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Essential accessories for riding an electric bike

Mar 24, 2023

Over the past few years, electric bikes have become increasingly popular and riding safely on e-bikes continues to be a growing concern. Wearing the necessary accessories, such as a helmet, during your ride can help to optimize your safety and cycling efficiency. What are the essential electric bike accessories you need during your ride? This article will describe these and provide inspiration for your electric bike accessory purchase.

Accessories for safety and comfort


The first step to safe riding is to wear a helmet when using an electric cycle. It is of great importance to safeguard the head, as a head injury can impact the body’s functioning in many ways. Electric bicycles, which can reach 20-28mph, are capable of providing faster running speeds than traditional bicycles. Accidents are more likely to happen at high speeds and, according to the statistics, plenty of incidents are actually caused by high speed. The riders with helmets are far less likely to suffer severe injuries than those without one. Helmets can protect you against serious injuries and lessen the severity of collision injuries. You can choose a high-quality helmet with a distinctive design to better protect your head and safety.

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Backup batteries

The battery, one of the most expensive components of an electric road bike, is the power station for the entire vehicle and is capable of supporting the bike on its ongoing expeditions further and further afield. One of the first things many people consider when planning a ride is whether the battery has enough power to support long distances and whether there is a nearby power station for charging if they run out of power during the trip. The best thing you can do is keep a spare battery on hand in case of an emergency. A backup battery not only saves you time waiting for a recharge but also optimizes your travel efficiency, allowing you to determine your travel options more easily without worries.

Having a backup battery available is a practical solution for your long-distance travels. It eliminates your concerns about distance and power, making your riding simpler and more liberating. The batteries chosen by Cyrusher are sourced from quality manufacturers, offering high-end products that are free from risks. The batteries are designed to be detachable, providing flexible charging options and optimizing your charging procedure. The majority of models come with a large-capacity battery that can cover most of your daily riding needs. It only takes 4-6 hours to fully charge the battery. All the same OEM batteries are available for sale on the Cyrusher official website, giving riders easy access to purchase a backup battery and decreasing their energy storage anxiety.

Must-have fenders

In addition to flat streets, you will also want to ride your electric assist bike on bumpy country roads and steep hills as well as on soft sand beaches. Many obstacles are found on different roads, including fine sand, dirt, branches and leaves. Apart from the fact that these obstacles are difficult to clean off, they can also cause further oxidation of the functional components of a vehicle which could damage its efficiency as a result. The fender becomes an important part of the system because it prevents a large amount of mud, leaves, etc. from splashing onto your bike during the ride, thus improving the efficiency of the ride as well.

Rear-view mirrors

A rear-view mirror allows you to see what is behind you without constantly turning your head to the side to look at the road which can result in risky driving. Mirrors, on the other hand, may be viewed by some riders as a particularly burdensome accessory that detracts from the bike's overall visual appeal. Yet, once you give it a try, you'll see that using a rearview mirror dramatically improves your driving efficiency and makes the state of the road and the flow of traffic more apparent. Installing mirrors on your vehicle can help you see farther behind you, better monitor traffic conditions and reduce driving dangers.


An appropriate saddle can improve your riding experience and make long-distance riding more pleasant. You can customize your saddle to suit your aesthetic preferences and improve your overall comfort in order to make cycling a more enjoyable experience.

Accessories for storage

Rear rack, pannier bag and trailer /child seat

Electric road bikes are frequently used as a means of cargo transportation. An electric bike with a high load capacity significantly improves traveling convenience. This is where the utility of a rear rack comes into play. To offer you a place to transport your goods, a sturdy rear rack can easily be placed on your electric fat bike. Cyrusher offers a matching pannier bag for additional storage, which provides ample space to help you transport items, increase travel effectiveness and keep your possessions secure.

A side bag design for the pannier bag is also available to provide additional storage space. The bag is made of waterproof material, making it more practical in multiple scenarios. A portable trailer attached to the rear rack enables family time for riders who wish to take their kids or a furry friend out on a journey to discover nature. This undoubtedly results in memorable and enjoyable family memories! For children, in addition to the trailer, there is a special child seat to help keep them and provide a more comfortable riding experience.

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From the Cyrusher owner group 
Mobile phone holder

For riders who love cycling adventures, navigating the road is essential . This is why a vehicle phone holder that keeps the phone in front of you in your line of sight comes in handy. Your phone can be securely attached to the electric cycle, allowing you to free up your hands and make the ride more enjoyable.

Water bottle holder

For cyclists who prefer cycling for exploration or going on long-distance expeditions, staying hydrated with water is crucial for energy. It is also a smart idea to carry a bottle of juice to replenish your body with nutrients and reduce fatigue. Therefore, a bottle holder is an essential accessory. It helps fix the bottle in place without it shaking.

Front basket

The front basket is a fantastic option to improve the utility of an electric bike in addition to the rear pannier bag. This is a simple way to store your cargo and you can ensure that it will be visible. Using a front basket, you can locate your cargo more conveniently, keep it safe and load and unload it with ease.

Accessories for maintenance and security  


Technically speaking, locks are not an accessory for an electric bike, but they are of great importance to electric bike safety. Electric bikes are becoming more popular with the public, which gives thieves a chance to steal these high-value products. They can be exchanged for money, either the individual accessories or the whole bike. Selecting a high-quality lock, which is often available in the style of a U-shaped lock, enables you to minimize the danger of loss and protect your assets from being stolen.

Pump and air pressure test gauge

There is no question that tyre pressure is a value that needs to be monitored at all times when using an electric bicycle. The tyre pressure needs to be adjusted for riding on different terrains, in addition to the fact that the pressure will fluctuate with regular use. With proper tyre pressure, the bike is capable of riding further and causing less damage to the bike components. This is the reason why the tyre pump is an essential accessory to help you top off the tyre pressure and adjust it whenever necessary. Moreover, a tyre pressure gauge is a useful tool that allows you to monitor tyre pressure more accurately and clearly without having to use your hands to judge the pressure by the softness of the tyre.

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Tool kits

Regular maintenance of an electric bicycle is of great importance to riding safety. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare a tool kit that includes standard tools like screwdrivers and so on. This will assist with common situations such as fastening the screws and connections of the components and repairing a flat tyre. A kit for cleaning the bike is also necessary in order to keep it in good working condition. For your convenience, you can label kits based on their use so that you can find them faster.


Always keep in mind that safety comes first. Remember to equip yourself with the accessories to keep you safe, such as helmets and so on, when you are out riding. Different accessories are used to improve different aspects like safety, storage and comfort. Optimizing your riding experience will improve your riding efficiency. As a result, when looking for electric bike accessories consider the combination of safety, comfort and practicality, Search and select the right accessory according to your daily needs and customize your electric bike in the style you like. Make your electric bike a practical tool for you to enjoy riding.