The 2023 CES Exhibition Ends ─ Cyrusher Shows the New Trend of Electric Technology and Garners Much Attention

The 2023 CES Exhibition Ends ─ Cyrusher Shows the New Trend of Electric Technology and Garners Much Attention

Jan 13, 2023

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a four-day showcase of technology products in Las Vegas from January 5 to January 8. The Cyrusher brand, a global company of high-performance electric bicycles, presents new electric bikes and new areas of electrification at CES 2023, a global technology event that brings together the global technology community. This global technology event is an important opportunity for the brand to seek external cooperation and continue developing overseas markets. It also shows its strength to surprise customers worldwide with its brand charm and its  full complement of products.

Cyrusher electric bike team at CES

Highlights of Cyrusher products at CES

Technology has helped us all work, learn and connect during the pandemic and CES is about bringing the tech community together in a meaningful way. The American International Consumer Electronics Show was founded in 1967. Today, the exhibition is still an important event, leading the development trend of consumer electronics technology and products worldwide. It provides a multifield bridge for international electronic trade, with interested industry players enjoying this fascinating technology exchange.

Cyrusher all-terrian electric bike displayAt the Cyrusher Bikes booth at this exhibition, followers of travel technology, dealers, brand owners and electric travel professionals discussed the latest breakthroughs and future trends of brand electric bicycles and new electrification products. The talk was also about how the new inventions are quickly changing travel and lifestyles. Take a closer look at the Cyrusher product highlights at CES and learn about the coming future-oriented technology solutions for  an electrified world.

Cyrusher ebikes display

Highlight 1: Cyrusher's electric bicycle shines as a new star

Since  consumers are paying more attention to the personalization, comfort, entertainment and coolness of electric mountain bikes, this was the focus of industry followers at the show. Cyrusher introduced several heavyweight new fat tire electric bikes at the show, attracting visitors to stop by.

In order to seize the broad opportunities brought by the rapid growth of the market, attending the event will promote the brand's growth in overseas markets by supporting and cooperating with local partners. A company aiming at a global brand will inevitably bring forward more shining electric technology products. At this exhibition, the audience tested three electric fat tire bicycles with more innovative performance, Trax, NITRO and Scout. They each demonstrate  a new charm.

Trax - The Trax is Cyrusher's step-through full-suspension e-bike. Like the Kommoda and Ovia models on display, the step-through frame makes it easy for people with limited mobility to get on and off the bike and the Trax has larger 26*4-inch tires for taller riders. It is equipped with a 52-volt 20 amp-hour built-in battery that can last a long time and help  the rider go further.

NITRO - This model is Cyrusher's first high-step electric fat tire bike equipped with a mid-mounted motor. It is equipped with a 10-speed Shimano transmission and a front and rear double suspension for safer riding. A mid-drive motor is a big departure from previous hub motors. By driving the crank instead of the wheel,  it doubles its power and allows better  use of the bike's existing gears. This upgrade will bring riders a higher-performance riding experience to explore newer riding environments.

Scout - This new model has a more distinctive look compared to Cyrusher's previous models. And, it is equipped with a breathable ergonomic saddle to reduce riding discomfort during long rides. In addition, the Scout has full suspension, with front shock suspension and rear spring shock absorbers to reduce rider back injury in bumpy conditions. The 750W motor and a 52-volt 20 amp-hour built-in battery allow consumers to immerse themselves deeply in a smooth and longer ride.

In addition to the above three new models, Cyrusher also exhibited Ranger, Ovia and Kommoda, all of which are available on the official website, at the CES show. The newly-launched models also reflect that the brand has always been driven by electric energy technology, constantly optimizing electric bicycle products in terms of performance, quality and appearance design and iteratively upgrading to meet consumers' new needs for personal mobility products.

Highlight 2: Launch of outdoor water and land amusement travel tools ─ electric surfboards and electric skateboards

Whether at sea or on the ground, intelligent electrified transportation has become a future technology sought after by technology companies. At this exhibition, the Cyrusher brand also launched electric surfboards suitable for outdoor travel and water entertainment as well as more interesting and convenient electric skateboards.

Still a fairly modern innovation, electric skateboards typically leave a smaller carbon footprint and don't burn fossil fuels like gasoline-powered vehicles. They combine the latest battery technology with a powerful electric motor. Equipped with professional tires and transmissions, they allow people to travel on the road, open up roads in traffic jams and are portable for  various travel environments. Moreover, they’re a fun and useful way to improve the user's balance skills and dexterity. At the 2023 exhibition, Cyrusher demonstrated the travel and transportation benefits  of electric skateboards it is developing, bringing better personal mobility products to consumers.

Another electrical tech product from the Cyrusher brand is the Electric Surfboard. It is driven by a combination of batteries, motors, aviation aluminum propellers and jet pump direct injection propulsion systems to generate thrust to lift surfers out of the water. Surfers can travel at high speeds, with a maximum speed of 65KM/H. Electric surfboards use electric energy and do not release any gas into the air or to the sea which is safe for the environment. In addition, users do not need to wait for perfect waves to experience the thrill of flying on the waves in the vast sea. This greatly lowers the threshold for surfing and surfing enthusiasts without much experience can also participate.

Highlight 3: Electric Portable Power Stations

For charging solutions during outdoor travel with  electrified products, Cyrusher also introduced a variety of energy storage devices of different specifications. These  can manage energy more accurately and safely.

At the exhibition, Cyrusher displayed portable power storage products such as power stations and solar panels of different sizes and specifications equipped with different plug-in ports. They can  power camping equipment or be used as a backup power source at home and as an emergency energy source for outdoor trips. The energy storage technology of clean energy power supply can improve people's outdoor travel and offer urgently needed electricity as well as provide convenience and entertainment. With the introduction of unique green energy devices, Cyrusher is proud to offer innovative and intuitive solutions for home power outages, off-grid professional tool usage, RV adventures and a range of outdoor activities.

Cyrusher power station

This is a new carrier of brand globalization and a new opportunity

CES has brought forward years of inventive  consumer technology and continues to inspire boundless human imagination. Plus, it also witnessed the rise of Chinese companies from obscurity  to taking their place as the backbone of technology.

Only by going global can capable companies make their innovations more valuable. As you can see, CES offers  a stage to showcase products and technologies and an arena for global companies to compete for market strength. The active participation of Cyrusher, a high-performance electric bike brand, also shows confidence in its technical power.

Starting in 2014 and growing the brand has developed from selling electric bicycles overseas for the first time to relying on reliable manufacturing capabilities, product design and performance quality upgrades to localized offline store construction,  trial rides and timely customer service support. The aim of Cyrusher's overseas commerce is to adhere to the goal of a global brand. In the 2023 CES exhibition, Cyrusher Bikes presented  a full complement of products and garnered much attention.

Cyrusher electric bike test ride

At this science and technology exhibition, the release of Cyrusher's more innovative and better-performing electric bicycles and products in new fields demonstrates this Chinese brand's charm on the world stage of science and technology. The high-quality electric drive mode of travel connects people with technology for a better life, which has always been the tireless pursuit of human beings.

The display of a series of innovative electrified technologies by the brand will break the boundaries of future mobility. This also explains the brand's mission: to create amazing personal mobility products for anyone anywhere. The brand is driven to help people use electric transportation products that are comfortable, interesting and convenient for life to meet people's new needs for mobile products.

Brand Cyrusher

Cyrusher is a world-renowned electric bicycle brand, selling electric bicycles online to more than 10 countries with offices in the United States, United Kingdom, France and Japan. The brand's bikes have been tested for international quality and comply with CE, UL, Rhos and FCC standards.

Not just stopping with electric bicycles, the brand team is also actively exploring various personal electronic travel devices such as electric scooters, electric surfboards, electric skateboards and other interesting ideas that can be used in different environments. They insist on creating amazing personal mobile products for anyone, anywhere.

The brand always takes electric energy technology as the traction, relies on high-quality standardized production and builds  on the explosive power of continuous innovation. By continuously increasing the investment in R&D and actively upgrading the product structure, we have successfully created electric fat tire bicycle products to provide a more high-quality and interesting travel lifestyle for global customers that are favored by global merchants.

Cyrusher electric bikes team

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