How to Have More Fun Ebike Mountain Riding

How to Have More Fun Ebike Mountain Riding

Nov 24, 2022

Mountain biking is indeed fascinating and thrilling. But if your riding skills are poor you won't be able to enjoy your ride at all. The mechanic who wishes to do his work well must first sharpen his tools. Practicing more is the way to improve your riding skills. Once you have mastered the technique you can enjoy the fun of off-road riding more confidently. 

Preparation stage

Check if the battery is fully charged

Due to the variability of mountain terrain, the battery life is consumed quickly. Getting your battery fully charged is crucial to ensure your subsequent riding.

Adjust tire pressure correctly

The tire pressure will have a significant impact on riding. In mountain biking, the rider usually tries to lower tire pressure. But it needs to be flexibly adjusted according to the weight of your electric cycle and the weight of the rider.

Adjust the seat height

Proper seat height is of great importance for riding. It needs to be adjusted according to the height of the rider. When practicing off-road riding, the seat can be set lower to shift the center of gravity and improve riding safety. If you have got your saddle down too low, you will fail to get the maximum efficiency out of your legs. Vice versa, having your saddle too high harms your riding posture.

Cyrusher XF900  mountain ebikeAdjust the suspension system

The suspension front fork is essential for mountain riding, and relieving the bumps on uneven roads will greatly improve riding comfort. Moreover, correctly measure the weight that your ebike will bear in addition to the rider weight and also the riding kit, helmet, backpack, spare battery and so on. When riding in  trails, open the adjustable front fork in time to relieve obstacles.

Keep the pedal even

Keep the pedals flat at all times to ensure your feet can fully touch the pedals so that you can better receive and exert force. This is beneficial for you to master mountain biking skills faster. When braking, your foot can also leave the pedal as soon as possible to keep your e-bike stable.

Slowly increase speed

Do not be hard on yourself. One minute on the stage needs 10 years of practice off stage, for example. By starting with the basic skills, you will improve your riding over time. Start practicing at a low speed and slowly accelerate to avoid some wrong riding methods that will cause unnecessary damage to the body.

Choose the suitable model

It is essential to choose a professional mountain electric bicycle to ensure that there is enough power to support your riding. The recommended model is Cyrusher's XF900. 

As one of the best-selling models, XF900 is the model with high performance in the Cyrusher category. The factory model is equipped with a 250W Bafang motor which provides strong power support and opens up the opportunity for many skillful movements. The battery is a 48v17ah high-capacity battery from Samsung which provides enough energy storage for your mountain riding. Additionally, an adjustable fork suspension is the most crucial component for mountain biking. The XF900 is equipped with a full suspension system which relieves most of the bumps and obstacles on the mountain trails and helps you complete your riding comfort.

The right tires can provide a better grip and help you travel over bumpy roads. XF900 provides 26”x4”  fat tires. The size of the tires increases the contact area with the ground, and the puncture-resistant material can prevent the intrusion of gravel from the road. Start your mountain biking journey worry-free.

Let's start riding!

Cornering, technical downhills and jumping are common skills for off-road riding. Do you want to become a skilled rider? Then practice now. 

When cornering

Cornering can be regarded as an essential part of mountain biking. If you want to corner well, it is imperative to avoid falling  off the brakes and using a proper speed to help you navigate turns easily.

  1. Managing the brake and the speed is key  to passing around the corner. Body posture also is the main factor affecting speed. When cornering, turning your body and head sideways into the turn improves grip and speed control.
  2. You may make mistakes one by one when cornering continuously because the speed changes and you need to adjust your body position as quickly as possible. To start with, you can practice cornering in an open area and gradually increase the difficulty. Adjusting your body posture allows you to feel which foot to have forward to put you most at ease. 
  3. If you want to make practice more interesting, set up some competitive events such as setting a countdown or racing with friends. But remember, safety comes first so pay attention to your riding skills to avoid injury.
XF900 Fat tire MTB
When going downhill

Going downhill will keep you moving at high speed due to the inertia from  the slope, so it is usually necessary to grasp the brakes in time. If you're racing with a friend, technical downhill skills will help you pass your opponent faster and that's where the timing of the brakes comes in.

  1. You can choose to practice on different paths. Different slope conditions will directly affect the downhill effect. If you want to try riding that is more suitable, consider choosing a new path.
  2. Practice downhill speed on the same road to monitor your timing. Gradually let go of the control of the brakes. If you find that at some points you do not need to control the brakes during practice, you can choose not to use the brakes. Increase the speed of passing to increase your edge in racing competitions.
  3. Observing the riding method of skilled riders, you can integrate and apply what you have learned. When descending, you can stand to help you better control the direction of the vehicle and maintain your balance.
Bunny hop

Jumping is one of the most challenging events in mountain biking. It is also the most eye-catching and rewarding technique. So, the higher the difficulty, the greater the danger. Some small jumps are less complex and easier to manage, but higher jumps start to scare people because there is a danger of failing and falling.

  1. An essential thing about jumping is the frequency of practice. You can start practicing with small jumps to help you better build your jumping confidence.
  2. The start determines the size and height of your jump. The front wheels of the vehicle will always be higher than the rear wheels of the vehicle when jumping, so keep the front wheels upward to open up your jump height.
  3. Keep the body in the center of the vehicle. When jumping, put more weight on the rear of the frame and the rear wheels so that the front wheels of the vehicle have better power.
  4. Pay attention to the location of the landing point and help yourself maintain your balance on the vehicle and when you land.
XF900 mountain electric cycle
When Climbing

There is a part that is often overlooked in mountain biking. Most people agree that speed riding is only more challenging when going downhill and jumping. But actually, climbing is very technically difficult.

However,  with the help of the motor, going uphill becomes more efficient and is less difficult.

  1. Keep yourself in the center of the vehicle and choose the appropriate gear and pedal mode for climbing, practicing them on a small slope at first. Try to switch different gears and power modes along the way.
  2. You can try more challenging routes. Different climbing difficulties will give you a sense of accomplishment in the challenges of constantly conquering peaks.
  3. Traveling uphill is very difficult because it is easy to lack power and fall back to the original position due to insufficient support. Keep practicing to get familiar with the power intensity in different mode gears. Practicing on other roads can better help you adapt to uphill turning.

The riding posture is  crucial in mountain biking. Always keep the center of gravity of the body in the center of the vehicle. Skilled riders will constantly change their posture according to different terrains and road conditions to better control the electric bicycle. Remember, you are in control of the vehicle,  the vehicle is not controlling you. Therefore, starting to practice with a good riding posture is the most basic practice stage.  This can ensure the continuous improvement of subsequently advanced skills.


In the process of practicing, each electric bicycle skill is complementary to the other. When you use one skill proficiently, other riding movements will also be quickly mastered and you will achieve your goal.

Mountain biking comes with its thrills and dangers. It is necessary to take protective measures during practice. Mountain biking can also be considered an extreme sport; if you really enjoy mountain biking, avoid being defeated by repeated failures. This is very common and it is a learning process. Remember that practice makes perfect and, with the right amount of practice, you can be sure to become skilled and enjoy your mountain biking.