Start a Unique Halloween with Your Ebike

Start a Unique Halloween with Your Ebike

Nov 01, 2022

The ghosts are gathered and the annual Halloween celebrations have started again!! It's time to decorate your e-bike for a terrifying ride.

Trick or treat? If you want to get as many candies as possible, consider riding an e-bike with your child. Parent-child e-bike time can also include some interesting dress-up events. Celebrate Halloween with a Cyrusher Electric Bike!

The golden autumn is coming to an end and Halloween is approaching with the chill of an early November winter. Dress up in Halloween costumes and take your spirited kids on a journey through town and feel the excitement of Halloween all around.

Halloween originated from an ancient festival called Samhain which means the end of summer. It marks the end of the harvest and the beginning of a new year. Since Samhain was the night of the dead in the old year it began to be associated with ghosts and cemeteries, hence the connection to Halloween.

Halloween is also known as "Nutcrack Night" in the UK because everyone gets together to enjoy cider, nuts and apples.

Usually, there are some classic Halloween projects involved such as carving pumpkins, making jack-o-lanterns, wearing Halloween costumes, playing hide and seek, going trick or treating, telling ghost stories and so on. What’s more popular these days are Halloween-themed parties and events as well as trick or treating for children.

  1. Trick or treating is the main activity for children. Dressing up and going to the neighbor's house to ask for candy while calling out “trick or treat” has become  a classic event or ritual every year on Halloween. But if your little one is too young and you want to take himor her out to enjoy the Halloween fun, Kuattro might have a good idea for you.

Powerful transport for escorting children

  • The first point: Good quality and reliable bearing capacity.

Cyrusher's newly released Kuattro is designed for heavier riders, and its load-bearing capacity is completely reliable. Hook up a small trailer behind and take your little one on a candy-harvesting journey.

  • Second point: Comfortable riding, good shock absorption.

Although town and city roads are typically flat, the Kuattro with its wide fat tires provides better grip, eases the impact of any bumps on the road and helps you escort your little ones more safely. In addition, the frame of the Kuattro has a cushioning design and is equipped with a front shock absorption system that can better alleviate riding over any unevenness of the road surface. This helps you to ride steadily.

  • Third point: Illuminated headlights for forward visibility

Halloween events are always on at night, with dim lighting and bizarre costumes creating an exciting atmosphere. When moving forward in such an environment headlights are very necessary to avoid any Imps that suddenly escape from the roadside. Good lighting makes it safer to move forward in a dimly lit environment. Cyrusher Kuattro is equipped with 250lumin front Led headlights to help improve your night vision.

  • Fourth point: Be fast and capture more candies

The quantity of candy available is limited. It’s first come first served! Kuattro is equipped with a Bafang motor, 48V17ah power system configuration to help you get around on Halloween. Compared to walking on foot or riding a traditional bicycle, having the speed of an electric bicycle is, of course, more advantageous. In addition, the rear seat can also be equipped with a pannier bag, freeing your hands and keeping candies safely stored. Kuattro takes you through the town more efficiently to collect more candies and end your Halloween event with a full harvest.

  1. Abundant Halloween party activities

This is the way most young people celebrate this holiday. Halloween activities and parties with a festival atmosphere around the city have been hosted one after another, adding excitement to  the Halloween atmosphere and making your experience more enjoyable.

Powerful beasts to start your Halloween party

Halloween is not only the time for children to trick or treat but an interesting dress up opportunity for both the youngster and the adult. In addition to wearing a costume you can also show your Halloween spirit  with your special Cyrusher Kommoda. Isn't the unique orange color of Kommoda exactly the color of a pumpkin? There’s nothing more suitable to enhance the impact of Halloween costumes than a Kommoda.

Whether it's turning your Kommoda into a giant pumpkin or a mount for a pumpkin man, Kommoda's beautiful shape can spark your creativity.

    • A few great ideas for dressing up your electric bike for Halloween

While costumes have previously been spooky or Halloween-related – think of witches, zombies, ghosts and vampires − now you see pumpkins or superheroes. You can dress up as just about anything you want!

a. Classic movie characters with bikes

Remember the cute alien ET, riding in a bicycle basket in the night sky with the moon in the background? Take your little furry pet at home with you on a mystery adventure, just like ET.

b. An astronaut in a rocket

I believe that most people have had the dream of being an astronaut so let's make this dream come true this Halloween. Dress up the Kommoda as a rocket and put on a space suit. You are the astronaut who successfully landed on the moon tonight.

c. Dress up as a pumpkin carriage

Girls will fantasize about being a princess in distress, waiting for the prince to rescue them with a pumpkin carriage. Opportunity is at hand. Turn your electric bike into a pumpkin carriage and you are the princess who can save yourself.

d.Ebike turns into an EV

You may think: "I don't want to make too many changes". Since an electric bicycle with a motor system has the power to reach  certain speeds, why don't you make it look like a car? Dressing up like that is both creative and very simple.

e.Turn your beasts into real monsters

Dress up as a dragon, a monster, a bullfighter or as anything you can imagine and transform your e-bike beast into a real monster.

The kommoda can be both the main feature of your Halloween creation and your transportation to the party.

The Kommoda has a step-through design that’s very friendly to many riders. So don't worry about not being the right fit for Kommoda. It comes with 20-inch puncture-resistant fat tires that can take you over many hilly dirt roads. Equally, it can accompany you to a creative party on an outside lawn or an atmospheric party in the outdoor jungle. Whether on soft lawns or gravel-filled mountain roads, Kommoda can take you to your destination smoothly. The 14Ah battery capacity makes your Halloween trip a breeze and you can ride it freely on city roads. The full suspension system is more supportive for comfortable riding and the hydraulic brake system it is equipped with can also help you better stop your electric bicycle when you’re frightened. Therefore, it seems that Kommoda can bring you a wonderful Halloween.

There are so many things to do on Halloween that it can be impossible to choose. Spend this interesting holiday at a party or get on your electric bike and explore the colorful Halloween activities in the city.

In addition to the vibrant party activities, a biker can find it very interesting to travel through the city and take .in the atmosphere of Halloween.

Many places host traditional Halloween-themed rides with many riders wearing festive costumes and riding with a group of people who share the same hobbies. Dress-up rides are a very festive way to celebrate so. look out for Halloween rides organized near your city.

If you don't want to be in a crowd and have no idea how to spend your Halloween, a city ride is a fun idea. Try getting around the city and appreciating the city's Halloween events. You’ll see many decorations with different characteristics and themes.   It can be as fascinating as attending an art exhibition to see each of the unique decorating ideas.. Or go on an adventure in the jungle.  Riding through  challenging and exciting woods  is also a very suitable activity for Halloween. Be careful not to bump into any ghosts that appear suddenly.

Cyrusher riders can contribute to the Halloween spirit during a city ride by  wearing their Halloween costume. Be sure to relax and enjoy this exciting Halloween holiday.

from Cyrusher rider

Oh, having said all that, the Halloween event is about to begin. So, dress yourself up and your Cyrusher electric bike and have a unique Halloween party. No matter what your Halloween plans are, have fun and Happy Halloween!

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