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The Best Electric Bikes for Summer Riding

Jul 27, 2023

The scorching temperatures experienced in July have instilled a sense of apprehension regarding the rest of the summer. Moreover, the frequent fluctuations in climate are primarily influenced by the release of greenhouse gases. In light of the importance of environmental conservation and energy efficiency, e-bikes have emerged as the optimal solution for embracing green energy practices. This article aims to acquaint you with the benefits of e-bikes and how they can enhance your experience during this sweltering summer.

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Get rid of summer heat

In July of this year, several locations in Europe experienced record-breaking temperatures due to the greenhouse effect. These extreme temperatures disrupt daily life. People are enthusiastic about participating in sports at this time of year. Lightweight and breathable cycling gear typically used during summer allows for more comfortable cycling. Even so, engaging in physical activities like cycling can lead to dehydration and overheating, making individuals more susceptible to heat stroke and other illnesses common in a hot climate. As a result, more individuals opt to use cars for transportation.

However, the use of air-conditioning in the car, along with the release of exhaust emissions and the exorbitant fuel cost render traveling by car an unreliable alternative. Electric bicycles, which depend on electricity, emerge as the optimal option for short distance travel. The superior range and effective energy management modes of e-bikes enable riders to experience a convenient and easily transportable means of travel while simultaneously significantly reducing carbon emissions and conserving energy.

Open up more possibilities for e-bike summer cycling!

Go for a ride campaign

Summer is when cycling reaches its peak and e-bikes have become one of the preferred transportation methods for leisurely rides. Unlike regular bicycles that depend on constant pedaling, e-bikes have an electric assist function that enables the rider to adjust the appropriate gear for the desired speed and effortlessly move forward using electricity. This eliminates the need for strenuous pedaling, prevents the rider from getting sweaty during rides and helps to conserve energy more effectively.

Going to the beach to feel the summer

Beaches are a favored destination for many during the summer break. In addition to indulging in sunbathing, riding along the beach on an e-bike offers an exciting opportunity to make the most of your leisure time. Unlike thrilling mountain trails, soft sandy beaches provide an exceptional riding experience, albeit requiring specific riding skills. Typically, the sand closer to the water is firmer and less challenging to ride on. However, riders should be aware of the potential for the sand shifting, making the ride difficult. In any case, using e-bikes on the beach offers a convenient way to explore the shoreline and have a great time.

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For daily travelling (grocery shopping, dog walking, commuting etc.)

E-bikes have emerged as an efficient transportation method for short trips. A majority of our daily activities involve traveling short distances. Energy conservation and efficiency are intelligently integrated into the design of e-bikes, meaning they are an efficient and convenient transportation alternative. By hooking a small trailer to your e-bike, you can effortlessly take your pet on a short-distance outing, for example. If you need to visit the supermarket, attaching a spacious pannier bag to the rear seat will allow you to transport your daily essentials more quickly, freeing up your hands and relieving you from walking. Furthermore, the compact size of e-bikes allows for easier maneuverability and parking. An e-bike can help you with most of your everyday travel needs, becoming an excellent travel companion.

Starting the journey of outdoor cycling

The dense population and regular human activities in urban areas have caused an ecological imbalance and intensified the greenhouse effect within cities. As a result, many people are opting to plan trips to natural landscapes as a way to refresh their minds and escape the summer heat. The extended range of e-bikes enables riders to venture further than they could with traditional bikes, and the pedal-assist feature helps alleviate fatigue associated with relying on human power alone. The convenience and enjoyment of exploring nature make riders more inclined to detach from electronic devices and reconnect with the outdoors, allowing them to feel truly alive.

The Best Electric Bike for Summer Riding

When selecting an electric bicycle for daily commuting as well as outdoor riding, it is essential to choose an all-terrain e-bike. The Cyrusher Ovia stands out as a top-notch all-terrain e-bike. Not only is the Cyrusher Ovia suitable for various terrains, its bright red frame design will turn heads and make your summer rides even more enjoyable.

The Ovia is an electric bike designed with a step-through frame equipped with a powerful 750W Bafang motor (limited to 250W under UK road regulations). The motor on Ovia has enough torque to carry the rider up steep hills effortlessly. Additionally, the step-through frame makes it easier for riders of all sizes to mount and dismount the bike, allowing for a more comfortable ride. This combination of strength and convenience makes the Ovia the ideal choice for those seeking power and comfort.

The Ovia, being an all-terrain e-bike, is designed with durable fat tyres that are resistant to punctures. These specialized tyres enable the bike to navigate various riding surfaces. This allows it to travel effortlessly on different terrains, such as the steep slopes of rugged mountains or the soft sandy beaches. The fat tyres provide additional traction, enhancing the overall stability of the bike. They are particularly beneficial for riding on slippery and icy surfaces, offering improved grip. The fat tyres also help absorb shocks from bumps encountered on uneven roads, ensuring a smoother ride for the rider.

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The Ovia offers a 52V, 17Ah battery pack, which provides extended range and enhanced capacity compared to its competitors. It stands out as a portable choice thanks to its detachable feature, which makes it easy to charge. The high-capacity battery ensures excellent battery power and quality.

The front and rear suspension system is designed to provide optimal comfort for the rider. When riding on challenging terrain during outdoor adventures, the full suspension model offers superior cushioning compared to the hardtail model. The advanced shock absorbers effectively absorb impacts from obstacles, enabling the rider to tackle more difficult riding techniques and maintain better control confidently.

Safety is a priority whenever you take a bike out for a ride, making it essential to have a brake that can effectively stop a bike in a dangerous situation. Ovia has chosen a hydraulic braking system, which offers smooth braking performance and reduces skidding distances. This helps minimize the risk of danger. Additionally, the Ovia is equipped with front and rear lights, ensuring adequate visibility in low-light road conditions and serving as a warning to other vehicles, thus reducing cycling mishaps.

Summer cycling offers a refreshing way to alleviate the stress and discomfort of hot weather. Electric bikes present an opportunity to embrace freedom in your travels. By opting for energy-efficient transportation, cycling enables individuals to break free from indoor environments. E-bikes, which are comparable in size to traditional bicycles, afford people the freedom to navigate city streets and allow riders to fully embrace the exhilaration of being amidst a vibrant crowd. Additionally, they support independent exploration of the diverse and challenging landscapes in the wilderness, offering a chance to reconnect with nature and experience moments of healing solitude.

Tips for protection in summer cycling

  1. It is advisable to avoid cycling during the peak temperature hours, typically between 12:00 noon and 3:00 pm, in order to minimize the impact of high temperatures. Riding in direct sunlight during these hours can increase the risk of heat stroke and other heat-related illnesses. Instead, consider going out in the cooler evening or early morning hours when the temperature is lower.
  1. Protecting your skin from strong ultraviolet rays when cycling during the summer is crucial. You can achieve this by physically shielding yourself from the sun or applying sunscreen. If you use sunscreen, make sure to reapply it regularly as sweating during the ride can diminish its effectiveness. Additionally, you may opt for clothing, hatsand accessories with a high sunscreen index to have better protection against sunburn and other sun-related issues.
  1. Ensuring proper hydration is essential. While cycling, constant sweating is inevitable to regulate body temperature. For optimal cycling performance, it is crucial to replenish fluids regularly during cycling.
  1. Chooselightweight and moisture-wicking clothing. Opting for thinner and lighter cycling clothing materials will enhance heat dissipation during your ride. Additionally, selecting quick-drying clothing will help you stay dry even when you sweat heavily, resulting in a more comfortable cycling experience.
  1. Prioritize adequate rest intervals. When engaging in summer cycling, taking timely breaks is paramount for recovery and gradually cooling your body temperature. This will help you regain strength and enhance your cycling experience.

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The scorching summer season has undeniably sparked a fervor for increased cycling, with e-bikes emerging as the preferred means of escaping the sweltering heat and exhaustion. E-bikes offer respite from hectic work schedules while facilitating effective exercise. Furthermore, their enhanced portability and energy efficiency presents a valuable solution for reducing the impact of greenhouse gases. Embrace the e-bike experience and unlock a plethora of vibrant possibilities for your summer days!