Blog-Get Ready for Your Spring Ebike Riding

Get Ready for Your Spring Ebike Riding

Mar 30, 2023

The weather is warming up, and spring is creeping up on us. It's the perfect moment to start your spring riding plans as the days grow longer and the weather becomes more comfortable. Electric bikes are providing new inspiration for your spring riding plans and adding flavour to your daily life. Grab a group of friends and get ready for your spring ride!

Choose the most suitable electric bike for spring riding

Choosing the electric bike that is right for you is the first thing you must do to prepare for spring riding. Here are two of the best electric fat bikes in the £1,000-2000 range which offer an affordable option.

Blog-XF650 ebike for spring riding

Entry-level riding model - XF650   

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The XF650 could be your top pick if you're ready to test out an e-bike for the first time this spring. The XF650 is a hardtail model for entry-level e-bike riders that offers motor-assisted power, priced at £1599 (spring sale price of £1349 now) which makes  it an affordable but effective choice. Additionally, the 48V 16AH high-capacity battery is designed to offer up to 80km of riding mileage (in pedal assist mode), taking care of the majority of your riding requirements on your first trip.

This model is equipped with a front suspension fork which smooths out road imperfections and improves riding comfort. The bike frame is built of aluminum to maintain the stability of the electric bike and ensure its solid and durable quality for long-term use. The XF650 provides you with a practical and economical travel alternative. The following advice from riders who have previously bought one can be useful if you still have doubts about purchasing this entry-level electric bike.

Sam Verified   

“This bike is genuinely awesome! Let me tell you, I love to ride, and I was looking for a bike that was affordable but also looked good and packed power. After much research, I settled on this, the bike was so easy to assemble, the battery life is great, and it makes riding long distances like it usually does so much more convenient. I live in the valley, so I have lots of uphills and downhills, but that’s not a challenge for this bike. If you’re like me and you are researching a bike and unsure, just go ahead and order it!”

Hanson Verified   

“I was very skeptical at first because of the price. But let me tell you, after the easy assembly and a short time charging it, I took it out for a ride in the hilly neighborhood and was very impressed with the electric assist going uphill and the zero resistance going down.”

Comfortable riding model - Kommoda

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If you are looking for a more comfortable riding experience, then you can consider the Kommoda step-through electric bike. This is one of the best-selling models in the Cyrusher category with an inclusive frame structure that can accommodate the majority of riders of all sizes and ages. The vibrant orange frame makes the entire model design even more colourful and that means it is a popular option for many riders shopping for an e-bike for the first time.

The Kommoda is equipped with front and rear shock absorbers which can absorb most of the bumps and undulations on the road, providing riders with a more comfortable riding experience. The bike is equipped with a 48V 14AH battery capacity which meets most daily riding needs. The puncture-resistant fat tyres can adapt to various riding terrains but are more in line with urban electric bike aesthetics. The entire design is pleasing to the eye and practical, making it the ideal choice for riders to ride comfortably.

Kimmy Verified   

“I would recommend this bike you anyone who is looking to enjoy riding a bike again. We go farther and do more with these bikes than any biking we have done in the past. We bike to concerts, fireworks, and lunch; you name it, we use these bikes, and everyone comments on how nice-looking they are.”

Michael Verified  

“I have had three electric bikes, and this one beats all my other bikes. I recommend anyone looking for an electric bike get this one with full suspension. The hydraulic brakes are brilliant. The handlebars turn down, so it makes it smaller to store in a low shed. It’s cheaper, in the long run, to get an excellent bike like this than spend money on low-value ones that you really don’t enjoy in the end.” 

Pick up suitable accessories


Prior to any excursion, safety is always the top priority and everyone knows to always wear a helmet to ensure safe riding. Selecting a suitable helmet will protect your head and help you avoid suffering severe damage in the case of an accident.

Blog- Wear helmet while riding ebike


Different road conditions you explore in the spring will have various obstacles such as fallen leaves, mud, etc. Your riding efficiency may be improved by fitting your bike with a proper fender which will stop leaves from splashing onto the chain or tyre while riding.

Backup battery

If you are planning to explore further, equipping yourself with a backup battery is a wise decision. Using a backup battery can reduce riding range anxiety, allowing you to explore nature more freely and comfortably.

Check the condition of your electric bike


The brakes are the safety component of your e-bike and their importance cannot be overstated. Consequently, before you begin riding, it is crucial to inspect the vehicle's braking system. Vehicle accidents that end in injuries and other problems are highly likely to be caused by malfunctioning brakes. Examine the condition of brake pads and replace them if required. There are different types of brakes installed in each model; some are hydraulic brakes while others are mechanical brakes. Although various models differ in their structural design, it is necessary to examine the brake connections to guarantee the safety of the braking components.

Screws and connections

If the electric road bike has been sitting for an extended period of time without being used, you should check the tightness of the main connections right away. This is important to make sure the model is operating properly and to maintain riding stability and safety.


It is crucial to ensure that the chain on your electric bike is in proper working order and operating smoothly to make your trip as safe as possible.


Blog- Puncture resistant fat tyre for comfortable riding

If the bike hasn't been ridden for a while, pay close attention to the tyres and do a thorough check of them as well. Check the tread first to determine whether there is any wear or damage, the degree of wear and so on. If something breaks, or is worn or damaged it should be fixed quickly to ensure riding is as smooth as possible.

Furthermore, keep an eye on your tyre pressure. Tyre pressure has to be topped up as soon as possible since it has a significant impact on how efficiently the Ebike runs. Before your ride, map out your route and change your tyre pressure to suit the terrain. You can lower the tyre pressure when cycling on steep slopes and soft sand beaches to increase grip and lessen the risk of accidents. Additionally, it's vital to prevent mishaps from obstructions that can damage the tread by maintaining proper tyre pressure. Consider raising the tyre pressure to minimize traction and increase ride economy when riding on a city road. No matter whether setting a higher pressure or a lower one, stay within the manufacturer's recommended range to avoid a flat tyre.


The battery is the energy supply system for the whole bike, providing running power, vehicle lighting, etc. It is critical to check for capacity storage problems with the battery. In the event of a sudden loss of power or other issues with the battery, it is essential to replace the battery right away. Make sure to choose an original battery in order to avoid any safety issues, recharge the battery before the trip and be sure to plan the trip reasonably in order to avoid running out of power in the middle of your travels.

Blog-Kommoda Ebike for spring riding


Spring is the most comfortable season for riding electric bikes. Outdoor conditions that are ideal for riding, as well as the ability to explore the rich scenery around you, are very attractive. As the temperature turns warmer in spring, you no longer need to travel wrapped in a heavy jacket when biking. This makes your cycling pace easier and more efficient. Spring is the season when everything revives in nature and with all the flowers and lushness, an electric bike becomes your favourite way to connect with nature. It allows you to relax and get some fresh oxygen. Therefore, it's time to get on your Cyrusher e-bike and embark on your adventurous spring ride. Enjoy some exercise while exploring more of nature and invisibly reducing society's carbon footprint. You will be contributing to building a greener society.