How much is an ebike worth?

How much is an ebike worth?

Oct 31, 2022

With the explosive development of the electric bicycle industry, many countries have begun to advocate for the goal of achieving zero carbon emissions. The evolution of electric bicycles supports such a  possibility.

Most of the electric bicycles on the market are priced around a few hundred to several thousand pounds. This is a lot of money, so consumers will think carefully before purchasing one. What determines the value of an electric bike? Why is it several times more expensive than the traditional bicycle? The frame structure of an electric bicycle is similar to that of a traditional one. This article will discuss each of the different components and explain the overall cost to help you better evaluate your Cyrusher electric assist bike.

Cyrusher XF690 1031a

Main structure

Inclusion of an electrical drive system

The inclusion of the motor is the main difference between the electric cycle and the ordinary bike. The configuration of the motor improves the speed and efficiency of the vehicle. In addition, there are battery systems that provide powerful support and a throttle system to easily start the vehicle.

Each brand will have a best-selling product and the motor is the main thing that will influence the price. Admittedly, the quality of any  high-priced motor is relatively good. For example, Bosch, Bafang, etc. are all good choices. The price of a quality motor generally ranges from several hundred to several thousand pounds. Most of Cyrusher's ebikes use Bafang motors to ensure the core running quality of the vehicles.

How does the motor work? To put it simply, it converts electrical energy into mechanical energy to drive the bike. Electric cycles usually use brushless motors which means they don't need friction carbon brushes, just electronic motors with switching components to control electronic circuitry. Brushless motors are widely used in electric bicycles due to their advantages which are the absence of friction, low noise, long service life, fast heat dissipation and low maintenance costs. The motor is one of the most expensive parts of the electric bicycle because it’s the component that drives the vehicle.

Lithium-ion battery
Cyrusher battery 1031b

In addition to the motor, the battery of an electric bike is also expensive. Based on the requirement of portability and large energy storage, the batteries generally chosen for electric bicycles are rechargeable lithium batteries which can achieve up to around 500 cycles of charging. It’s necessary to choose a quality battery. Typically, Cyrusher's ebike selects Samsung/LG batteries which cost around a few hundred pounds. Keep in mind, daily maintenance of your battery can actually improve the service life and save some costs.


The throttle is also a newly added part. In  electric bicycles, the throttle is useful for getting started from a stop, helps you go up a hill and is also handy for going at a slow speed to help you maintain better balance. At the same time, it improves your  riding experience. In addition, starting the vehicle is easier if you’re carrying heavy loads. In order to provide a better pedal assist mode, Cyrusher is equipped with a Shimano seven-speed flywheel at the rear of the vehicle. This can help you better adjust the gear of the vehicle, open a large gear when going uphill and open a low gear when going downhill, helping you to better ride on uphill and downhill slopes.

Suspension system

Compared with the shock absorption system of ordinary bikes, electric bicycles have been upgraded and there are many kinds of shock absorption methods. The most common front forks systems are  spring, oil spring and oil and gas.

When riding, under the action of gravity and resistance, the front fork is compressed to the extreme, rebounds and then repeats this action to reduce the impact of road bumps on riding. 

The spring front fork generally has springs on one or both sides of the front fork. This kind of front fork has a low cost and normally has an adjustment function for compressing the spring. Such spring forks typically lose a certain amount of effectiveness after a lot of travel. The cost is usually in the tens of pounds.

The oil spring front fork is better than the spring one because it adds oil to the damper  rod in the spring front fork to adjust how fast the spring rebounds. In addition to the basic adjustment function, the oil spring front fork has added lock and rebound functions. This kind of front fork has no advantage in weight but it can show good climbing ability on hills. The cost fluctuates from tens to hundreds of pounds.

The oil and gas front fork is similar in structure to the oil spring front fork but uses air instead of the spring as the mechanism. Different air pressure values are available for riders of different weights.. There’s a certain advantage in overall weight  when air pressure is used but, at the same time it’s more expensive. Maintenance costs are also higher.

For example, the Cyrusher XF900 uses an oil spring front fork which is ideal for a mountain ebike. It has a better suspension function and maintenance costs are not too high.

Cyrusher XF900 Front fork 1031c
Brake system

As with any vehicles driven by motors, the braking system of electric bicycles is very critical.. It is more expensive than that of ordinary braking systems. There are also many categories of brake systems.. Among them, hydraulic brakes with good braking capability are more expensive than mechanical ones. The price fluctuates around 100 pounds according to the level of quality.

Different from the ABS braking system of the car, the type used for an electric bicycle causes it to shift forward for a distance after braking. But, depending on the braking system and the size of the rotor, the distance is controllable.. From a general  perspective, hydraulic braking is largely superior to mechanical braking.

Mechanical brake: The brake sensitivity is less and the skidding distance is long. The advantages are the low cost and easy replacement of parts.

Hydraulic brake: These offer good braking sensitivity and shorter skidding distance. They have a higher cost, more durable and require more maintenance.

However, the ongoing development of the industry guarantees the quality of hydraulic brakes.

In short, hydraulic braking will better improve driving safety, especially in the winter time while mechanical brakes may take on water and freeze, affecting your riding.

The Cyrusher ebike is mostly equipped with a hydraulic brake system to help you better control your vehicle during riding.

Cyrusher XF800 1031c

The material and size of the tire determine the different application scenarios, and so does the price. The tire is of great importance to the electric bicycle. It can affect the driving speed, distance, suspension and maneuverability.  Tires should be selected according to the tire size system. It’s necessary to measure the distance between the front fork and the frame to select a more suitable tire size. If you plan to ride in diverse conditions, anti-puncture tires are needed. Compared with replacing tires on ordinary bicycles, it’s very time-consuming and labor-intensive to replace tires on electric bicycles equipped with motors. At high speed, the friction force on the tires will be greater and if they encounter bumpy roads the force will even double. A puncture-resistant tire can be purchased to deal with these situations.

Generally speaking, the larger the tire size the greater the grip on the ground and the smoother the riding experience. They  also have an additional cushioning effect which provides a certain amount of shock absorption. But wide tires  reduce your speed and range. The advantage of narrow tires is that the smaller the contact area on the ground, the faster and more efficiently the tires can ride.

The tires used by Cyrusher are puncture-resistant fat tires, such as Kenda or Chaoyang. The cost ranges from tens to hundreds of pounds. Although the additional weight has  its disadvantages, it can provide a better grip and help you better traverse  the road.


The frame is the structure that supports the whole bicycle. The frame material is usually carbon fiber, steel, titanium alloy, etc. The most commonly used for electric bicycles is aluminum alloy which is medium in cost, sturdy and wear-resistant. But the cost of this superior frame material is also several hundred pounds. All the frame structures of Cyrusher ebikes are made of solid aluminum which is more durable.

Cyrusher XF800 1031d

Considering the main components of the electric bicycle that have been introduced, the cost of a high-quality electric bicycle is very high and the selection of high-quality components will even double the cost. There’s some truth in judging the quality of a vehicle simply by price, as evidenced by Cyrusher's electric bicycles.

In addition to the main parts there are many accessories to be aware of. These include programmable screens, front and tail lights, pedals and other electric bicycle components. Although the cost of these is not as expensive as the main accessories it contributes a little more to the price. It’s valuable to learn about Cyrusher's good product quality control and creation of detailed designs in response to customers’ needs. 

Of course, the final selling price is not equal to the cost price. Many additional costs affect the final pricing of the product. For example,  shipping costs will vary due to the import policies of different countries and the constant changes in the international situation. Actual shipping and storage costs will also fluctuate accordingly. This all needs to be taken into consideration.

In this article, through the analysis of the various components you’ll have a clearer understanding of the structure of the electric bicycle and this will help you choose a product that meets your budget. There are more cost-effective options out there if you want to save money on parts. Cyrusher electric bicycles insist on serving more customers with high-quality products. You can learn more about the product component parameters on the official website. So, rest assured when you  buy your Cyrusher fat tire electric bike, the investment of around 2000 pounds will definitely be worthwhile.