International Women’s Day 2024: Empowering Women Adventurers with Cyrusher E-Bikes

International Women’s Day 2024: Empowering Women Adventurers with Cyrusher E-Bikes

Mar 06, 2024

The festival for women adventurers is on schedule. By relying on e-bikes, women areound the world are experiencing a revolutionary new way to travel, changing the game for their exploration. On this International Women's Day, we encourage all women to redefine female independence and mobility with Cyrusher e-bikes.

Exploring the impact of ebikes on women's mobility

The impact of e-bikes on mobility has been tremendous, positioning them as effective alternatives to automobiles. Their advantages include high speed and a compact frame design, enabling riders to effortlessly navigate through traffic jams, crowded streets and alleys. The freedom they offer in both urban and rural environments is equally enjoyed by women. Furthermore, e-bikes can enhance mobility and alleviate the physical demands of riding; in fact, the electric-only mode eliminates the need for physical exertion to move swiftly. Electric bikes enable women riders to travel faster and explore farther than ever before.

Benefits of step-through ebikes for women riders

When considering the best e-bike for women, pay attention to the advantages of a step-through e-bike. The key feature of the step-through electric bike is the reduction of the front crossbar and the use of a lower frame, allowing for easy mounting and dismounting without the need to lift your legs very high. This design makes it possible for beginners and riders with mobility issues to participate in e-bike riding. By eliminating the need to straddle the front crossbar, riders can enjoy a more relaxed and upright riding position. This posture alleviates pressure on the back and shoulders and improves overall riding comfort.

Most step-through e-bikes have a low center of gravity, which means better stability and control. Female riders can stop and slow down more easily during riding, improving their safety.

In addition to comfort and safety, the step-through design is also beneficial for women in situations where they wear skirts or dresses. Step-through e-bikes are more inclusive for female riders, and their versatility allows women to embrace the joy of riding and experience the freedom of two-wheeled movement without any restrictions.

women rider on cyrusher ebike

Contributing to sustainability

The development of e-bike riding plays a key role in promoting environmental sustainability. Using e-bikes instead of traditional gas-powered vehicles can effectively reduce carbon footprints. Plus, their flexibility on the road helps ease traffic congestion in urban areas and improves travel efficiency. Therefore, zero-emission e-bikes can successfully promote sustainable social development and contribute to a greener and cleaner environment.

Cyrusher ebikes: Redefining Women's Mobility

If you're in the market for the best e-bike for women, Cyrusher's innovative line of step-through electric bikes are worth a look. Any of these models can be a premium choice, defining a new trend in women's travel with high-end performance and stylish design.

For novice rider Cyrusher Kommoda 

For beginners, a model with comprehensive features and a reliable safety record is an ideal option. The Cyrusher Kommoda is among the most popular of our best sellers. It is equipped with powerful performance components, including a 48V14ah lithium battery that provides a cruising range of 50 miles. The full suspension configuration ensures comfort, while the hydraulic braking system guarantees riding safety. For new women riders, the Kommoda perfectly meets the requirements of daily riding.

cyrusher step-through kommoda

Suitable for daily adventures  Ovia

Riders who like to go on daily adventures can consider the Ovia for superior performance. The battery of the Ovia step-through electric bicycle has been upgraded to 52V 17ah, providing a longer battery life. In addition to the basic full suspension system, the upgraded rear suspension offers enhanced comfort and versatility. Riders can utilize the Shimano 7-gear and 5-speed pedal assist mode to freely adjust the riding speed and adapt to different terrains. Therefore, the Ovia is suitable for challenging riding situations, making it great for adventure riding.

Cyrusher step-through Ovia

Suitable for riders seeking a sturdier frame  Kuattro

While the frame structures of the Ovia and Kommoda are designed with a compact style, Cyrusher's Kuattro model is specially built for riders looking for extra support. Equipped with high-quality components, the Kuattro features a 250W high-power motor, a 48V17ah battery configuration, a front fork shock absorber to effectively absorb vibration, hydraulic brakes for safe braking and 26" x 4.0" mountain-style fat tires that enable free riding on sand and snow. Kuattro is a sturdier choice that offers reliable support.

Cyrusher step-through Kuattro

Suitable for off-road enthusiasts  Trax

For female riders who prefer a more thrilling riding style, the powerful Trax is an ideal solution. It stands as the latest addition to the step-through collection. Its 52V 20ah battery configuration can effectively cover a riding distance of 50-56 miles. The upgraded front and rear full shock-absorbing configuration gives ultimate riding comfort. Rapid braking at high speeds is achieved with the hydraulic 180mm disc brakes. Trax comes in two sizes to accommodate different body types, allowing every woman rider to enjoy the freedom of performance riding and explore a wider world.

The Cyrusher step-through collection offers a broad range of performance configurations, providing riders with the flexibility to choose according to their needs. What sets Cyrusher apart in the e-bike market is not only its quality and performance but also its distinctive design features. With unique colorful frames, Cyrusher continually innovates to adapt to the evolving market and to better meet riders' needs. This allows more riders to freely explore the world and unlock new possibilities in life.

Celebrating International Women's Day 2024 with Cyrusher ebike deals

Cyrusher is celebrating International Women's Day 2024 with a special offer for women. Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or a beginner looking to dip your toes into the world of e-bikes, there's never been a better time to take that step.

Discounted Models

Cyrusher Kuattro− 37% off

The Kuattro is a reliable bike equipped with a powerful configuration to take you on amazing adventures. The high-powered 250W motor and a long-lasting 48V 17Ah battery ensure a smooth and effortless ride. During the 37% off sale, it only costs £1199 to get Kuattro this women’s day.

Cyrusher XF800 − 18% off

The XF800 is the first mountain electric bike in the category, featuring a motorcycle fork design for a more adventurous ride. Equipped with a powerful 250w motor and a reliable 48V 13Ah battery, this e-bike offers an unparalleled riding experience. For mountain adventure riders, this model can introduce you to many enjoyable riding experiences.

In addition to price reductions on specific models, by purchasing two vehicles at the same time you can receive an extra £200 discount.

What each of these models have in common is the opportunity to add additional safety features. Safety is of utmost importance when cycling, and equipping your bike with the appropriate accessories can significantly lower the chances of accidents. Rearview mirrors allow you to monitor traffic behind you, while electronic horns alert others to your presence. Cyrusher provides a variety of accessories to improve efficiency and make your rides safer. Choosing the right accessories for your e-bike ensures a more enjoyable experience for every rider.

A Cyrusher rider’s story from one woman 

E-bikes have given newfound freedom and independence to many riders, including Cristina, a Cyrusher Kuattro rider with an inspiring story.

Cyrusher rider story

After experiencing two pelvic fractures resulting in severe nerve damage in her legs, Cristina faced challenges with tingling and numbness, impacting her mobility. Using crutches or a cane for balance on her daily outings made exploring the world more challenging for her.

However, with the Cyrusher Kuattro, Cristina has regained mobility and can now venture farther without relying on a cane. Describing her experience, she expresses, "I felt like a queen on the Kuattro, and I could keep pace with a group of younger semi-pros. I was the only one with an E-Bike, but also the only one with a 56% disability."

Cristina's story is just one among many, yet her resilience resonates with riders who share her passion. Empowered by innovation and performance, Cyrusher e-bikes can enable every female rider to embrace the freedom and elegance of independent cycling. Like Cristina, they can ride like a queen.


Electric bikes offer a practical transportation alternative, enabling riders to navigate challenging terrain and overcome physical limitations. In turn, this fosters social equity, guaranteeing access to safe and dependable transportation for all. Cyrusher electric bikes, renowned for their top-notch performance, have become a trusted companion for female riders seeking to explore their environment. With vibrant designs and dependable quality, Cyrusher e-bikes empower every woman to embrace cycling, relish the experience and uncover new aspects of themselves in the world of biking.