The Wonders of Folding Electric Bicycles

The Wonders of Folding Electric Bicycles

Nov 21, 2022

There are many types of electric bicycles but folding electric bikes  are very competitive in the marketplace. Although the foldability of the frame affects the stability and riding speed compared with the non-folding model at the same price, its portable and multi-functional application still wins the favor of many riders. This article chooses Cyrusher's latest Bandit to help you explore the magic of the folding electric bicycle.

The Bandit is the latest fold-up electric bike from Cyrusher. The model follows the frame structure of the previous model and optimizes it to make it more portable.

Why did we choose a folding ebike 

  1. Save the storage place

One of the main reasons is that folding electric bicycles can save a lot of storage space. It is very portable to carry or store.

  1. The convenience of riding a folding bicycle.

The riding advantage of a folding electric bicycle is that it can be stored and unfolded at will. It can be brought into an  elevator and driven directly into the office.

Bandit fat tire folding ebike
  1. Commuter-friendly

There is no doubt that there are many commuters among the customers of folding electric bicycles. This is because, for commuters, folding models can not only offer transportation convenience but also save parking time and can be stored directly under an office desk. And, you don't have to detour to the parking lot to find your vehicle when you get off work. It also provides a more efficient riding speed while saving time.

  1. High Security

The folding models  have another significant advantage over standard electric bicycles, which is security. This is a competitive point in the social environment where the electric bicycle theft rate has recently increased rapidly. The vehicle can be folded for easy storage. So, it is not likely to become a premeditated target for thieves as it avoids being exposed outside and can be stored in a safer place. Its portability makes it easily placed under an office desk or stored in the boot of a vehicle. It takes into account most of the potential storage locations, helping people to store it more conveniently.

  1. The guaranteed quality and performance are cost-effective

Now that you have decided to choose a folding electric bicycle, you must select a model with guaranteed quality. Moreover, due to the folding frame the bicycle will have a certain degree of stability and may offer less power  than the standard ebike. If you choose a poor-quality frame structure it may cause accidental injuries during riding.

The Bandit is made of aluminum alloy. Although it has shortcomings in its weight, it provides solid stability for the support of the frame. The frame will not rust with long-term use, prolonging the service life of the ebike. The aluminum alloy frame has good toughness, high strength, is easy to maintain and has a particular shock-absorbing effect, which is very suitable for a folding bicycle. Other materials such as rigid carbon, although stronger, may cause the frame to rust when riding in  windy and sunny conditions.

The main components of the power system are the motor and the battery. Generally, the quality of the motor determines whether your electric cycle can climb hills. It’s  best to select a motor  from a well-known brand that has undergone a better-quality inspection. Bandit chooses the Bafang motor; the 250w motor is used to better comply with European traffic rules. Except for power and speed, the dynamic qualities of the entire vehicle are unaffected.

The battery is the energy supply system of the vehicle. The greater the energy supplied, the easier it is to start  the motor and ride. Generally, electric bicycle batteries are divided into two types, lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries. Most of them use lithium batteries, which are lighter and normally weigh about 5kg. These are  small in size and can keep a large power capacity on reserve , providing more reliable battery life. The number of charging cycles required by  the lithium battery prolongs the battery life. However, the price of lithium batteries will also be higher which is one of the reasons for the high cost of electric bicycles. Bandit is equipped with a 48V17ah high-capacity lithium battery which provides reliable support for your riding. The battery is embedded in the frame to prevent the material from oxidizing by liquids splashing on it. It can be easily disassembled with a key, making it more convenient to charge.

The suspension system is a component that can significantly improve riding comfort on an electric bicycle. In particular, the Bandit is equipped with a full suspension system. The suspension system gives your Bandit the ability to go off-road riding. No matter how complicated the ride is, the reliable configuration of full suspension can smooth out all the bumps , giving you a far comfier ride. This makes a folding bike comparable to standard mountain electric bikes.

Fold-up electric bicycles are different from traditional folding bicycles. Due to the assembly of the functional components, these vehicles will not be as lightweight. And, the heavier the bike, the higher the requirements for braking capacity. Brakes with insufficient braking power can easily lead to road accidents.

Bandit uses 180mm dual hydraulic disc brakes and provides the additional motor cut-off function, ensuring the sensitivity of the brakes and the ability to brake quickly.

Bandit's high-end configuration can help you open up many riding possibilities. Check out the various options below to help you get the most out of your Bandit.

The wonder of a folding bicycle

In addition to its convenient advantages, the folding bicycle also provides a lot of rich whimsy for life.

  1. Exercise

Exercising has become a more common way to use electric bicycles. Bandit's pedal-assist mode can  help you achieve a better workout, shape your body and regain your health.

  1. Commuting

Many people buy folding e-bikes to avoid busy public transportation and traffic jams on the road in the morning rush hour. Save time on your road commute while saving time parking with the help of a folding e-bike that takes you straight to your office. It helps to improve your commuting efficiency.

  1. Outdoor activities

The folding electric bicycle has no change in volume but saves half the storage space, making it an excellent choice for outdoor travel.

  • Go Camping
With the popularity of camping activities, more and more people choose to use this opportunity to relax and socialize. Electric bicycles also provide convenience for this activity. With their compact size, they can be stored in a car or become the primary mode of transportation for short trips. You can keep them inside your tent for added storage security.
  • Go Fishing
Fishing has also become one of the popular outdoor activities for many people to go out and relax. Electric bicycles also provide greater convenience for this activity. Its large load-bearing capacity can carry a maximum weight of 330lbs and you can carry your fishing tackle to fishing spots with peace of mind. Plus, you can move at any time to find schools of fish. Unlike cars, electric bicycles can enter narrow trails and help you reach your destination faster. Save your traffic time and you have more time to enjoy the scenery along the way.
Bandit fat tire folding electric cycle
  • Explore the scenery
In fact, when you start cycling you begin a healthy and active lifestyle. Life is always full of many surprises worth looking forward to. For example, whether going to catch fireworks display or watching a sunset the emergence of folding electric bicycles can help your ideas be executed and realized. The passion that comes on a whim should be acted on right away to enjoy the surprises that life brings you.
Many short-distance destinations and lesser-known landscapes may require driving to reach and now electric bicycles can be used instead of cars. Pack a bottle of water, put on your riding clothes and get your folding ebike ready to explore the fascinating scenery. During this process, the mysterious views will be discovered by you little by little and the surprise of exploration will fascinate you. This will heal your body and mind.
Cyrusher rider route ride  scenery
From Cyrusher rider
  1. Carry the groceries

Shopping in supermarkets is not an easy task. Fetching daily necessities such as paper towels is time-consuming and groceries are laborious to carry. In addition, driving consumes fuel and money. E-bikes can be a mode of transportation that balances efficiency and expense. Install a pannier bag which can be used to transport groceries and free your hands. Get home faster and save time. As well as being a tool for outdoor fun, it can also be a good helper for supermarket shopping.


Folding electric bicycles are derivatives of ordinary electric bikes that facilitate people's lifestyles. When it comes  to using the folding electric bicycle to optimize your life, I believe you have more novel ideas. Ride on your folding electric bicycle Bandit to open up more riding diversity. Share it on social media, give more riders riding inspiration and open up a more active and healthy riding atmosphere!