Tips for Your Autumn Ebike Riding

Tips for Your Autumn Ebike Riding

Nov 28, 2022

The autumn leaves are withered and yellow, spreading over the roads like a golden avenue of gold. In this beautiful autumn season, ride your cyrusher electric bicycle, feel the rustling sound of your tyres rolling over the fallen leaves and enjoy the unique seasonal scenery of the golden environment outdoors. Feel the fantastic sense of relaxation that mother nature brings you.

As the temperature gradually cools down, people prefer to stay at home in the cooler weather and watch movies. The comfort of the indoor temperature will feed your laziness even more. But this happens to be a very unhealthy way of life. Get on your Cyrusher electric bike to warm up your body and combat the discomfort of rapidly falling temperatures.

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Fully warm-up

It is essential to warm up well before any exercise. Cycling is no exception. A thorough warm-up helps to raise your body temperature quickly, activate your muscles and get you into riding shape fast. 

Check the weather

It becomes even more critical in autumn to keep an eye on the weather forecast. The temperature drops and rainy weather is more frequent. The weather in the U.K. is even more unpredictable. Sometimes the sun is shining and then suddenly, there is a shower. The climate characteristics of the rainy season indicate that citizens should always be prepared with rain gear to deal with  sudden heavy rain when out riding.

Wear layers of clothing

The sudden drop in temperature and wet weather and will pose a disease threat to people with weakened immunity. It is essential to prepare properly and wear warm clothes. Choose soft and comfortable clothing to help you ride better. Don't just opt for thin cycling clothing, especially when your body still needs to warm up at the start of the ride. As the riding intensity increases, your body will gradually warm up and you can start to take off your coat. Regarding the choice of clothing, you can wear a first layer of light and sweat-wicking quick-drying clothes to help dissipate sweat during cycling and keep your body dry. Put on a windproof vest to better maintain body heat.

As the weather gets colder, fingers exposed outside may become stiff and numb due to the temperature. Because the hands are always holding  the handles and exposed to cold wind for a long time, consider wearing gloves to keep your fingers warm and flexible. 

Remember to clean your e-bike

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Autumn roads are always covered with fallen leaves and soft mud caused by rainy weather. The wheels will inevitably get covered in leaves and mud after a ride. Therefore, remember to clean up your electric bicycle right away after each ride. The fallen leaves and mud left will oxidize the wheels if left untouched for too long. And, it becomes more difficult to clean at that time when the moisture has dried away.

Protect your chain and tyres

The most romantic thing about cycling in autumn is travelling through a field of fallen leaves. It’s like a golden road. But at the same time, pay close attention to the tyres and chains of electric bicycles. You might find that  the road surface has changed and some fallen dead branches or gravel may be getting in the way of the tyres. Replace the punctured-resistant tyres when needed to better cope with the variability of the riding surface. When there are too many fallen leaves and mud,  fenders can help you better avoid mud and fallen leaves interfering with your tyre chain and affecting the driving speed. Cleaning your chain as soon as possible can also help you better extend the service life of the chain and other components, reduce the impact of pollutants on your chain and make your electric cycle shift more smoothly and quietly.

The Kommoda is fitted with C.T.S./Chaoyang 20" x4" puncture-resistant tyres. A fat tyre helps you avoid the impact of small gravel on the road. Fat tyres can improve grip on the road surface and their ability to handle wet and slippery road surfaces will be better than ordinary tyres.

Drive at low speeds

During rainy weather, it is more important to be aware of the wet and slippery ground when riding outside. Try not to drive at high speed. That will affect the vehicle's slippage on the ground and cause a fall. Remember to wear a good helmet. It is more effective than most other protective equipment to save you from  danger during riding.

Use your lighting

Without much sunshine, the increased humidity in the air will form foggy weather which has a significant impact on visibility. Always keep an eye on the path ahead to avoid obstacles. Therefore, the rider should be as visible as possible when going out to ride. Due to the changeable weather conditions, the days are getting shorter and shorter and the darkness is coming on faster and faster. Consider installing large front and rear headlights to help you see as well as possible when riding outside. Studies have shown that reasonable use of lights can significantly reduce the probability of traffic accidents, thereby avoiding potential dangers. The strength of the light improves your field of vision and, at the same time, reminds the surrounding vehicles to take precautions in advance, avoiding many traffic accidents. Before traveling, you can also check the sunset time in advance to prevent encountering areas that are not well lit and times when  the street lights are not yet on. Think ahead about how long your trip will take and whether you will be returning home in the dark.

The electric bikes from Cyrusher are all equipped with bright L.E.D. headlights and taillights. In addition, some of the recently updated models have reflective spokes on the tyres, adding reflective light sources in dim environments and improving driving safety. Riding in the rain and slippery conditions in autumn will increase the braking distance of the vehicle. The tail light then serves to warn following vehicles to maintain a reasonable riding distance and brake quickly.

Ensure a clear vision

In addition to illuminating your vision with lights as mentioned above, ensuring that your vision is not compromised can also improve driving safety. It is essential to know how to ride in rainy weather. After all, rain splashing into your eyes during a ride can be very disruptive to cycling safety. Choosing a helmet with a flap can be very effective in keeping your head safe while blocking the splash of rain. It's also a good idea to choose cycling glasses which can help to avoid the distractions caused by rain and sweat.

Keep your electric cycle safe

When the outdoor temperature gradually drops, so does the performance of your electric fat bike. Tyre pressure, for example, suffers as the temperature drops and the psi in the tyres is affected when they come into contact with icy roads. The motor also experiences a drop in output as the temperature drops. As a result of the temperature, the battery life is also consumed much faster than in the summer months. Pay attention closely to whether the vehicle parts are damaged and make any repairs so the value of the vehicle doesn’t drop. Being thoroughly familiar with the vehicle situation will enable you better prepare for each trip.

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Watch out for too many fallen leaves

The most representative aspect of autumn is the withered and yellow leaves. This  represent the ritual of entering a new season and, at the same time, it will bring you beautiful scenery. But for cyclists, the beautiful scenery hides the danger of slippery conditions. Don't underestimate the threat of rain-wet leaves which are sometimes as slippery as ice. Therefore, when riding on a road covered with fallen leaves pay attention to the riding speed and avoid dangerous riding behavior that could cause a bad fall.

Drink more water

As the temperature cools down in autumn, your skin also starts to get dry. Drink more water to replenish fluids,  help speed up your metabolism and boost your immunity. The wind and sweating during cycling accelerate the loss of body heat. When out riding, bring bottles of water to help you replenish the body’s fluid and salt consumed by riding and ease the fatigue of riding.

Pay attention to the brakes

The road becomes slippery in the rain which can reduce the traction of the tyres when riding. This means that braking sharply can be very dangerous. Remember not to use the front wheels to brake as this can cause the cycle to stop sharply and make the rear wheels lift, resulting in accidents. Sometimes the braking performance will be affected by the contact of water and fallen leaves interfering with the braking parts. If you fail to brake as soon as possible, this is a significant safety hazard for vehicles during driving. To allow for quick braking, you need to constantly switch the brake button to remove the water and debris around the brake components and restore the function of the brake pads.

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From Cyrusher Bikes Owners Group

Cycling on a road covered with fallen leaves to create a unique memory of autumn is indeed a very romantic thing, but you must always be vigilant about riding safety. Help yourself to enjoy autumn in peace!