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How to Choose the Right Size of Electric Bike

Mar 20, 2023

Many consumers who purchase their first electric bike are not happy with the product because they select the wrong size which ruins their entire electric bike riding experience. This article will explain how to find the right size of e-bike to help riders select the ideal model for them.

There are annoying consequences of buying a model that isn't the right size. It can make it difficult to ride, prevent the rider from enjoying the ride and, worst of all, increase the risk of being hurt. An e-bike is not a cheap investment so it’s important to make the best use of your money and get the ideal size for your riding enjoyment .

Daily needs

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Prior to learning how to purchase the proper e-bike size, it's critical to be clear on your requirements. You can narrow your options by removing models that don't meet your expectations through evaluating your daily needs. To decide whether you need a specialized mountain e-bike or an entry-level e-bike, consider whether you intend to use it for daily commuting, running errands on a daily basis or climbing tough trails. When you consider different models, it’s important to know that there will be some variation in size since different e-bike types adhere to different frame designs and performances.

The size of an e-bike in relation to the riding experience

The size of your e-bike will affect your riding efficiency, riding comfort and the durability of your bike. When you ride a bike that is the proper size for you, your riding activities will be more comfortable without putting a strain on your joints and you can get an effective workout. A more enjoyable riding experience makes it easier to form a long-term cycling habit and make full use of your ebike.

What happens when you ride an improper size of e-bike?

Uncomfortable riding experience

Being uncomfortable to ride on is the most common sign that an ebike size is not suitable for you. The wrong size of bike leads to an incorrect pedal position and grip position which contributes to a terrible riding experience. The rider's movements fail to work in harmony with the bike, so their agility and ability to handle the bike is greatly affected by the wrong size. This increases the chance of falls and other risks.

Back pain and other symptoms

Back discomfort is a symptom that is likely to appear after a long-term ride but if it starts to bother you straight away, it means that your vehicle is not the right size. When your leg muscles are being strained and your body is controlling the bike in an unpleasant riding posture, it can make your back hurt. Wrist pain is also a common symptom of riding an improper bike size. With an electric bike that is too tall or too heavy, you must use more power to steer it ahead which makes it painful to operate. Long periods of time spent riding this kind of electric bike might harm your body as well as the bike.

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Easy to feel fatigue

If you ride an improper size of ebike, you'll have to compensate in various ways in order to maintain its balance and propel the vehicle forward. This includes pushing on the pedals harder or adopting a more demanding riding posture. As a result, the rider is more likely to experience weariness.

How to choose the right size

Size measurement

The simplest approach to determining the right size is to refer to the recommended rider height which is shown on the manufacturer's official site. The frame size of the vehicle is one of the most significant factors and can be used as the basic way to rule out very unsuitable sizes. You can measure your height with a tape measure or in any other conventional manner. In order to make sure the height value you receive is as accurate as possible, it is recommended to wear the shoes you wear to ride while taking the measurements. Then, it is easy for you to verify that the model fits you by referring to the officially recommended height.

Cyrusher's model size reference



Riders’ height

Load capacity


All-terrain electric bike

5'7" ~ 6'6" (170cm ~ 200cm)

330 lbs (150 kg)


All-terrain electric bike

5'7" ~ 6'6" (170cm ~ 200cm)

330 lbs (150 kg)


Folding electric bike

5'7" ~ 6'3" (170cm ~ 190cm)

330 lbs (150 kg)


Entry-level ebike

5'4" ~ 6'1" (163cm ~ 185cm)

330 lbs (150 kg)


Mountain electric bike

5'7" ~ 6'6" (170cm ~ 200cm)

330 lbs (150 kg)


Mountain electric bike

5'7" ~ 6'6" (170cm ~ 200cm)

330 lbs (150 kg)


Step-through electric bike

5'1" ~ 6'2" (155cm ~ 190cm)

330 lbs (150 kg)


Step-through electric bike

5'3" ~ 6'6" (164cm ~ 200cm)

330 lbs (150 kg)


Step-through electric bike

5'7" ~ 6'6" (170cm ~ 200cm)

330 lbs (150 kg)

As shown in the chart above, step-through electric bikes are much more comfortable to ride for all riders, regardless of their height or age. For mountain electric bikes and all-terrain electric bikes, the height requirements are more demanding. Refer to the step-through category if you are shorter in height or have difficulty getting on and off a bike. The Kommoda, Ovia and Kuattro are all equipped with high-quality components to provide riders with high-quality products.

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For riders between 155 and 190 cm, the Kommoda is the bike that offers maximum comfort. The Kuattro is designed for larger riders who prefer a step-through model. Featuring an upgraded rear air suspension and a powerful battery, the Ovia is one of the best configurations available. You can select between the mountain electric bike category and the all-terrain bike category if you enjoy taking on adventurous riding. Both categories are friendly for taller riders, with heights between 170 cm and 200 cm being suggested. The XF800 and XF900 are the more traditional mountain e-bikes in the category, giving a better value for money alternative, while the Ranger and Trax are the newly launched models that come with updated and enhanced components to offer the rider a better riding experience.

Whether the saddles are adjustable or not

Another factor to consider is whether the saddles are adjustable. Some electric bikes are included with adjustable saddles while others are not which can be more demanding depending on the rider’s body type. Some saddle heights can be adjusted to accommodate different riding postures for a more enjoyable riding experience. You can put your feet on the pedals in the lowest position and bend your legs a little to find the appropriate saddle height. The right saddle height allows you to pedal more efficiently and with less damage to your knees.

Handlebar position 

Similar to traditional bikes, electric bikes depend on the position of handlebars for assistance. Admittedly, the structure of different model frames varies  from one to another. It is suggested that you adjust the handlebars to meet your own requirements. If you spend your time primarily running daily errands or commuting, you can pick a more accessible step-through electric bike. To ensure that your riding experience is as comfortable as possible, it allows you to keep your upper body erect while riding. You can tilt your body slightly forward if you choose to ride on some hills or other challenging terrain to make it easier for you to do some difficult movements.

Body shape, however, varies from person to person. For instance, despite the fact that two people are the same height, they will have different leg lengths, which can have an effect on the riding experience on the same model. If your circumstances permit, you are allowed to visit the offline shop for a test ride to get an intuitive feeling for the riding experience. Also, it is helpful for you to fully learn about the product quality before making a purchase of an electric bike.

Load capacity

In addition to model size, the load capacity of an e-bike is also a factor that can be overlooked when buying an electric bike. The riding experience may differ significantly between models with different capacities. All Cyrusher models are available with a load capacity of up to 330 lbs. The overall structure of the cycle is made from strong aluminum, which makes it a sturdy and stable ride for the rider. It provides steadiness for carrying a  load and better accommodation for the rider.

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In short, all you need to do is compare your height data with the recommended rider height to help you decide what model will be best for you. It is also imperative to adjust the saddle height and riding position to ensure comfortable riding. You can visit an offline shop for a test ride if you are still not sure about the information provided by the website. The staff on site will likely be able to recommend a more suitable model for you. The ability to select the e-bike that is correct for you is helpful since it will ensure a comfortable riding experience while simplifying your everyday life.