Bike Comparison:  Cyrusher Trax vs Radpower RadRhino 6 Plus Step-thru

Bike Comparison: Cyrusher Trax vs Radpower RadRhino 6 Plus Step-thru

Mar 17, 2023

The month of March, which brings a greener environment with new growth, is the perfect opportunity to put environmentally-friendly practices into action. Cyrusher has responded to the evolving requirements of riders by introducing the Trax, an all-terrain step-through electric bicycle that is an ideal option for everyone as e-bikes grow in popularity as a means of transportation. How does the Trax stack up against competing models? This article picks a RadRhino 6 from Radpower to compare and show riders which model is the better investment.

Basic introduction

The Cyrusher Trax is the first all-terrain step-through electric bike to be introduced in 2023. The Trax features upgraded performance to meet the different needs of a wide range of riders. In addition, it follows the brand’s colourful design characteristics, making the ride stand out in the crowd.

The RadRhino 6 step-through is a low-step frame version of the RadRhino model with an overall smooth structure created to accommodate a variety of rider types. The RadRhino adheres to traditional design principles so it is a preferable choice for people who enjoy black and white design.

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Model comparison



RadRhino 6 Plus Step-Thru


all-terrain electric bike

step-thru electric bike





56miles 90km

40-72 km kilometers per charge (estimate)


18-24mph 28-39km/h



250W Bafang (1500W Peak) limited

hub motor 250W Geared Motor


LG 52-volt 20 amp-hour

48V, 14 Ah (672 Wh) with Lithium NMC Samsung or Panasonic 35E cells


torque sensor

cadence sensor


 6061 aluminum full suspension frame

6061 aluminum alloy


suspension fork+ air rear

suspension fork


Shimano 9-speed



26"×4.0" puncture-resistant fat tyres

Kenda Juggernaut 26" x 4", K-Shield puncture-resistant liner *tyres


TLogan hydraulic disc brakes

hydraulic brake calipers

Load capacity

330 lbs (150 kg)


Riders Height

5'4" ~ 6'6" (165cm ~ 200cm)

157 cm - 188 cm

Bike Weight

66 lbs (30 kg) / 74 lbs (34 kg) with battery



orange/ white/ blue / gray

charcoal/glossy white


Led headlights250 lumen LED
Led tail lights: included

Front: Rad Power Bikes branded standard LED
Rear: Integrated Taillight with Brake Light

Horn & Bell


not available


half twist throttle

thumb throttle





full colour backlit

custom LCD


Due to UK regulations, the motor parameters of both models are limited to 250W, making these electric bicycles more road-legal and worry-free for travel.

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The battery not only enables quick movement but also provides a power source for exploration. Trax has chosen a high-capacity 52V 20Ah LG battery to accommodate riders' rising requirements for long trips, meaning it is the most effective travel option for riders. The removable battery allows for flexible charging options, such as charging the whole bike or just the battery. It is embedded into the frame, which gives it a Ip65 waterproof level.

 The Rad's 48V 14AH battery pack offers enough power for the majority of daily rides but the distance it can cover is far less than the Trax. The battery of RadRhino is semi-integrated into the frame but also is removable, giving it additional flexibility for charging.

Suspension system

The performance of its suspension system largely determines the comfort of a bike. The Trax has opted for a front and rear suspension system with upgraded rear air suspension to optimise the riding experience, especially when riding on bumpy roads or going on long rides. The RadRhino 6, on the other hand, only features a single front fork which simply smooths out some of the road imperfections.


Both models include sturdy, puncture-resistant tyres that are wide and thick in order to effectively absorb road imperfections and stabilise the bike. Because they provide greater traction, fat tyres are useful for traversing challenging terrain. They make it possible to go through a range of terrains, such as those with mud, snow or sand.

Sensors, speed modes

If you are looking for a model with pedal assistance mode, both versions will satisfy your demand. The Trax model comes with a Shimano 9-speed transmission for more speed mode options along with pedal assistance to meet your riding requirements in various situations. The RadRhino 6, on the other hand, can accommodate the majority of daily riding requirements with  only a 7-speed transmission. The Trax comes with a torque sensor that works in harmony with the force you apply to  the pedals to give you a more intuitive and comfortable ride. The riding speed of the RadRhino 6 is only affected by the PAS mode for its cadence sensor configuration which lacks flexibility in terms of maneuverability. The range will be shortened if you ride in a high-speed mode for a long period of time since the battery power will be consumed quickly by the cadence sensor. It is worth noting that the torque sensor is more expensive than the cadence sensor due to its more intricate design.

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Brake components are essential to the safety of an electric bicycle when travelling on the road. There is a risk to your life when certain products use low-quality brakes that do not stop the motor, even when you use the brake. Trax has chosen the TLogan hydraulic braking system for improved stopping power since it delivers up to 180mm of brake line in the front and rear, allowing for quick responding while shortening the skidding distance. This offers the rider speedier reaction times to avoid danger in hazardous circumstances. RadRhino 6 has also opted for a hydraulic brake system to provide for the rider's safety on the road.

Load capacity

One of the most common functions of an electric assist bike is that it can operate as a cargo bike. The better the load capacity, the greater the ability to transport goods and the less stressful it is for the vehicle. The Trax offers a load capacity of 330lbs which is more than the RadRhino 6's 125kg load capacity. This allows the rider to carry heavy loads while still maintaining a smooth ride.

Recommended riders

The electric cycle is being promoted as a simpler way of getting around. And, the design structure of the frame can be made more user-friendly in order to make the electric cycle an accessible tool for all body sizes and age groups. Both models have chosen a step-through frame which is a friendly frame design for riders with physical limitations and allows riders to get on and off the bike easily. Overall, the frame of the Trax is a little bit bigger and will fit riders who are between 165 and 200 cm tall, making it more appropriate for riders in the taller height range. The RadRhino 6, on the other hand, has a frame design that  accommodates riders who are shorter in height and is suitable for riders from 157 to 188cm.

Lights and Horn

Heavy traffic and many people travelling during morning rush hour is a common concern. The horn design of the Trax enables you to alert nearby people and vehicles to keep their distance in crowds, decreasing safety risks and unintentional traffic incidents. A bright headlight is essential when riding in dim light conditions. Both the Trax and the RadRhino 6 have bright headlights and rear brake lights that illuminate the road ahead and alert oncoming traffic when braking in an emergency.

Model design

There are distinctive features in both models and each has its own unique characteristics. The Trax choses a colourful frame design style with a unique graffiti design that makes the bike more eye-catching in a crowd. The Trax is available in four colour options. Blue and orange are suitable for those who enjoy colourful choices and grey and white are for those who prefer simple designs. Black and white are the only colours available for the RadRhino 6 which follows a classic design style. Therefore, if you prefer more vivid options, the Trax would be a better choice.

Warranty service

Both Trax and RadRhino 6 provide customers with a 2-year warranty service. The longer warranty duration allows riders to feel at ease about their purchase.

Price point

The price range is totally different due to its different quality. The Trax is priced at £2,799, and the RadRhino 6 is priced at €1,999. Trax's price can be attributed to its more powerful batteries, longer range, smoother and more intuitive riding experience as well as superior air suspension systems. Despite not offering an advantage in terms of price, its reliable performance makes it an ideal choice for those looking for great value for money.

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Choosing an electric assist bike is, indeed, a decision that deserves a lot of thought. Being able to have a quality package in terms of performance, reliable after-sales service and special frame design features that make your model stand out from the crowd means that you have to compromise on price. And, as an all-terrain model is bound to be a longer-term option, the Trax seems to be an ideal choice in comparison.