Seven Signs that You Need an Electric Bike

Seven Signs that You Need an Electric Bike

Nov 14, 2022

The popularity of electric bike designs has not only revolutionized the way of travel, but also has provided a tool for people to maintain their health. Use of electric bicycles is becoming widespread. But do we really need an electric bike? The following article will help you explore whether you need an e-bike to help you improve your quality of life and make it a true value-for-money tool. And, this article recommends Cyrusher's XF800 to help you get your ride off to a better start.

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  1. If you are dealing with depression or anxiety

With the fast pace of the social environment and due to the influence of some events of the times, more and more people are fighting depression and anxiety every year. In addition to regularly talking with their psychiatrists to relieve their anxiety, many patients prefer to stay at home. Drug use and rejection of the social environment has caused some people to isolate themselves. But, in fact, this lifestyle will exacerbate mental illness. It fails to release their anxiety, thus creating a vicious cycle. Why is it recommended that you choose an electric bike? There are certainly many options for relieving anxiety. Cycling is just one of them. Whichever you choose, it is important that you are willing to try to  keep it up over time. Cycling is an ideal option that doesn't require extra social interaction and isn't difficult to stick to. You can ride outdoors, breathe fresh air and see the scenery everywhere. This is a very healing process.

In other words, the ebike acts as a ray of hope in the infinite darkness, helping you out of your depression. Simply speaking, through cycling you can release adrenaline and endorphins which can improve your psychological life satisfaction and pleasure. At the same time, it offers you an opportunity to clear your mind without thinking about anything but appreciating the scenery. It is a process of healing, a therapy that helps you release your anxiety. 

Moreover, electric bikes can also act as a bridge for social connection. Join a cycling group to help you meet new partners faster and you can also meet up for rides together. Being admitted by others into a group is a great way to fight depression. Isn't this a wonderful approach for you to reconnect with the world?

  1. If you feel you have lost the freedom to travel

Due to the impact of the pandemic, many outdoor activities have been greatly affected and many gatherings and parties have been canceled. A number of people feel that their freedom has been restricted because of the spread of the pandemic. This is where electric bicycles are undoubtedly a very suitable option. Riding activities take you away from the crowds. E-bikes can help you explore wider environments, take farther trips, enjoy different wild scenery, breathe fresh air and relax. This is certainly a new way of liberating yourself.

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  1. If you are always stuck in heavy traffic

The most important attribute of electric bicycles is that, as a means of transportation, they are constantly changing the way people live and travel. Whether it's because you're always stuck in heavy traffic, dealing with rising gas costs, or often late for work, electric bikes can be a simple answer to your problems. Its flexible use and portable frame structure can accommodate most riders and change the way they travel.

  1. If you are planning to lose weight

The benefit of exercising on an e-bike has become more commonly known. First of all, it is easy to adhere to. Secondly, it is an effective way to improve your energy and, compared with swimming and running, it does less damage to the rider's joints. It is undoubtedly a good way to lose weight and stay in shape. Electric bicycles will be heavier than ordinary bicycles due to the newly added power system and other components. Exercising on one can also help you build muscle better, increase muscle mass and improve your body’s immunity.

At the same time, exercising with an electric bicycle can help you recover better and you can increase or decrease the amount of exercise by adjusting the speed of the assist mode. You can slowly adapt to the intensity of the workout, helping you to exercise better without causing sports injuries. So, using an electric bicycle to exercise is a very suitable choice.

  1. If you are worrying about the environment

The increasing impact of frequent human activity on the Earth’s environment is a red flag for many environmentalists who care about  the planet. The search for a solution is definitely becoming more urgent. The use of electric bicycles for travel can be a means of minimizing vehicle exhaust pollution on our roads. In addition to exhaust pollution, noise pollution can also be largely mitigated. So, isn't the use of e-bikes an all-in-one option? As e-bikes become more popular, the state will also increase its infrastructure to make roads more accessible for e-bike travel. The goal of a greener environment is being achieved step by step as more and more efforts are made. The opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint is in your hands.

  1. If you are having somehealth problems (heart disease or insomnia)

Health issues are starting to become a growing concern for everyone, whether it's insomnia or heart health. Apart from this fact, staying indoors because of the pandemic without sufficient circulated air subsequently affects your mental health and, therefore, your immune system.

There is also the fact that with the increasing prevalence of social media platforms, more and more people are addicted to social media. However, spending too much time on social media platforms every day will only trouble your mind and stiffen your body, affecting your physical and mental health. If you feel like you're getting bored at home, it's time to get outside and change your mood. E-bikes offer an easy and convenient way to get outdoors. At the same time, getting more fresh air will also exercise your lungs and improve your physical fitness.

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In addition, riders with sleep disorders can ease their insomnia through cycling. Scientific studies have shown that the level of fitness affects the quality of your sleep. The principle of improving your sleep quality through cycling is well-known and the effect is actually equivalent to other types of exercise. The simple act of riding improves your physical fitness and your overall health and relieves some mental anxiety, helping you to sleep better.

  1. If you are facing some injury problems

Seniors or those who have had leg injuries may be a little sluggish in their movements. Electric bikes offer them a great option. Step-through electric bikes are designed so that most riders can get on an electric bike, which provides a good transportation option for many people with mobility limitations. At the same time, they can use it for exercise to strengthen their muscles and bones and help them maintain a more positive attitude towards life.

If you are recovering from an injury, an electric cycle can also help you. Combined with scientific medical advice and starting with appropriate exercise intensity, the pedals of electric bicycles can be used to provide different operating speeds. This helps you better restore your exercise ability, improve bone density and supports your body to recover.

Recommended models

If you find you are in need of an electric bike, why not consider an All Terrain XF800, a cost-effective model from Cyrusher?

The XF800 is one of Cyrusher's best-selling fat tire models with a full suspension system. It is an all-terrain MTB so it has a wide range of uses to help you tick off your to-do list. Whether it's outdoor riding, woods adventures, commuting to work, supermarket shopping, reducing your carbon footprint, helping with exercise and more, the XF800 is up to the task with its reliable components.

Powerful motor system

Although speed limits are imposed on e-bikes in the UK, the original XF800 uses a Bafang motor that can reach a maximum of 1200W and comes with a torque level of 80nm to help you get your ride off to a fast start. Speeds above the limit are guaranteed by the quality motor and, apart from the speed, the running quality and riding experience will not be much different.

The 800 comes with a 48V 13ah battery that will support you for most of your daily riding. The waterproof battery can escort you safely to your destination on a suddenly rainy day rather than stopping in place and leaving you in the lurch. The battery is also removable, providing a more portable way to charge.

With the equipment of the suspension system and fat tires, the XF800 adapts powerfully to a multitude of scenarios and terrains. The full suspension system eases bumps and the fat tires help improve ground grip to overcome all kinds of complex terrain. Make every ride a fearless one.

Equipped with giant 180/203mm full hydraulic disc brakes, it gives you the ability to stop faster while riding at a high speed. The hydraulic brakes provide better braking response and sensitivity than mechanical brakes for your riding safety.

The colorful design allows you to uniquely customize your ebike to stand out from the crowd. Bright colours can also affect your mood and improve your appreciation of your environment. The XF800 is available in white, red, green and blue, giving you a wide range of options to suit your needs.


For many people, an e-bike is just a means of transportation. But it plays more than just this role in the lives of other people. It can be the hands that pull people out of the dark or it can be a partner who takes you to explore nature. If you want to consider whether you need an electric bike, the answer is yes. It can better improve your quality of life but only if you can stick to using it.

If you're considering an affordable option that will take you out exploring and living a healthier lifestyle while also reducing your carbon footprint, choosing a Cyrusher XF800 electric bike is a terrific idea.