Entry-level Ebike for heavy riders: Kuattro Vs. Super73-Zx

Entry-level Ebike for heavy riders: Kuattro Vs. Super73-Zx

Oct 27, 2022

If you're a larger or heavier rider and thinking of buying an electric bike that's easy for daily riding, consider the entry-level series or the model with a step-through design. This frame structure redesigns the front crossbar to make it easier for women wearing skirts, as well as some riders with mobility limitations and elderly people. This can be an ideal ebike model for heavier riders, making it less difficult to get on and off. The latest step-through Kuattro from Cyrusher is a worthy option.

For a novice, good performance is the first thing to check in an electric bicycle to decide whether it’s worth buying or not. You should also think about its level of comfort and safety. Are you getting tired of choosing an ebike from the few boring designs on the market? The aesthetics of electric bicycles can have a substantial effect on customers.

Kuattro 1027a

Based on the requirements mentioned above, this article compares two specially-designed and colorful electric bicycles to help you better choose the right electric bicycle for you.

Super73 ZX Vs. Kuattro



Cyrusher Kuattro


€2.699,00 EUR






615W/H (48v 12.8ah)

816W/H (48V, 17AH)


40-80 KM*
*80+ km in PAS Mode 1

50 miles




Shimano 7-speed shifting system

5 pedal-assist mode



front suspension



Star-Union fully hydraulic 180/230mm front and rear disc brakes


LZRD / 4.5" Front / 4" Rear

Chaoyang 26"×4.0" puncture-resistant fat tires

rider height

147 kg

330 lbs (150kg)



6061 aluminum alloy full suspension frame


The Super73-ZX series is positioned as an entry-level electric bike that provides a certain speed to help you ride better in town.  The Super73-ZX does its job well to meet its simple entry-level requirement. It’s equipped with components which can be fully applied in daily riding, helping you get started with electric bikes as soon as possible.

The Kuattro is a new product launched by Cyrusher in September. It adopts a step-through structure and aims to provide a better electric bicycle for heavier riders. Kuattro uses the frame structure of the previous Kommoda. The crossbar is removed, making it easier for the rider to get on and off the bike. The design of Kuattro helps you get used to the electric cycle faster and start your ride with ease. 

Performance comparison

Both models have been revised according to the corresponding European regulations for electric bicycles, so you can buy and ride freely on the road with confidence.

Riding distance

For electric bicycles, the most important thing everyone pays attention to is how far you can ride them. Keep in mind that the mileage will be affected according to the rider's weight, terrain conditions, weather conditions, etc. According to official information, the Super73-ZX can provide a riding distance of 40-80 km, while the Kuattro can provide a riding distance of 50 miles. It’s known to all that the riding distance is largely related to the content of the battery. The Kuattro is equipped with a 48V 17ah large-capacity battery which gives you enough power to support your riding while the ZX is inferior to it, providing a 48V 12.8ah capacity. So, the power of Kuattro seems to do a better job.


According to the official instructions given by Super73, as much as possible the ebike is not to be driven in wet conditions. It’s easy to splash water on the battery components when riding in a watery area or the mud. This is because the ZX's battery is installed under the seat. Since the battery isn’t waterproof, there’s no doubt that water will cause irreversible damage to the ebike. Therefore, considering the safety of the battery pack or the motor, think about the risk of riding ZX in the rain or mud. This greatly limits using the ZX in multiple scenarios.

The battery of Kuattro is an embedded design that’s harmoniously integrated into the design of the front frame. It’s a more practical and beautiful approach. What’s more, the Cyrusher’s battery is waterproof. Whether you’re riding along the sea coast or through a sudden rain storm, Kuattro can escort you safely to your destination.

Pedal Assist Mode

The pedal assist mode is actually more than just helpful for getting some exercise. This is very beneficial to use in actual riding. For heavier riders, the additional body weight may result in different riding effects when riding in the same gear on the same sections of the road. This is where the pedal assist mode with more gears can help the rider customize the riding speed and use a more suitable gear mode for themselves. The ZX offers four pedal-assist modes which can each provide a certain speed. But Kuattro is equipped with five pedal-assist mode. This can help you adjust your speed flexibly and offer you many more possibilities to customize different riding speeds on different roads for a more comfortable ride.

Agile braking system

A powerful braking system is of great importance to heavy riders.

Quality and price are linked and this rule applies to most products. Therefore, the high-cost Hydraulic brake must perform better than the mechanical brake when it comes to braking capability. Following is what you need to know.

Kuattro 1027b

Hydraulic brakes have better responsesivens which is essential for safe riding. Putting the brake classification aside, the weight of the electric bicycle is heavier than the traditional bicycle. Add to this the weight of the rider and it will generate more traction when riding. So, the braking capacity requirements should be higher. If you try to brake with mechanical ones, there’s a good chance the e bike will shift forward a long distance. As you can see from the table, the ZX has a mechanical brake. While this is usually adequate for daily riding, it’s a little dangerous for some riders who are heavier or who need to transport some cargo. Kuattro uses Star-Union fully hydraulic 180mm front and rear disc brakes which show better performance in braking. Moreover, the extra motor cutoff function included brings added safety.


For long-distance riding, a comfortable saddle can ensure your long-term riding comfort. The large seat of the ZX is a cushion filled with sponge memory foam, which is comfortable enough to support your long-distance riding. It ensures your riding comfort no matter how far the destination. The Kuattro uses a standard saddle seat. If it’s a long-distance ride, the comfort cannot be compared with the ZX.

However, the ZX's comfortable seat also has a disadvantage. It cannot be adjusted according to the height of the rider. It’s well known that an inappropriate riding height has a certain impact on riding comfort. Therefore, the ZX is less convenient for riders with different body shapes compared to the Kuattro with the adjustable saddle. Customers who choose Kuattro can make corresponding adjustments according to their height and body shape.


Many e-bike designs feature a programmable screen in the center of the handlebars to help riders track bike information more easily. Kuattro also follows this design. You can readily operate three buttons to adjust the speed assist mode, etc. when you start out on your ebike. The screen design of the ZX is small and round. If you’re familiar with the Super73 ecosystem, you’ll know that you need to download the corresponding app to get more information.

Suspension system

Both ebikes are equipped with a suspension front fork, which relieves the impact of most rough terrain to a certain extent, making it easier for you to ride on bumpier roads. Plus, Kuattro has made an additional upgrade in the ebike frame with a full suspension design to better relieve the impact of bumpy roads.

Fat tire

Both models come with puncture-resistant fat tires, offering good grip to help you better overcome complex roads. This makes it easy to ride on sandy, mountainous or flat city roads.


It’s not difficult to understand that the color scheme of vehicles enriches the experience of owning them. Super73 provides five different color schemes. The newly released Kuattro has only two colors, but the original graffiti on the frame is really special. You can choose according to your preference.


Super73 was founded in sunny and warm California, so the design of the model has certain geographical advantages. If you're riding mostly on urban roads under the warm California sun, the Super73-ZX is certainly a comfortable choice. For the mild and rainy climate in the UK, the battery isn’t waterproof enough and will be its Achilles heel. Cyrusher has always entered the market with fat tire electric bicycles in multiple colors. Most of the model designs are suitable for various terrain conditions while certain models have been launched for diverse types of riders. For example, based on the needs of Japanese customers the Japanese limited edition Cyrusher Solo was born. And, the Kuattro is specially designed for heavy riders. There’s reason to believe that Kuattro will have even more surprises in store for you.