How to prevent your electric bike from being stolen

How to prevent your electric bike from being stolen

Oct 24, 2022

Try to imagine your e-bike parked next to a row of traditional bikes. Your expensive e-bike will be the chosen target for thieves. We get feedback from Cyrusher users that the theft rate for electric bicycles is too high and this even becomes the reason why some riders are discouraged from purchasing electric bicycles. After all, no one wants to invest money in vain. This article will show you how to prevent the theft of your Cyrusher e-bike and make every ride worry-free.

Theft prevention

Tip 1. Choose a reliable lock chain

Many bike locks can be easily cut by tools which means your e-bike is an easy target for thieves. Electric bicycles are expensive products so it’s necessary to invest in reliable locks to keep them safe and secure. In addition to built-in locks, there are many higher-quality varieties such as heavy U-shaped locks that have a fixed shape that’s not easily cut by pliers. These U-shaped locks as well as folding locks, chain locks, wire locks and many other types made of strong material offer greater safety for locking up electric bicycles. The lock industry is also constantly innovating. There’s a newly-designed chemical lock that helps to protect the vehicle by attacking thieves. If the chain is being cut by someone the lock will release an unpleasant chemical substance to persuade the thief to get away from your bike. Moreover, you can use more than one lock.  With the additional reinforcement of multiple locks, a theft will take much more time which may prompt thieves to abandon your ebike in favor of ones that are easier to steal. As locks on the market continue to improve, you’ll find more products to lock your e-bike, increasing your confidence that your ebike is secure.

Cyrusher XF 650 1024a

Tip 2. Choice of parking area

The second factor to consider is the parking location. Just imagine, if you randomly park an electric bicycle with several locks on a streetside do you think that your protective measures will deter thieves? The answer is no. A thief is far more ambitious than you think. He can transport your electric bicycle to another location and then take his time to dismantle your locks one by one. So, the lesson is to try to lock electric bicycles on fixed public structures such as fixed bicycle racks. This will keep a thief from moving your electric cycle elsewhere. In addition, a place with monitoring equipment is also an ideal location. Even if your electric bicycle is stolen, monitoring by CCTV will assist to quickly track the thief.

Generally, more theft happens at night compared to during the day. The reason is that night helps the thief hide better and there are fewer pedestrians at night. These are more favorable conditions that a thief is looking for to plan his theft. Therefore, try to choose a busy area with good light to greatly reduce the risk of your bike being stolen.

If practical, lock your e-bike in a location where you can see it or where others, such as a janitor or guard, can see it.

Don't park your electric bike in the same location for convenience. This will give thieves plenty of time to plan their moves and more easily steal your bike. So, change your parking position from time to time.

Tip 3. Take removable parts with you when you leave

It’s a wise decision to take valuable removable components with you when parking your e-bike as this will reduce the resale value of your e-bike. The battery of an electric bicycle is one of the most valuable components of the bike, especially the high-quality battery that Cyrusher chooses that can be worth about £500. You can also remove your saddle to make it inconvenient for thieves to ride away. Take away as many valuable parts of your e-bike as possible to reduce the value of the vehicle and discourage thieves.

Cyrusher XF900 1024b

Tip 4. Mark up on your components

If you feel that it’s too cumbersome to remove the components at the time you can also try to mark valuable components so that the resale sale price will be lower or the bike will be more difficult to sell.  In addition, this marking can help the police to identify your particular electric cycle easily.

Tip 5. Put on a siren

Install an anti-theft alarm on your e-bike. Consider installing an alarm with tracking, stationary, anti-grab and motion sensors to protect your ebike while also tracking its location.

The effect of this alarm bell is similar to a police car siren. It has a certain deterrent effect. You can attach your alarm bell to a battery or other component to give thieves an unexpected warning. Installing it on one of the lock chains is also very effective. When someone touches your ebike the siren will react immediately. Although this may not repel thieves with angle grinders it’s a useful deterrent for many thieves.

Tip 6. Install GPS positioning system

Install a suitable GPS positioning system on your electric bicycle so the location of the ebike can be tracked on a mobile phone. Using high-tech products to monitor your electric bicycle and other simple protective methods will greatly improve the security and safety of your electric bike.

Tip 7. Buy insurance for your electric bike

If you feel like implementing all these tips is tedious or you want to follow only a few of them, buying insurance for your electric bike is also a good choice. This can solve most of your troubles and effectively maintain the safety of your property. You should choose insurance products that are the most relevant and reliable.

If your e-bike is stolen

If your e-bike ends up being stolen, don't worry. There’s a golden search period a few hours after the theft when you have the highest chance of retrieving your property.

  1. Immediately refer to the following steps to help quickly track your e-bike.
  • Immediately contact the police to record the theft and provide:
  • Your ebikeinformation
  • Where and how itwas stolen
  • The time and circumstances of your arrival at the scene of the theft
  • What type of surrounding surveillance there was

    Offer as much information as possible to help the police do a better search and track your ebike more quickly.

    (By the way, a receipt that can provide your vehicle information and prove your ownership is very important because it may happen that the ebike is found but cannot be determined to be yours. Keep the relevant receipts or purchase information. Some free registration sites where you can register your electric bicycle’s information can also be used as evidence.)

    1. Post the news of your electric bike being stolen on social media platforms. Provide yourebike information in as much detail as possible. Add the location and time of the theft and forward it to others on social media.
    1. If you have purchased insurance contact your insurance company in good time. This is because some companies have policies that require declarations to be made within a certain time limit. Be careful not to miss the deadline for reimbursement.

    According to the experience of the police, the best solution to avoid theft is to not implement any security measures but to keep your bike with you at all times. The benefit of the folding electric bike is that you can take it anywhere.

    Cyrusher's newly-released upgraded folding electric bike, the Bandit, offers the possibility of safe storage for easy commutes. 

    As a folding electric bike with powerful performance, Bandit is an upgraded version of the XF690. If you need a folding electric bike then Bandit is sure to delight you.

    Cyrusher Bandit 1024c




    Blue, Black, Red






    26 mph (42 km/h)


    250W Bafang


    48V, 17AH




    Front + Rear


    Shimano 9-speed


    Chaoyang 26"×4.0" puncture-resistant fat tires


    large 180mm dual hydraulic disc brakes

    Load capacity

    330 lbs (150 kg)

    Bandit was newly released at the end of September by Cyrusher. This is a folding model with a rear seat reduction in the frame to provide more portable storage space. Its compact storage space and powerful performance help you travel without almost any restrictions. Using the Bafang motor opens up the possibility of going on many difficult rides. Under the power of the front and rear suspension system, even if you ride on bumpy roads, you’ll experience a more comfortable ride. There’s also powerful battery storage that provides a reliable source of power for your rides on any road. At the same time, hydraulic brakes control the brakes very well, ensuring that you can drive at high speeds and brake quickly. The powerful Bandit makes your riding dynamic.

    The Bandit’s ‘trump cards’ are its portability and its ability to be stored. It can easily be stored under your desk at work or in the boot of your vehicle, not to mention in any small corner of your home. It’s always with you, thus eliminating the risk of theft.

    Cyrusher Bandit 1024d

    An electric bicycle is worth more than 2,000 pounds. You can improve the safety of your electric bicycle by applying more protective measurements. If you follow the above suggestions to protect your possession, the chances of it being stolen will be greatly reduced. Improve protective methods, purchase insurance and register property information in advance to help you better protect your Cyrusher electric bike.