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International Women's Day 2023: Cyrusher Electric Bike Offers a New Idea for Women's Personal Mobility Transportation

Mar 06, 2023

We are approaching International Women's Day which has become a significant day for women to advocate for gender equality and assert their rights. Women now have additional personal mobility options thanks to Cyrusher, a specialised electric bike manufacturer that is driving change in the industry. The company gives women more portable transportation options to enhance their quality of life. Check out the latest discounts in the spring sale to find the ideal model for you!

Women-friendly features of the Cyrusher e-bike

Wide choice of colours


Blog-Cyrusher ebike Kommoda & Ovia & Ranger

Products with cost-effective and aesthetically appealing designs are more welcomed by many female consumers. Cyrusher electric bikes adhere to an original design that responds to market demands and offers many riders a choice of models that are both attractive and practical. All of Cyrusher's bikes opt for fat tyres for a more comfortable ride. The colour choices for the inner tube complements that of the frame, making the overall model design more striking and distinguishing it from its rivals. Each model has an original graffiti design painted on the frame, giving each its own style. For example, the newly launched all-terrain step-through e-bike Trax has a lightning bolt-like design, reflecting its unrestrained performance. In addition, Cyrusher's e-bike frames are available in bright colours such as the Kommoda in orange, Ovia in red and Ranger in green. These colorful patterns offer additional pleasure for ordinary daily life and bring a touch of freshness to every ride. Hence, the incredibly attractive design of the Cyrusher electric bike has undoubtedly attracted the interest of female riders.

Fat tyre set-up and half-twist throttle design

Because of the additional components, the overall weight of an ebike will not be as favourable as a traditional bike. The Cyrusher includes a half-twist throttle that prevents accidental acceleration and lessens finger discomfort from continuous thumb throttle operation. The Cyrusher ebike gives thought to the components that come into contact with the ground when riding, choosing tyres that offer high traction as well as puncture resistance. For female riders, a more pleasant and smooth ride is usully desired when out on the road. In comparison to traditional narrow urban tyres, fat tyres offer a smoother ride since they have a larger area in contact with the ground.

Lowering carbon footprint

The popularity of e-bikes is largely due to their outstanding contribution to reducing carbon footprints. Cyrusher has always been committed to making a difference in promoting a greener society. Its products build on the zero-carbon trend and influence industry standards with more portable and environmentally friendly technology that helps to reduce the carbon footprint. The choice of electric bikes as a mode of transportation by females is often motivated by the desire to reduce the carbon footprint, contributing to the sustainable development of society.

New inspiration for the female personal mobility sector

Blog- new inspiration for women personal mobility sector

As the world is moving towards zero carbon development, a shift towards electrification is happening in the transportation and industrial landscape as well. Businesses involved in mobile transportation must strike a balance between meeting the needs of the general public for improved transportation and sustainability. E-bikes combine inclusivity (suitable for all types of riders), transport efficiency (faster than traditional bicycles) and environmental sustainability (powered by electricity) to drive the transformation of personal mobility transportation.

For female consumers, electric bicycles naturally provide creative inspiration for personal mobility as well. With the addition of an electric motor, electric bicycles can reach fast running speeds. With a gentle twist of the throttle, the bike can easily be made to accelerate and decelerate, making your travels effortless. Electric bicycles enable you to get around quickly. And, you can transport goods easily when you're out shopping, freeing up your hands and feet. Therefore, an electric bike can readily take the place of the traditional bicycle as a mode of transportation for commuting, working and travelling to exhibitions and other events. This frees you from crowded public transportation so it’s a breeze to travel anywhere you want. 

Model inspiration: Kommoda and Ovia

The step-through type, which takes its cues from a traditional bicycle, was initially created to allow ladies wearing skirts to easily ride a bike. With the removal of the front crossbar, the rider can more effortlessly get on and off the bike and maintain a more comfortable upright riding position.

Because of its inclusive frame design and outstanding quality features, the Kommoda is one of the most popular models in the Cyrusher category and has captured the hearts of numerous women. The colour orange is the most popular among the four colours. The original pattern of the paintwork brightens up the overall frame of the electric bike and gives it an eye-catching presence on the streets. The Kommoda is a full suspension step-through model with 20" x 4.0" puncture-resistant fat tyres for the ultimate in comfort for women riders. The overall frame size of the Kommoda is designed to strike a reasonable balance when accommodating different body types. Riders from 5"3 - 6'0" tall can easily handle it. With the puncture-resistant fat tyre design, the Kommoda is capable of managing hard hill climbs or urban road riding without limitation. The full suspension system is set up to smooth out the impact of most bumps in the road and opens up a more even  path for women travelers. The 48V 14AH waterproof lithium battery in the Kommoda will support the daily riding needs of the majority of women. To ensure riding safety, Kommoda has opted for hydraulic brakes that provide better shock absorption, allowing the bike to react quickly in case of emergency.

The Kommoda is, therefore, an extremely rider-friendly choice for women, with bright colour options and a powerful performance configuration that can provide new inspiration for everyday trips.

Blog-Ovia for women who chase for quality riding

With upgraded and powerful performance, the Ovia is an exciting addition to the step-through category and the ideal high-end model choice for female riders. The Ovia is a full suspension step-through model as well, with this recommended model coming in a vivid red that is reminiscent of a bright shade of lipstick. The design of the model is even more eye-catching with the use of colourful graffiti. The Ovia features an improved removable waterproof 52V 17Ah lithium-ion battery that offers greater range and plenty of power to help you explore the mysteries of the world. The Ovia is an ideal tool for female riders on mountain and adventure rides due to its versatility in a variety of riding circumstances as well as its powerful hydraulic braking performance.

Therefore, the more potent Ovia is appropriate for female riders who desire greater performance than that offered by the Kommoda, allowing them to discover more exciting riding possibilities.

About Cyrusher

A reputable e-bike manufacturer, Cyrusher has marketed its goods in over a dozen countries throughout the world, enabling more than 60,000 riders to start an active lifestyle of happy cycling and contribute significantly to lowering their carbon footprint. The fat tyre electric bikes made by Cyrusher have passed rigorous international quality testing and comply with regulations such as FCC, UL, CE, UL, Rhos and others.

To help customers experience the high performance of the products, a full-fledged after-sales and test-ride selling service is now available in the USA and the UK.  Cyrusher has also established its own warehouses in France and the USA. Through a  combination of offline and online marketing, riders have more accessible purchasing options. Cyrusher consistently adheres to its original distinctive style while integrating popular market elements and addressing customer needs in its updated products. A striking balance of originality and aesthetics has resulted in products that have been welcomed and loved by many riders. In order to introduce e-bikes that will better serve the riding public, Cyrusher will keep innovating its  characteristic designs and adopting feedback from riders in meeting its manufacturing standards. The Cyrusher team will continue to support the electrification trend in society. The company will further impact industry standards with exceptional quality, contributing to the promotion of faster and more portable urban transportation in the future.

Blog- Cyrusher ebike offer new personal personal transportation for women

E-bikes are rapidly replacing many traditional personal mobility tools with their efficiency and convenience and women make up a sizable portion of the customer group. Cyrusher respects the rights of women and has produced a quality range of e-bikes to provide them with a more portable and effective form of transportation. Cyrusher e-bikes are increasingly being chosen by female riders who seek to have a good time while riding. Don't miss out on the special sale to purchase your first women's e-bike!

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