How to Clean Your Electric Bike

How to Clean Your Electric Bike

Jan 18, 2023

Winter has arrived, making it more challenging to use your e-bike outside. It's time to give it a deep clean and put it in storage until the following spring. It goes without saying that cleaning your e-bike could be laborious and require considerable patience. But keeping  your e-bike clean will help you to maintain its efficiency. This article will provide some tips to help you clean your e-bike. 


The frequency of cleaning your e-bike is determined by where  and how frequently  you use it. If you do a lot of beaches and wild mountain riding, then you will need to clean your e-bike more frequently. If your vehicle is on city roads and it still looks like new after a period of riding, then you don't need to clean it too often. You can do a basic wipe down with a towel after each ride as a simple cleaning. This will reduce the build-up of dirt on the surface and make it easier to clean your bike the next time you do it. In winter, when you don't ride for long periods, your e-bike needs to be thoroughly cleaned before you put it in the garage. Try to choose sunny weather when cleaning your vehicle to better air dry it. 

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Cleaning your bike requires a large area, such as a small garden, where you can do your work and have some space to use your cleaning tools. Try to choose an outdoor space so that it is easier to pack up your cleaning tools when you are finished.


Remember that patience is necessary if you are cleaning your bike for the first time. You need to be careful at all times in case you damage the electronics of your e-bike and make it unusable. There are indeed many things to consider when cleaning your e-bike, but as long as you have enough knowledge in advance, it will go smoothly.

Prepare your tools

Usually, you will need to acquire some special cleaning agents for your e-bike and there will be different cleaning products for different components. Another thing you need to have on hand is the instruction manual for your e-bike. Taking the components apart for cleaning requires an installation guide to help you reassemble them and avoid causing assembly errors. The following tools are usually available for assistance:

Bike cleaner

Disc brake cleaner

Bike degreaser

Chain lube

Silicone spray

Cleaning bucket and hose

Rags, sponge

Plastic wrap, etc.

Although many e-bike manufacturers will label some electronic components, such as batteries, as waterproof and indicate some level of water resistance, it is advisable to remove removable electronic components to prevent unnecessary problems. This will also reduce the weight of the bike if you want to stand it up for better cleaning.

Prepare some plastic film or dry cloth to cover the electronics and switching system to prevent water damage. Damage caused by water is considered to be man-made damage. Even if your electric bike is under warranty, this is not approved by the manufacturer. 

  1. Rinse the entire electric bike with the hose

Use a plastic hose to rinse the entire frame, avoiding directly spraying the electronic components or connections or simply wetting the entire frame. Try not to use either a power washer or jet wash as they have too much power and can easily cause accidents. This step is a simple cleaning of the entire frame.

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  1. Apply cleaner to remove stubborn stains

Next, use a bike cleaner to remove any stubborn dirt. Remember to spray the cleaner from top to bottom in addition to being careful to avoid  the electrical components. Spray the cleaner lightly on both sides of the bike and let it sit for a while so it can do its job. Never use the degreaser to spray on the brake discs as this will damage your braking system and reduce the effectiveness of your brakes.

  1. Use a special electric bike brush, rag or sponge to remove the stains

After the cleaner has fully worked, use a brush,  sponge or rag with a small amount of water to clean the stains. To avoid splashing water into the electrical components when cleaning the frame, adhere to using minimal amounts of water.

  1. Brush and wash the tyres

Since the tyres are the part of the electric bike that makes contact with the ground the most, they will likely have a lot of leftover stains that need to be brushed off. To thoroughly clean the surface of the tyres, use a specialised tyre brush. During each cleaning, you can also check whether the tread is broken. If so, replace it in good time. Fill them to the proper tyre pressure to maintain your tyres on a regular basis.

  1. Clean the chain

The chain is typically the area on a bike where dirt gathers the most, but cleaning it calls for extra attention because of its intricate construction. To begin, just wipe the chain with a moist cloth while spinning the pedal to let the rag reach the chain more completely. This will get rid of the majority of the stains. A special brush for the chain can be used to deep clean it. 

If you ride your bike regularly, it is recommended that you clean your chain frequently since the chain's freshness and cleanliness will also have an impact on how smoothly you ride. To get rid of any extra dirt, don't forget to brush major components like the cassette and chain ring as well. Lastly, remember to wipe the chain dry with a dry cloth. If possible, use a chain monitor to quickly and properly inspect the chain's wear and tear and keep track of the condition of the chain.

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  1. Clean the relevant electronic components

Use a damp cloth to simply wipe down the battery and other electronic components. You can use a contact cleaner to clean the electronic contact points. The best way to do this is to spray the cleaner onto a cloth and scrub it. Be careful with the use of water and use as little water as possible to clean the electronic components. However, don't be too concerned as they are water resistant.

  1. Dry your electric bike carefully

If you are sure that you have thoroughly cleaned the entire bike, give it another rinse with a hose to wash away any stains that have been brushed out. Once you have finished your washing process, bounce the bike up and down lightly to get rid of most of the water. If it is nice weather, you may let it air dry in a cool area for a short period of time. Alternatively, use a dry rag to thoroughly dry the water off. Make sure that there is no water left on the essential parts.

Then, apply silicon spray in the appropriate places.  Bear in mind that this cannot be used in all areas as some components may react chemically and acquire  functional damage. You can spray it on a cloth and wipe down the parts afterward. It will make your electric cycle look shinier.

  1. Lubricate your chain

Use high-quality lubrication on the chain after cleaning it to keep it lubricated and prevent it drying out. There are two types of lubricant, dry lubricant and wet lubricant. Dry lubricants have a lower viscosity. They attract less dirt and dust, so are suitable for hot climates. Wet lubricants have a higher viscosity and they can stick to the chain for longer, making them ideal for use in wet and dirty conditions. To summarise, use a wet lubricant in winter and a dry lubricant in summer. Remember to apply the lubricant on the inside of the chain rather than spray it on. This way you can make sure that the lubricant directly contacts the wheels.

Once you have finished cleaning, remember to test ride the electric bike to confirm that all buttons and components are functional.

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Precautions for washing your e bike:

  1. Try to avoid using a pressure washer. The pressure of it is too strong and it can damage the bike.
  2. Protect the electronic components. Stay away from the electric components when you clean your electric cycle.
  3. Avoid washing your electric bicycle upside down to prevent water from pooling on the technical components.
  4. Choose different cleaners for different parts and do not misuse them to cause unnecessary damage.
  5. After washing, always go for a test ride to ensure that all the gearing and components are functioning properly.
  6. Always fully dry your electric cycle before storing it for a long time. The performance of your bike will be harmed by residual water.

In fact, maintaining a neat and tidy electric bike is a great way to increase its lifespan. You may spend much less money if you take better care of your e-bike. Regular maintenance may increase your driving safety, boost your driving effectiveness and help you avoid some safety risks.