Step-through E-bike: Designed for Comfort

Step-through E-bike: Designed for Comfort

Nov 11, 2022

The e-bike's frame construction makes it possible for riders of more ages to ride. The step-through gives more people new options thanks to its inclusive design construction. This article will compare two step-through e-bikes to provide information and inspiration for your step-through e-bike purchasing. The best-selling Kommoda from Cyrusher and the 5Plus from Radpower are the two we’ll discuss.

The advantages of the step-through framework

Versatile use for all ages and gender

The Step-through frame was originally designed to facilitate women wearing skirts. However, the evolution of this structure makes electric bikes versatile for use  by all ages and genders and makes e-bike riding a truly unrestricted sport.

Because the design of this frame removes  the front crossbar, it can be easier to get on and off the bike. So, this also offers a good  transportation option for some riders with limited mobility.

Kommoda 1110a
More comfortable riding experience

The step-through design supports your body by allowing you to ride more upright. Riding an electric bicycle must be a comfortable experience, whether you are  traveling to shop at the supermarket or riding in the wild. The step-through frame is designed to help you enjoy long rides in a comfortable sitting position.

Better control of the brake and safety

The step-through design allows better mounting and dismounting so that you can react faster when facing various situations on the road. No matter what riding circumstance you are in, the step-through design helps you better adapt. This means  better braking control  and improved driving safety.

The Kommoda is a breakthrough step-through model from Cyrusher. This model is designed to allow short riders or those who have mobility limitations to experience high-quality e-bike riding. The Kommoda is designed for riders around 155-190 cm tall, which covers the height of most riders. And, with the option of high-quality components it is a very suitable choice for most riders.

The RadCity 5 Plus Step-Thru is an upgrade of  the original model. For example, the use of hydraulic brakes instead of mechanical brakes improves the quality and performance of the vehicle. It is also a good choice.

Then how should you decide which is better? Having a detailed look at the following indicators will help.

Kommoda Vs. Radcity 5plus



RadCity 5 Plus


250W (limited)
With 80Nm Max Torque, 1000W Max Output

 250W Geared Motor


blue white orange and grey

Charcoal/Glossy white



6061 Aluminum alloy


Shimano 7-speed



48V 14AH
High capacity, Waterproof Battery

semi-integrated 48V 14AH





CTS/Chaoyang mountain fat tires

custom 27.5*2 tires

riding range

50km(PAS 1)

45-80 km kilometers per charge (estimate)


front(80mm of travel) and rear

front(60mm of travel)





zoom full hydraulic brakes

hydraulic brakes

front or rear light



weight limit



bike weight


29 kg with included rear rack, 28.1 kg without included rear rack






1 year



€ 1,899.00

The Power source of electric bicycle

The difference between electric bicycles and traditional ones is the power system. The use of a power system in the electric one has a great effect on the efficiency of driving. Both ebikes we’re comparing are equipped with 48V14ah battery capacity which can easily support your daily travel. However, the location where the battery is installed affects its maintenance. The Kommoda design embeds the battery in the frame at the front  and the battery has a certain waterproof capacity. This is very beneficial for daily riding because the functional parts of the battery are not exposed to the air and not impacted by moisture and air oxidation. Moreover, the battery can be removed for charging which is very convenient. Both practicality and aesthetics are taken into account. RadCity 5 Plus Step-Thru adopts a semi-embedded design and some parts of the battery are exposed. After each ride, gravel and water may splash on the battery components causing wear and tear on the exterior of the battery. The battery life is shortened because of this.

The decisive components:Motor system

The Cyrusher Kommoda adopts the Bafang motor. Due to regulations, the speed has been limited to 250w which is convenient for your traveling needs. Kommoda uses a quality electric motor that guarantees better performance when starting and running the electric cycle. Radpower uses a custom 250w rear motor that also provides enough energy and power support for the vehicle.

Functional components: Brake, suspension system and tire

The functional parts of the vehicle that people pay the most attention to are the brakes and suspension system. So how do these two ebike perform?

To begin with,  Kommoda's brake components use a zoom hydraulic braking system which helps you brake faster and also has an additional motor cut-off function. Radpower also uses hydraulic brakes which can offer better braking ability than mechanical brakes.

In terms of shock absorption, Kommoda is equipped with front and rear suspension systems. For many riders, the shock absorption of electric bicycles greatly improves riding comfort. The front fork of Kommoda is equipped with 80mm of travel, while RadCity 5 Plus Step-Thru is only equipped with 60mm of travel. Since  a certain amount of travel is lost when the fork is compressed, the easing effect of 60mm travel is not as good as that of 80mm. In addition, the Kommoda is also equipped with a rear suspension to better help you navigate around obstacles on the road. It turns out that the Kommoda provides better riding comfort.

Kommoda 1110b

Tires are one of the most necessary components in addition to the suspension system and braking. The Kommoda is equipped with Chaoyang/CTS 20*4 small-size fat tires. And Radpower provides custom 27.5*2 tires. In comparison, if you want to ride in a range of environments the fat tires of the Kommoda will be more suitable. The fat tires provide a better grip and help you better adapt to the road surface of different terrains, whether on sand or flat city roads. Kommoda can even help you do some basic mountain biking. The design of Radpower is more suitable for riding on urban roads. Its relatively narrow tires are more appropriate for driving on flat roads but this also limits its use in more scenarios.

Some considerate designs of the models

The design details of the product always impress the customer. Products that are constructed  with care and attention to detail will surely be supported by many people.

Kommoda uses a color display screen to help you better track vehicle information. This includes the charge indicator, speedometer, battery, riding mode and more. The colorful display can help you better distinguish parameters and modes, making it a very friendly design for some older riders with poorer sight. The  RadCity 5 Plus Step-Thru also is set up with a display screen in the center of the handlebars to track the information of the vehicle. Although its black and white display screen can also display vehicle information comprehensively to assist your riding, a  colorful display is more attractive and helpful during driving.

The electronic horn is of great benefit for driving safety. Whether you are turning or braking suddenly, its ability to warn surrounding vehicles and pedestrians can effectively avoid many traffic accidents. Kommoda's electronic horns are truly designed with road safety in mind. On the other hand, RadCity 5 Plus Step-Thru lacks this feature.. You can consider purchasing and installing a horn by yourself but it is an additional cost.

Attractive color matching

The colorful design of the electric assist bicycle is increasingly being welcomed by more riders. Compared with the simple black, white and gray design, the colorful frame actually has an impact on one’s riding mood. Bright colors brighten your mood while the black and white color scheme is a more conservative choice that might appeal to some riders. Considering the multiple requirements that riders have, Kommoda has launched blue, white, orange and gray color selections, ranging from a simple look to  colorful designs with bright colors. In contrast, the Radpower model is only available in two conventional black and white color options, leaving  the rider with a relatively limited selection.

The Kommoda can help support up to 150kg, making it more accessible to  riders of various weights. In addition, the load capacity is more reliable when helping to transport groceries. Radpower provides a load capacity of 125kg, which is somewhat less than Kommoda.

kommoda 1110c
Warranty period

The guaranteed warranty period saves the customer time and money for many subsequent maintenance repairs.

Kommoda provides a 2-year warranty with a one-year battery warranty policy and, if there is a problem with the product, the technicians on the website are always at your service. Radpower only provides a one-year warranty service, a shorter warranty period that is more limiting for the customer.

Although in terms of price Kommoda will be a little more expensive than RadCity 5, here is a reason for this. You’ll enjoy a richer and more comfortable riding experience as well as reliable after-sale service, all to help you start your electric bicycle riding journey better. I trust that through this article, you have a clearer idea of the difference.