How to Make Your Electric Bike Go further

How to Make Your Electric Bike Go further

Nov 18, 2022

The development of electric bicycles provides people with a more efficient way to travel basically because these vehicles are equipped with a power system. However, many riders begin to worry about battery capacity and riding distance. Most people are curious and concerned about this question.

When it comes to distance, it is inevitably linked to battery capacity. A larger battery capacity corresponds to a longer driving distance and a smaller one does the opposite. But this rule only applies in most cases, other factors like components or riding modes can accelerate the consumption of the battery  so that the same riding distance cannot be achieved.

Factors Affecting Battery Capacity

  1. Riding Mode

One of the attractive points and the reason  many people choose electric bicycles is that the speed and efficiency have been greatly improved. This also provides many speed enthusiasts with the opportunity to drive at high speed. The excitement of this kind of extreme sport can release stress. But maintaining the high-speed mode for a long time requires the motor to keep running. Compared with the rider who uses lower pedal assist, the rate at which  the engine loses power is very different. High-speed pedal assist will accelerate the loss of battery power, requiring more energy to maintain the vehicle at high speed. The battery capacity will fail to support riding the electric bike a further distance. However, if the vehicle  is in low-speed mode or even without using pedal-assist mode,  less  battery capacity  is consumed and you can ride longer on the electric bicycle.

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  1. Riding Terrain

Mountain electric bicycles are the first choice for many people to explore the woods. M.T.B. is equipped with not only high-energy motors that can support mountain climbing but also  special fat tires to enhance ground grip. However, although they provide a better grip, fat tires can take away from your riding distance. The efficiency of how the tires operate will be affected by the cycle speed.

Whether a person  often rides in the mountains or frequently  rides on urban roads, there will be a reduction in the distance an electric bicycle can travel after a period of time. This is due to the loss of the power  of the motor when the vehicle is often driven in high-speed modes. During high-intensity climbing, due to the difficulty of the climb, it is necessary to turn on the high-power mode. Gears will wear  out when the gear rotates rapidly and the high temperatures generated by prolonged friction of the machine gears can also damage the effectiveness of the motor. The controller will activate the cooling protection system but after long periods of continuous operation, you will feel that your electric bike is not as fast and powerful as before. Essentially, that is because there is not enough power to support you to travel long distances. Riding on flat urban roads will be relatively more friendly to the service life of the motor because it basically maintains a uniform average speed. This  allows the vehicle to maintain a regular operation so that the wear rate of riding efficiency will be relatively reduced.

Therefore, if you have no other issues with your ebike but you feel that it doesn't seem to have as much power as it used to, it's because the vehicle has a certain amount of wear and tear during use. This is especially the case if  it was used frequently for mountain climbing.

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  1. Load capacity

The weight of an e-bike is inherently heavier than that of a traditional bicycle, so it requires more traction to drive the bike forward. If you carry extra heavy groceries, for example, it will definitely affect the riding range. Every e-bike has a specific load capacity. The ebike will fail to travel very far  if the weight it is carrying is too heavy. Therefore, the distance you ride will also be affected by the weight.

  1. Use of accessories

Don't forget that the battery is the energy supply system of the entire vehicle and is what drives the vehicle. The lighting of electric bicycles and electronic horns all need battery power. If you are driving at night for a long time the battery consumption is also very high and power will be used up faster.

How to make your electric bike go further

Considering the comprehensive analysis of battery consumption, you can create favorable conditions to drive electric bicycles over long distances.

  1. Choose a larger capacity battery or an alternative battery

If you need to ride outside for a long time you may be very worried about the power failure of the vehicle. The first step is to choose a model with a high-capacity battery or use an alternative battery. This can significantly ease your battery anxiety and make it easier to start your ride. The battery accessories are all available on the Cyrusher official site.

  1. Turn down the lower gear

If you are riding on urban roads and want to ride longer distances, you can choose pedal assist in lower gears or not rely on pedal assist mode at all. Reduce the amount of throttle use and keep the speed at an average level so that you can save more battery energy. Reducing the consumption of the battery can naturally help you to travel further.

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  1. Reduce the load weight

The load on the vehicle has an impact on the driving distance if you want to travel long distances. You can choose to reduce the burden by not carrying groceries. If it's just a daily outing, you can simply carry a water bottle and put on light sports clothes to go out for a ride. This will also help you improve your riding efficiency.

  1. Regularly maintain your battery

Since the battery is an energy supply system its very necessary to follow a daily maintenance routine, including proper charging  and  storing , etc. Find a dry and cool environment for charging or storage. Try to use the original charger instead of the one without quality assurance. For more information, you can refer to this article.

  1. Reduce the frequency of mountain biking

Reducing the frequency of mountain biking has a lot to do with maintaining battery motors. Mountain riding with high energy consumption in a short period of time can be hard on the  motor and reduce its benefits. But if you enjoy mountain riding a lot, just do it.

  1. Set the appropriate tire pressure

Inappropriate tire pressure also affects the riding distance. For example, you need to choose different tire pressures to help you adapt to different terrains. For instance, you are not supposed to inflate to a high psi on a beach full of soft sand. Under-inflated tires will produce more friction on the ground since the motor needs more power to work. This will accelerate power consumption.

  1. The battery will naturally age so replace it when needed

Although careful maintenance can extend the service life of the battery, the battery will inevitably age and its capacity will continue to decline over time. Therefore, replace your battery when necessary to avoid it affecting your travel.

If you are a rider who is very keen on mountain biking, then choose a specialized MTB to help you get rid of the anxiety. The dedicated mountain bike Cyrusher XF900 with a large capacity battery of 48V 17Ah is a very suitable choice.

First, the battery capacity is large enough to ride about 60 miles under pedal-assist mode. It is a removable waterproof lithium battery which can be removed and charged anywhere and it is easy to carry  a backup. The 250w speed-limited Bafang motor provides sufficient power to support your riding distance and helps you ride better.

It is equipped with fat tires and a full suspension system to help you start mountain riding more comfortably. The firm grip provided by fat tires can overcome a variety of complex road surfaces. The full suspension system helps smooth out bumps on the road, opening up more riding possibilities.

A bumpy ride in the mountains is also a test for the braking system of an electric cycle. The XF900 is equipped with Zoom Full Hydraulic Brakes which provide more reliable sensitivity for stopping the bike. In addition, an extra motor cut-off function has been installed to increase the driving safety of the vehicle.

If you want to start mountain biking without restrictions, the motorcycle-type design and bright colorful model colors is excellent  for your riding. The Cyrusher XF900 MTB will get you to the top quicker, particularly on steeper climbs. Plus, its ability to scale hills  more easily will expand your riding range to explore further.


All in all, if you want to use your electric bicycle to ride further you need to follow the corresponding maintenance instructions. Admittedly, good maintenance can help you extend your ebike service life. But do not let the  anxieties of traveling further distances or having enough  battery power hold you back. The most important thing in riding is having fun and enjoying the ride. If the battery capacity is insufficient consider keeping it charged or prepare an alternative battery. Enjoying the ride that your ebike brings to you is the most important thing.