Meet 2022's best all-terrain e-bike: Cyrusher Ranger

Meet 2022's best all-terrain e-bike: Cyrusher Ranger

Dec 05, 2022

The Ranger is an all-terrain mountain e-bike that many riders have been waiting for. It will be available for pre-order at the end of November − just in time for the Black Friday shopping season − from Cyrusher, a reputable producer of e-bikes. This is the first 52V battery choice offered by Cyrusher, setting new standards for the range of electric bikes. The model has been designed with a unique level of creativity. The entire frame has been brightened with a two-colour  beautiful creative pattern. Additionally, a new colour scheme has been chosen to liven up your journey. What catches individuals by surprise about the Ranger? This article invites you to look closer!

Cyrusher Ranger all-terrain ebike

Whats new in Ranger!


Cyrusher Ranger


52V 20Ah


6061 aluminum alloy full suspension frame


front suspension + rear air suspension

Light& Horn

Bright LED Horn Lamp250 lumen LED


Green, Black, White


The new large-scale battery

The Ranger is Cyrusher's newly-launched flagship product with the first high-capacity battery to use  the 52V standard. A high-capacity configuration that is one of the  bigger batteries on the market, 52V 20Ah offers excellent long-range performance and enough power support for the electric cycle. The battery also boasts an Ip65 waterproof rating, allowing you to venture out in the snow or rain. The battery may be easily replaced since it can be readily removed, which also makes it more convenient for charging.

Full suspension frame, front fork and rear air fork

The improved suspension component on this electric fat bike makes riding it more pleasant. The aluminum alloy 6061 is used to make the frame. It is durable and features a built-in suspension mechanism to smooth out the bumps. A neat and visually beautiful frame structure is made using welding techniques of the highest calibre. The durability of an electric bicycle is directly correlated with the material selected for the frame. A solid and durable material that is not overly heavy is the preferred choice. This idea served as the foundation for the Ranger. What’s more, Ranger is suitable for both tall and short riders, coming with an  adjustable saddle to better meet the demands of most riders.

The Ranger has an improved rear air suspension and a front fork that absorbs shock in addition to excellent frame suspension. This provides for rapid reaction to all road conditions and intensifies the soothing effect. The air fork has a weight advantage, a superior rebound to dampen vibrations and a smoother suspension effect. The premium parts are chosen to guarantee your comfort while riding.

New colour!

One of the hallmarks of Cyrusher has always been its colourful frames. To offer your journey a new dimension, the Ranger has been launched on the market with a new colour scheme. The design of the Ranger has a classic colour combination that will make you stand out in a crowd: green and black, white and orange, and black and red.

An upgraded full-colour screen display

The Cyrusher is constantly improving the riding experience for the user. One example of this advancement is the new colour-readable screen. The 3.7" LCD display is clear enough to show the information you need to learn, and the colourful user interface makes it easier to read and more interesting. This allows you to  more effectively customise the speed and mode of your ride using the pedal assist mode.

Bright LED Horn Lamp
Ranger Bright LED Horn Lamp

The light and horn design is crucial for riding out in the cold. The Ranger features a horn and light that are incorporated. Because the horn is included in the light component, there is less need for a bulky front-end design. Additionally, the large motorcycle-style headlights will light a wide area, and the appealing design helps you catch the attention of the majority of passersby. It is undoubtedly an ingenious design that combines utility and artistic style.

Whats still applied in Ranger?


Cyrusher Ranger


All-terrain electric bike




56 miles (90 km)


Bafang motor with peak 1200W and 80Nm


Shimano 9-speed


Kenda 26" x 4.0" Fat Tyres


Logan Hydraulic Disc Brakes (large 180mm dual hydraulic disc brakes)

Load capacity

330 lbs (150 kg)

Riders Height

5'7" ~ 6'6" (170cm ~ 200cm)

Bike Weight

66 lbs (30 kg) / 74 lbs (34 kg) with battery


Half twist throttle


Powerful Bafang motor

The Ranger's drivetrain continues to use  the powerful Bafang motor. It provides a potent riding tool that you can use in a variety of application circumstances with its unrestricted power of up to 1200w. The electric cycle is limited to 250W for better compliance with European road standards but if you are riding in open land, you may easily unblock it to match your higher speeds.

Ranger Bafang motor
Shimano nine-speed gears 

Shimano's nine-speed gears are still included in the Ranger. The Shimano nine-speed provides a wide range of gear ratios to appropriately adapt to various situations, from climbing to sprinting. It provides higher longevity and trustworthy quality assurance.

Twist throttle

The Ranger uses the same twist throttle the previous models always had. The throttle is set up to make riding more enjoyable. It makes it possible for the ebike to accelerate quickly when carrying big loads and to help you maintain better balance when braking. In order to prevent an excess of power that may lead to loss of control, the half twist throttle accelerates but not excessively quickly. Additionally, the half twist throttle has less of an influence on your ride and can be managed easier with gloves during wintertime rides.

Cyrusher Ranger twist throttle ebike

As you can imagine, the brake is crucial to ebike safety. Because of this, the Ranger continues to employ premium hydraulic disc brakes. It brakes more quickly and dissipates heat more quickly. You can better manage the brakes' linearity. In order to better achieve rapid braking, it still has the motor cut-off capability.

Fat tyres

The Ranger still chooses a fat tyre, and Kenda's puncture-resistant fat tyres provide you with a lot of options for your ride while assisting you in navigating various difficulties. When it comes to utility, the fat tyres offer a variety of lifestyle options that will appeal to most riders, whether they're heading to the store, commuting or riding off-road. The Ranger has big tyres that make it simpler for it to tackle dirt and snow. In addition, you can stop more quickly while braking since the fat tyres have  higher traction.

Price point

The price is one of the main issues customers will consider. The Ranger costs £2799 to purchase. Although there are numerous electric bikes on the market, the number of high-quality reasonably priced models  has always been limited. Given the complexity of the global supply chain, the Ranger's price tag was optimally chosen after assessing the production cost and shipping. With the aim of giving more riders a high-quality fat tyre electric bike to begin their trip in comfort, the pricing of Ranger has been kept in the 2k pound range while adding new and upgraded quality components. The Ranger arrives 85% prebuilt. The official  video shows you how to install the front wheel, handlebars, saddle and pedals and attach the shock brake cable. You can complete your installation process in around 45 minutes, or even less, and get your ride started quickly.

Cyrusher Ranger package box

The Ranger is unquestionably the best e bike to pick for your peace of mind. An e bike is a road-ready transport vehicle so while you're out riding or moving products, you'll want to choose a cycle with safety and quality you can trust.

From Cyrusher

Professional e-bike producer Cyrusher is situated in Shenzhen but it also has fulfillment centres in France, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States. For the past eight years, it has been selling e-bikes and providing a fun ride for more than 60,000 riders worldwide. The Ranger is a good demonstration of this. It is a flagship model that Cyrusher has been polishing and refining for a long time. It is packed with the best features in the Cyrusher category, offering riders a better option for advanced riding. Cyrusher consistently provides a careful selection for your journey, ranging from the basic entry-level model and professional mountain ebikes to cutting-edge all-terrain models. Cyrusher is dedicated to becoming the brand of choice for cyclists who are outdoor lovers and focuses on offering high-quality goods and services in that regard. The company insists on creating specialized electric bikes that strike the ideal balance between quality and price.

As the shopping season comes to an end, with Christmas bells ringing and the footprint of winter approaching, the Ranger is the best value electric bike to beat the cold. It is your best option for a powerful all-terrain electric bike for winter that defies the chilly weather and snow. Ranger invites you on an adventure to break boundaries and venture into the unknown without being intimidated by the darkness.

If you're interested in Cyrusher specialized electric bikes, you can purchase and find more information about Cyrusher at the following link.

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