs, Cyrusher has continuously developed and innovated to improve the categories of mountain ebikes, folding ebikes and step-through ebikes that it sells. Moreover, it will continue to transform according to market positioning. In the future, more urban-style products will be designed and developed to meet the daily urban riding needs of customers. The Bandit is Cyrusher's breakthrough e-bike in the continuous improvement of the folding bike category. It boldly removes the redundant components of the folding bike, providing easy and comfortable riding.

As you can see, Bandit's powerful performance and wide range of application scenarios amplify its unique charm. Whether you need a simple commuter e-bike, a portable folding e-bike or an MTB for adventure Bandit can fulfill its mission and make your travels pleasurable and without restriction.

Bandit 1020d

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