Safety Tips for Riding Your Electric Bike

Safety Tips for Riding Your Electric Bike

Nov 07, 2022

The boom in the electric bicycle industry has lead to more and more people joining the electric bicycle wave in response to  carbon-reduction targets. E-bikes are admittedly the ideal way to travel  but as e-bikes become more and more popular on the road the risk of traffic accidents is rising. There are products for riders of all ages that expand the e-bike army including some e-bikes for children.. There are also many dangerous road riding behaviors which may lead to traffic accidents.

This article will list some safety precautions that you need to pay attention to when riding an electric bicycle. I hope this will help you ride your Cyrusher electric bicycle more safely and with more satisfaction.

Riding an ebike is different
Cyrusher XF900 1105a

Although the frame structure of an e-bike is similar to that of a regular bicycle many people think that they’ll be able to ride an e-bike if they can ride a traditional bike. However, there are two big differences between them. The first is weight. The entire ebike is heavier than a regular one due to the extra weight of the motor, frame and battery. Therefore, it’s necessary to consider whether the rider has sufficient ability to control the ebike. The second is the pedal assist mode. The speed will change under the different modes. Although there are official test data, there will be differences in the speed according to the weight of riders and the terrain conditions they’re facing. Therefore, you should become familiar with the gear speed changes to adapt to the electric bicycle and better adjust your speed while riding on the road.

In addition, you need to pay attention to whether you’re suitable for riding an electric bicycle, whether the ebike is legal on the road, etc. More comprehensive attention to ebike information is needed to help you ride your electric bicycle effectively.

Read your ebike manual

Before you hit the road it's important to read your manual or watch official videos on how to use your new electric bike. Install your accessories correctly to ensure the vehicle is properly assembled. Familiarize yourself with the use of electric bicycles and the most important thing is to be acquainted with the mode of pedal assist, braking time, etc.

Add a rearview mirror

A rearview mirror is very convenient for the observation of vehicles behind the bike which will reduce many accidental collisions. An ebike that doesn’t come with a mirror installed is a design used mostly in off-road riding. If you want to ride on the road it will be safer and more convenient to add a rearview mirror. Related accessories are available on the Cyrusher official website.

Keep your tire at an appropriate pressure

A small detail that’s easily overlooked is the tire pressure of an electric bike. The effect of tire pressure on the driving experience is obvious. The appropriate tire pressure will vary on different road surfaces. For example, on soft sandy beaches it’s not suitable to set too high a tire pressure. If the tire pressure is not appropriate it’s easy to cause accidents such as falling while riding.

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Learn about the local regulation

Learn about local laws and regulations for e-bikes on the road.

According to, You can ride an electric bike if you’re 14 or over, as long as it meets certain requirements.

These electric bikes are known as ‘electrically assisted pedal cycles’ (EAPCs). You do not need a licence to ride one and it does not need to be registered, taxed or insured. 

What counts as an EAPC

An EAPC must have pedals that can be used to propel it.

It must show either:

  • the power output
  • the manufacturer of the motor

It must also show either:

  • the battery’s voltage
  • the maximum speed of the bike

Its electric motor:

  • must have a maximum power output of 250 watts
  • should not be able to propel the bike when it’s travelling more than 15.5mph

Where you can ride

If a bike meets the EAPC requirements it’s classed as a normal pedal bike. This means you can ride it on cycle paths and anywhere else pedal bikes are allowed.

Other kinds of electric bike

Any electric bike that doesn’t meet the EAPC rules is classed as a motorcycle or moped and needs to be registered and taxed. You’ll need a driving license to ride one and you must wear a crash helmet.

The second is road laws. Use bike lanes instead of motor vehicle lanes. As the number of vehicles has increased many unsafe riding practices have emerged. These include driving at high speed on sidewalks, disobeying traffic lights, etc. This is very dangerous behavior in heavy traffic areas such as schools.

If you’re new to riding an ebike:
  1. Choose the model that suits you. Adjust the seat height and be fully familiar with the ebike parametersand the riding mode.
  2. Check whether the functional components of the vehicle are in good condition before each trip, especially the motor and brake components. This isthe key to improving riding safety.
  3. Wear protective gearsuch as a helmet. If you encounter a collision while riding the helmet can greatly reduce the severityof an injury. Other proper gear like elbow and knee pads, gloves and sturdy shoes are useful as well.
  4. If you’re not very familiar with riding you can choose to practice your skill in a place with open ground and few pedestrians. Practice your riding skills as often as you can. Practice makes perfect. The better the riding skills, the safer the ride will be.
Off-road riding:
  1. Usually mountain terrainwill be moreundulating, which requires you to have a higher level of driving skills. If you're still a novice it's best not to be too eager to try mountain biking. Driving is difficult and requires a certain amount of riding skills.
  2. Lighting is very important.There are always hidden dangers when riding on the ups and downs of mountain roads, in  dense forests and dimly lit conditions. Therefore, anelectric cycle with bright headlights increases driving safety. Turn on your headlights at any time. This is not only to light your way  but also can alert pedestrians that the vehicle is approaching.
  3. Remember to adjust the gear in time. The complex terrain requires you constantly change gears to adapt to different changes. For example, use high gear when riding uphill and low gear when riding downhill.
  4. Keep  your electric assist bikein good repair. When the vehicle rides in the mountains for a long time,it will wear the motor and brake pads. Therefore, it’s necessary to check and replace the brake pads in time and check whether the motor function is normal. Enjoy your exploration more safely.
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Road ride tips
  1. Obey the traffic rules, pay attention to the signal lights and don’t drive in the opposite lane. Watch out for pedestrians and cyclists, slow down and yield to pedestrians.
  2. Brake early. When driving on busy roads, you must use the braking function effectively. Pay attention to the driving distance and, if there is an oncoming car, be sure to brake as soon as possibleand keep a safe distance.
  3. Consider when  to use the alarm. The warning function of the hornon any road ride is invaluable. Whether it’s alerting pedestrians in the lane or warning passing vehicles in the visual blind spot on a curve, the horn plays a very important role.
  4. You can use hand signals to assist in driving. This can tell other drivers when you’re turning. For example, when making a left turn, extend your left hand to give a turn signal.
After ride tips
  1. Charge your battery when necessary. The energy storage of the battery is related to driving safety. If you drive on the road with a low battery, not only will it affect the riding speed but the braking response.
  2. Regularly maintain your electric bike. In particular, attending to functional components such as brakes and motors can avoid a great many safety problems. After a long-term ride, there may be some wear on the tires so the tires should also be checked often.
Rehearse how to minimize physical damage if you are about to fall

Although there are effective precautions, accidents will always happen. If you’re about to fall from the cycle, pay attention to the protection of your neck and head. Don’t directly support the ground with your hands and try to use your back or arms to land easily as much as possible.

Choose the right model for yourself

Even if you’re following safety advice, an inappropriate electric bicycle model can also have an impact on riding. The frame design, the weight of the electric bicycle and so on are worth considering. Many people aren’t used to the speed and experience of driving an electric cycle.

Cyrusher XF900 1105e

Cyrusher offers a wide selection of models to satisfy customers with a diverse range of needs for electric bikes. You can choose different models according to different uses. For example, the XF800&XF900 is excellent for mountain biking while the folding Bandit is best for easy portability and the step-through Kommoda and Kuattro are friendly to most riders. Selecting quality accessories can contribute to  the safety of your ride.

More and more ebikes and e scooters are used on the road which will also lead to many accidents. Pay attention to the rules of driving behavior and abide by the traffic rules so that you can ride your Cyrusher electric bicycle more safely.