Blog-Cyrusher Fat Tyre Electric Bikes Promote Sustainability and Harmony Between People and Nature

Speaking Out for the Planet, Cyrusher Fat Tyre Electric Bikes Promote Sustainability and Harmony Between People and Nature

Mar 27, 2023

Cyrusher, a specialized e-bike manufacturer, continuously strives for environmental sustainability. Clean energy can offer a solution to a society constantly threatened by pollution. Cyrusher fat tyre electric bikes are propelling urban change and encouraging sustainable social development by optimizing urban mobility with renewable electricity.

Let's pedal for the planet

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) launched the Earth Hour campaign which encourages individuals and companies to use less energy by turning off extra lights and energy-consuming equipment for one hour on the last Saturday in March each year. Several places have also organized riding activities to promote public engagement. The events are to raise awareness about sustainable development, renewable energy usage and the severity of environmental issues. Cyrusher e-bikes encourage the idea of riding and understanding that even one green kilometer can lessen our carbon footprint.

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Cyrusher Electric Bikes & Sustainable Development

Better serving the needs of riders

Research shows that e-bikes are reducing the environmental carbon footprint by 750kg per year. Some waste pollution from the manufacturer is unavoidable throughout the production process. However, these vehicles are far more beneficial when it comes to a greener and more sustainable society than traditional fuel cars  with their polluting emissions. Electric cars are undoubtedly the future of transportation, but their high cost and limited supply does not meet public demand. E-bikes are making their way into a number of traditional industries, such as delivery and postal services, in addition to being used for personal transportation. As more transportation tasks are done using an e-bike, which is cleaner and more cost-effective, e-bikes are also becoming the preferred means of transportation for people working and traveling.

The electric bicycle has become more than just a motor-driven bike as the industry improves and innovates. People's changing needs have led to refinement in the classification of electric bikes. Examples include the mountain e-bike, which is better suited to mountain riding, and the more powerful mid-motor e-bike. E-bikes offer excellent options for improving the convenience of people's lives.

Innovation is a source of vitality for a company. In order to better meet its carbon reduction goals, Cyrusher is constantly innovating with its e-bikes and developing more electric models that address the rider's needs with the electric bike's design. A rider-vote-for-colour campaign has recently been introduced on Cyrusher's Facebook fan group. Riders who have already made a purchase will be invited to vote on their favourite colour for the upcoming model. The model can be designed with more rider input through this beneficial user engagement and customers will have a more direct way to voice their concerns, helping the product serve riders better. Until now, Cyrusher has provided over 60,000 riders in more than 10 regions worldwide with quality e-bikes which have reduced carbon emissions by over 54,545T, helping to lower carbon footprints around the planet. In this way, Cyrusher is making its own contribution to develop a greener society.

The need for green urban development

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The social environment is constantly being affected by human activity and population growth. The necessity for cities to go green has become more critical as a result of weather extremes and crustal movement, serving as warning signs of the risk of increasing societal activity. Several cities have established "zero-carbon" objectives and put in place electrified urban transportation systems. In spite of the fact that electric transportation is not yet dominant, it is a significant step towards optimizing urban development. The birth and growth of the e-bike provide new ideas for green transport networks. The accessibility of cycling on these vehicles makes them an easy choice and increases their acceptance as a means of transport.

A low-emission way to store energy

A full range of rechargeable lithium batteries powers Cyrusher electric bikes. Lithium batteries are increasing their market share by offering a large capacity for energy storage. They are able to sustain vehicles over long distances and supplant other ways of energy storage as the primary energy support for many future applications. A Cyrusher e-bike lithium battery generally charges in 4 to 7 hours, which is helpful  with the fast pace of city life, and provides a more efficient way to store energy. More importantly, the lithium battery used in an e-bike prevents vehicle emissions during usage. This avoids the usual traffic exhaust pollution in the city and can promote city construction that is more ecologically friendly.

A more economical and practical choice

One of the reasons why e-bikes are becoming more sought after is their lower maintenance costs. The soaring price of traditional energy sources and the preference for clean energy are both reasons that clean energy will continue to be a significant trend in the future. The electric bike, which also relies on electricity, offers an affordable alternative to more expensive electric cars. In addition to the difference in price tag, e-bikes are more economical in terms of charging and maintenance. This makes them a more accommodating choice for families with high living expenses as well as those on a tight budget.

Friendly to more people

The Cyrusher e-bike is designed to provide consumers with a high-quality product that will allow them to enjoy an amazing ride from the moment they jump on it. The design of the vehicle is characterized by its ability to accommodate a wide range of riders' physical characteristics. The inevitable trend towards an aging society continues to affect the vitality of cities. In addition, there are people who are not as mobile as others due to physical limitations. E-bikes serve as a bridge between such groups and society, helping them to get out in nature and be more involved in society. It is easier for people with mobility challenges to start cycling because of the vehicle’s portable frame structure and ability to be operated with little effort.

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There is an increasing number of individuals who are suffering from mental and physical health issues due to living in a high stress world and many have chronic sleep disorders and common mental illnesses. Plus, unhealthy habits like poor eating practices and sedentary lifestyles can contribute to health issues like being overweight.. The e-bike is a simple and environmentally friendly solution to protect individuals from excessive stress, sleep disorders and obesity.

In the model category, the Cyrusher e-bike includes a pedal assist mode and a choice of two different sensors. The Cyrusher vehicles not only provide the user with a quicker and more effective means of transportation, but they can also be used as fitness equipment for regular exercise.

It is incredibly easy to customise your riding style with the pedal assist mode, making it appropriate for cyclists just getting started. An e-bike with speed assistance enhances your cycling experience and makes it simpler for you to form a healthy daily exercise routine. As a result, it gives riders additional motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a positive attitude toward life's challenges.

Start your spring riding

Spring cycling is growing in popularity as the weather warms and e-bike riding is becoming a very popular cycling alternative for more people. It's time to get out those e-bikes to start a new chapter in riding, as springtime symbolizes new life and fresh starts. Plan B is something we can have, but Planet B will never exist. Make your personal contribution to a zero-carbon society by taking part in decreasing society's carbon footprint through more environmentally friendly riding. Hop on your Cyrusher e-bike to meet a greener, healthier planet and a more energetic, active you.

About Cyrusher

Cyrusher is a reputable producer of electric bicycles for professionals that have been successfully marketed in more than 10 nations worldwide. The brand's electric bicycles pass rigorous international quality tests and meet CE, UL, Rhos and FCC requirements. Additionally, Australia, China, the EU, Japan, Korea and the USA have registered and approved the brand. An offline store test-ride service has also been introduced in a number of nations, including the USA, UK and France.

Cyrusher always adheres to its original characteristic style while incorporating elements that are popular in the market. It works hard to address the needs of customers in new product designs so that the models launched retain their own characteristics while innovating to match what is sought after in the market. In the future, Cyrusher will continue to enrich and expand its range of electric cycles, introducing more features and models that meet the needs of more riders. Cyrusher will keep expanding its range of vehicles to satisfy the needs of more riders, offering a solution for zero-carbon, fast and convenient urban commuting. 

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