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What is the Best Choice of Suspension E-bike?

Feb 27, 2023

When you decide to get an ebike, you will easily understand the importance of the suspension system for your vehicle. How do you choose between various models to find the type of suspension that suits you best? This article will explain the different effects of different shock absorbers on your e-bike and how to choose the right suspension electric cycle for you.

Different types of suspension systems can have distinct effects on your riding experience. As well as the particular scenario where you want to use your vehicle, there are other factors that will affect your decision in choosing a suspension system.

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Riding efficiency is one of the main benefits that most people look for in an electric cycle. But everyone has a different approach to speed. In different countries, there are distinct regulations on e-bike speed. For example, in the UK e-bikes are limited to travelling at 25km/h. So, it is worthwhile to review the speed regulations for your country when shopping for one. When an e-bike has a suspension system, it will increase the weight of the whole vehicle and will decrease the efficiency of the ride. Moreover, the suspension system can also reduce rider speed when riding on bumpy roads. Generally speaking, a hardtail e-bike will perform better and provide more efficiency at a faster speed than a full suspension model. Full suspension electric bikes will, however, offer a faster riding speed on hilly corners and descents due to better control and cushioning.

 Weight capacity

The use of e-bikes to carry cargo is becoming increasingly popular today. Indeed, electric assist bikes are an ideal choice for saving time and effort because of their speed and carrying capacity. With a cargo electric bicycle, the heavier the weight, the less efficient the travel will be. As well as accepting a larger load capacity, a model with a suspension feature will ensure more stability on your ride. A suspension e-bike will allow you to negotiate obstacles and keep the cycle moving smoothly, supporting you to transport your cargo in a safe manner.

Usage scenarios

An electric bicycle is a popular choice for adventure enthusiasts to complete some complex mountain skills. Admittedly, it is your skill level that determines whether you are able to perform tricks successfully, but proper tools will make it easier and safer to do so. If you ride an e-bike without suspension, however, it can be more challenging to land safely after jumps and you may be more prone to injuries. For some mountain riders, a suspension e-bike is, therefore, an essential choice, whether it is a front or full suspension e-bike. An e-bike with suspension will help you perform jumps of varying degrees of difficulty with much ease and will cushion the forces on landing. This means you can have better control of your cycle, allowing you to land safely and declare a successful jump.

There are also riders who live in hilly areas and need better options for their daily riding conditions. A suspension e-bike is ideal for those who want to absorb most of the bumps on the road and make the ride smoother and more comfortable.

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Riding comfort

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to riding comfort. The fact that electric bicycles are faster makes some bumps seem more noticeable. For riders who don't like bumps, investing in a suspension e-bike is the most suitable option. It significantly reduces the impact of bumps on your ride and absorbs most of the road roughness, allowing you to move easily and comfortably on tough terrains.

Maintenance costs

The cost of maintenance is another aspect that cannot be overlooked when purchasing a suspension e-bike. Regular maintenance and the replacement of any broken parts are necessary. There is a cost involved that should be considered.

Classification of suspension systems

Suspension systems are set up to improve the quality of the ride and there are four main types of suspension systems available for e-bikes. Different suspension types have different impacts on the riding experience.

Spring suspension system

Spring suspension is the most common kind of suspension system on the market. It smoothes out the impact of road bumps by using compressed metal coils. One of the least expensive suspension choices is spring suspension, although spring suspension typically weighs more than other systems and increases the overall weight of the electric bike.

Hydraulic suspension system

A hydraulic suspension system can dampen shocks more effectively since it employs oil as a cushioning material. This kind of structure is lighter and provides better cushioning which is an advantage. However, the expense of a repair is higher when there is damage.

Pneumatic suspension system

A pneumatic suspension system absorbs shocks and vibrations by compressing gas to provide the rider with a superior ride. But this system tends to be more expensive due to its lighter weight. Another  disadvantage is that if there is a gas leak, the suspension may be impacted by an imbalance in air pressure within the shock system.

Rubber resistance suspension

This suspension system is constructed using rubber resistance. It is less prevalent in the ebikes available on the market, however, as it easily deteriorates over time and the damping effect weakens as a result.

Classification of different suspension electric bikes

Electric bikes can be classified into three different types based on the location of the shock absorbers. Each type has their own pros and cons so the rider can decide which is right for them based on their preferences.

Full suspension electric bike

It goes without saying that the full suspension ebike is the model with maximum riding comfort. It is equipped with a front shock fork that retracts through spring resistance to accommodate bumpy and uneven roads, giving the rider better control of the vehicle for smooth running and less damage to the bike. The full suspension system also reduces physical fatigue and stress during the ride, lowering the risk of injury and relieving the shock of bumps. It is easier to control an ebike with full suspension, making it more effortless  for  riders to  ride. For professional riders, the full suspension bike allows them to navigate through complicated terrains and some tricky manoeuvres, including sharp turns, hill climbs and so on, with increased ease.

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Front suspension electric bike

A model with only front suspension is called a hardtail electric bike. The front fork absorbs some of the bumps, reduces damage to the frame and is lighter than a full suspension model. It is, therefore, a suitable entry model for many beginners, ensuring a certain level of comfort as well as efficiency.

No suspension electric bike

An e-bike without shock absorption is known as a rigid electric bike. Rigid electric bikes do not have the weight of the suspension system and, therefore, have a faster riding speed. Due to the fact that the electric bike is not equipped with shock absorption, the impact is also more pronounced when riding on uneven roads and the bumps may damage the bike frame as a consequence. Long rides also make the rider more prone to fatigue on this model.

For riders who primarily ride on urban roads, a rigid or hardtail e-bike is ideal for their daily needs. The full suspension ebike is more suitable for professional riders. It is also a good choice for those who are looking for comfort or who have body limitations since  the full suspension e bike offers better performance and a more comfortable riding experience. In addition, the suspension system extends the life of the bike frame by easing the impact of  most of the bumps on the road to reduce wear and tear on the frame. Riders can pick up one according to their needs and preferences. 

The Cyrusher Ranger is the ideal choice if you are looking for a full suspension electric bike. At the end of 2022, the Ranger was introduced as Cyrusher's flagship model. The Ranger is a full suspension all-terrain electric bike that will help you explore different areas of the world with enhanced comfort and stability. The rear suspension is a lighter weight upgraded air suspension system that allows you to ride for long periods of time without getting tired. The Ranger is additionally equipped with large fat tyres that provide better grip and challenging terrain features will not restrict your bike. The high capacity 52v 20ah battery is equipped with enough power to provide the Ranger with the capacity to help you explore the infinite unknown with excitement. The choice of Shimano's 9-speed drivetrain also allows you to adjust the speed more smoothly and safely, customising it to suit your unique travelling rhythm. With a more efficient and powerful braking force, the hydraulic braking system was chosen to ensure your safety while riding. Together with its powerful performance, the Ranger includes a warranty that lasts up to two years. This allows you to shop without worry. Therefore, if you're looking for a full suspension e bike, I'd definitely recommend this powerful Ranger.

The suspension system of an electric bicycle will smooth out your ride and improve safety and comfort. Depending on your purchasing budget, planned usage and personal preferences, you can choose a product that you find more appropriate. If you have a large enough budget, choosing a full suspension e-bike is preferable as it will broaden your riding possibilities and provide a much more enjoyable riding experience.