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How to Prevent Injuries While Riding an Ebike

Mar 01, 2023

In the past few years, e-bikes have enabled many people to live a more efficient lifestyle. But for a first-time rider, the high speeds of an electric bike can often cause many accidents and injuries. How can you prevent injuries but improve your quality of life with an electric cycle? This article will cover the main types of e-bike injuries and provide riders with some useful tips on riding techniques.

Causes of e-bike injuries

The causes of electric bike riding injuries can broadly be divided into two categories ─ those that people have internal control of and those that are dependent more on  external factors. Riders should wear a helmet to reduce the likelihood of being injured in an accident, a common external factor. In crashes, a helmet will help prevent a large number of head injuries.

When people don’t exercise their internal control to make good decisions, they may suffer from aches and pains and injure themselves. Here are the types of poor decisions that may cause injury.

Inappropriate size of bike

One common mistake is failing to set the bike saddle to a more comfortable height. This can limit joint mobility while pedaling. In addition, you may make a mistake in  estimating the right model size at the time of purchase and choose a model that is not suitable for your needs.

Improper riding posture

Due to the fact that each person has a completely different body type, there is no one riding posture that works for everyone. Proper riding technique will increase the efficiency and comfort of your ride, but you need to find the riding style that suits you the most.

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Excessive exercise

As much as exercise can positively influence physical and mental health, overdoing it can have serious consequences. This rule also applies to people who use electric bikes for exercise. Long-term cycling can lead to hypermobility of the joints which causes joint pain and aches and pains in the muscles. And, in some cases, people may get sprains if they are driving when fatigued. Therefore, when exercising it is imperative to focus on making gradual progress and developing a reasonable exercise plan to achieve the benefits of exercise.

Common types of injuries

Knee pain 

As electric cycles primarily rely on pedals for propulsion, knee pain is the most common injury. The force of peddling and the leg position both have an impact on the knees. Therefore, after riding for a period of time you should change the position of your legs to fully relax the muscles. It is recommended that you stretch and relax your calves after every cycle. If the pain in your knees is severe, you can apply ice to relieve the discomfort.

Wrist and forearm pain

The wrist works in conjunction with foot pedaling to operate the electric assist bike. When riding Cyrusher electric fat bikes, you should keep your hand on the handlebar to manage acceleration and use the semi-twist handlebar mechanism to slow down. However, if your overall handling position is improper, you can experience elbow and wrist pain. If this happens, relax the muscles in your arms and adopt a more comfortable position on the handlebars.

Back pain

Another problem that many people experience is back pain. During riding, your back will feel strain from your legs as these muscles stretch. Long periods of time spent sitting in an uncomfortable position while riding might also result in back pain. To relieve back pain, make sure your pedaling force is correct, warm up thoroughly before cycling, stretch after riding and pay attention to your riding position.

Tips to avoid injury on your e-bike 

Choosing the right model

Usually, electric bicycles are available in different sizes and the recommended rider heights are indicated. Even so, there is inevitably some degree of carelessness on the part of the rider who has only done his research in terms of shape and performance. The Cyrusher Kommoda is a powerful step-through model with an exceptionally functional design that offers riders a better frame for getting on and off the bike. The Kommoda is very popular with older riders as well as with female riders and riders with mobility limitations. It provides them with a more efficient and convenient way to get around and improves their quality of life. The full suspension and small puncture-resistant fat tyres allow the bike to travel freely on different roads. Providing better grip while easing the bumps on the road, it provides a more comfortable riding experience for the rider. The removable lithium battery has waterproof protection and offers two charging options. The 48V 14AH battery capacity will cover the majority of a rider's daily riding requirements. This vehicle comes equipped with a rear rack to make it easier to transport your cargo. You can  purchase of a matching pannier bag to easily transport other items. With a more efficient and powerful braking force, the hydraulic braking system was chosen to ensure your safety while riding. Kommoda also features a bright LED headlight and brake tail light mounted on the frame. When riding in dimly lit conditions, the lights not only make riding safer, but they can help warn vehicles coming from behind to maintain a safe distance when braking. The Kommoda also has a two-year warranty to protect the rights of every customer.

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The powerful Kommoda serves both as a convenient means of getting around on a daily basis and as the rider's preferred tool for exploring the world.

Adjust the saddle height

To help you ride more comfortably and effectively, make sure you adjust the seat height. In addition, fine-tune any other adjustable components to match your riding pace.

Warm up before riding

It is a wise idea to stretch your muscles before riding your electric assist bike, just as you would before starting your workout at the gym. This helps you to move your body more quickly to jump-start the ride.

Adopt a proper riding position

Cycling efficiency can be negatively impacted by improper riding positions, such as incorrect pedaling and poor leg position. Be sure to find your proper posture and rhythm by adjusting your riding stance in a less congested open area before you embark on your daily ride.

Stretching after a ride

It's imperative to completely relax your legs and the rest of your muscles after a long ride. Making a practice of stretching will enable you to ease the muscle soreness that develops, especially in the legs.

Comply with local regulations

The regulations for electric bicycles vary from country to country. Therefore, check the relevant laws and regulations before you buy to ensure that your electric bicycle is legal for use on the road.

When biking, wear safety gear such as helmets

You must take precautions while riding outside. For instance, you have to put on a helmet before each ride. If necessary, you can also wear safety gear like knee and wrist protection to improve your riding safety.

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Obey traffic rules and give way to pedestrians

Be careful to follow traffic laws when riding. Furthermore, always remember to yield to pedestrians so that you can avoid a potential accident.

Maintain the right tyre pressure

One of the most likely causes of ebike malfunctions is improper tyre pressure. Hence, it is recommended to regularly check the tyre pressure of your bike and top it off if necessary. Doing so will increase the comfort and performance of your bike.

Check the components regularly

In addition to tyre pressure, it is critical to monitor and maintain all the e-bike components. This includes the brake pads on your electric mountain bike. If the bike is ridden on hills for a long time, the brake pads will wear out faster and need to be replaced in a timely manner. To ensure your driving safety, other components that require routine maintenance include pedals, operating systems, suspension systems and so on.

Ride at low speed and brake in time

Electric bicycles are easy to accelerate by twisting the throttle. The high speed of an electric road bike already contributes a lot to making everyday trips more efficient. But, this means that accidents can easily occur on the road due to the thrill of going at a faster speed. Therefore, lowering your riding speed on your daily rides will ensure you ride more safely. Studies have shown that excessive speed plays a significant role in many incidents. In the event of an emergency, use your brakes wisely and brake well in advance to avoid trouble.


While electric bikes allow for a more mobile lifestyle, they can also result in a variety of safety problems when driven improperly. But you can increase the safety of your vehicle while driving by making a few simple adjustments. By being more vigilant and wearing a protective helmet, you can avoid many accidents and injuries. Follow scientific exercise principles and avoid overdoing your workout in order to reap long-term benefits. Electric assist bikes can function as a useful mobility tool amid the rapid advancement of society and help reduce carbon emissions. We hope that by minimizing the danger of injury, every rider may benefit from the convenience of the bike and begin their riding journey worry-free.