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How to Make Your Ebike Go Faster

Jul 31, 2023

The exceptional efficiency of e-bikes enables riders to experience the liberating sensation of moving effortlessly, similar to being carried along by  a gentle breeze. However, whether it be due to the impact of various components or the effects of prolonged usage, many riders encounter diminished efficiency on their e-bikes over time. Therefore, the question arises: how to improve e-bike riding efficiency? In this article, we will delve into the methods of optimizing your e-bike's performance to ensure maximum efficiency and swifter travel now and for the future.

How to make your ebike go faster

Many individuals opt for e-bikes as their mode of transportation. This is due to their ability to eliminate the strenuous physical activity associated with riding traditional bicycles while providing a simulated high-speed riding experience akin to motorbikes, albeit with reduced risks. Consequently, e-bikes have emerged as the ideal middle ground between bicycles and motorbikes. In general, riders who purchase e-bikes harbor a desire for increased riding speed, making the quest for enhancing the vehicle's efficiency a pressing concern.

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The given performance configuration

With the ever-evolving market, e-bikes are now classified into more refined categories and continue to be upgraded and optimized. It is critical to note that the riding experience can vary depending on the bike parameter configuration. The efficiency of an e-bike's performance is directly linked to motor parameters. Higher-power motor parameters can convert more kinetic energy, resulting in faster acceleration and better performance when riding uphill. Therefore, if you enjoy riding at high speeds, it is crucial to consider the component configuration of the vehicle before making a purchase. The larger the motor parameters, the more capable the e-bike will be of overcoming various road obstacles.

Choose a high-capacity battery

The battery is the primary power source for the electric bike, functioning by converting electrical energy into mechanical energy. As a result, travel efficiency is closely tied to battery quality and capacity. In most cases, e-bikes are equipped with lithium batteries as they offer a reliable energy storage solution, providing sufficient charging cycles and a convenient method of storing energy on the go.

The capacity of a battery determines its ability to supply energy. A battery with a larger capacity can provide more power compared to one with a smaller capacity. For instance, a 52V 20Ah battery has a storage capacity of 1040wh, whereas a 48V 14Ah battery can only provide 672wh of energy. Recent additions to the Cyrusher electric bike collection have shown a preference for a 52V 17Ah battery system (Cyrusher Ovia) or a 52V 20Ah battery system (Cyrusher Trax / Ranger). These power supply systems ensure riders have a dependable and consistent power source for their e-bikes. The battery system has been designed for maximum efficiency and reliability and the advanced lithium-ion cells ensure long battery life.

When it comes to battery quality, high-end brands offer a more stable power output. On the other hand, lower-quality batteries not only have unstable current production but also give false readings for battery charge levels. Ensuring the vehicle's battery is fully charged before going for a ride is crucial to provide sufficient power during travel.

Reduce the load on the bike

Using electric bikes for transporting goods can be a convenient method of transportation, but the load it carries may negatively affect the bike’s riding efficiency. Generally, lighter loads tend to place less of a burden on the riding efficiency of the bike. This means that with heavier loads, the bike will not be as efficient as with lighter loads. Heavy loads add more weight and drag to the cycle, requiring more effort from the rider to keep the same speed. The extra weight of the load will increase the power needed to propel the bike, thus making it harder to achieve the same speed and distance as with lighter loads.

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Choose the right tyres

E-bike tyres come with a variety of specifications suitable for different terrains and riding situations. The size and tread design of the tires plays a crucial role in determining the e-bike's efficiency. It is critical to select the right tyres based on specific use scenarios.

For instance, using narrower tyres would result in higher efficiency due to reduced rolling resistance on a smooth road surface. On the other hand, if you plan to ride on beach surfaces or complex mountain terrains, wider fat tyres would be a better choice. These tyres are designed with a complex tread pattern and larger surface area which increases rolling resistance against the ground. This provides a better grip and ensures a smoother ride on challenging surfaces.

Therefore, it is recommended that riders consider the different riding scenarios and select the appropriate tires accordingly.

In addition, it is important to consider proper tyre pressure as it greatly impacts the efficiency of your ride. Each type of terrain has different tyre pressure requirements. For regular daily riding on smooth surfaces, maintain tyre pressure within the range designated by the manufacturer. However, it is preferable to decrease tyre pressure to enhance traction when riding on sandy beaches. Conversely, when navigating through mountainous areas, it is recommended to increase tyre pressure to minimize the effects of rough surfaces on the tyre tread.

Cleaning your e-bike

Maintaining the cleanliness of your electric bike is crucial for improving riding efficiency, especially if you frequently ride on muddy and challenging roads. It is necessary to regularly clean and maintain your electric cycle to prevent road sediment and leaves from splashing onto its various parts, particularly for the proper functioning of the vehicle's chain and wheel axle. If these parts accumulate dirt and debris over time, it can significantly accelerate the wear and tear between the wheels and chain, ultimately impacting the vehicle's overall efficiency. Therefore, keeping your bike clean and properly lubricated is advisable to ensure smooth chain operation.

Riding in higher mode

Electric assist mode helps riders make the most of their e-bikes, providing a tailored experience that meets each rider's preferences. Those who desire to ride at a faster pace can adjust their e-bike's gear to a higher mode, relying on electric assistance to propel the bike swiftly. However, riders should be aware that when they select a higher mode for electric assist, the battery will be drained quicker, resulting in a shorter range for the bike.

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Raising the speed limit

There are varying legal restrictions and regulations for e-bikes on the roads in different countries and regions. While some areas permit e-bikes to travel at speeds up to 28mph, in most of the UK, the maximum speed limit for e-bikes on the road is 15.5mph. Some e-bikes are designed to adhere to road traffic regulations by restricting motor speed to within permissible limits. However, for adventurous outdoor riders, there is a desire to experience the thrill of high-speed riding, leading to the consideration of raising the speed limit on e-bikes to enhance vehicle efficiency. It is of the utmost importance to acknowledge that while cycling on the road, it is imperative to adhere to road regulations. When cycling in the wilderness, placing personal safety as a top priority and making necessary adjustments to speed while riding is essential.

Thoroughly checking the electric bike

Before using an e-bike, it is wise to take into consideration potential collisions and road obstacles that may lead to damage or loosening of the vehicle components. To ensure a safe and efficient ride, thoroughly check the electric bike before outings, including the brake pads that affect braking performance, the fork locking function that affects shock absorption, whether the tread on the tires is broken, as well as the common handlebar rear position where the screws may become  loose. Addressing any of these issues will significantly impact riding efficiency. By conducting regular inspections and maintenance before each trip, e-bike driving performance can be greatly enhanced.


Rravelling fast on an e-bike requires adhering to the necessary safety precautions, whether for off-road riding or cross-country competitions. It is wise to prioritize safety by wearing a helmet and other essential safety accessories to protect against accidents. On a city road, taking responsibility for your own safety and that of others is more important than merely concentrating on the thrill of speed. All riders should prioritize their safety as they enjoy the freedom of racing along.

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The sense of liberation and enjoyment from riding at high speeds has made e-bikes increasingly popular among a wide range of individuals. By selecting a model that offers superior performance and honing your riding skills, you can fully immerse yourself in the exhilarating experience of efficient travel. It is worth noting that everyone has their own interpretation of fast speed. Regardless of the maximum acceleration your electric bike can achieve, the key is to embrace the pleasure of riding.