A Cyrusher Rider’s Story: Cristina's Journey to Independence on the Kuattro

A Cyrusher Rider’s Story: Cristina's Journey to Independence on the Kuattro

Jan 12, 2024

The Cyrusher e-bike is the embodiment of innovation and inclusivity in the field of personal mobility. It represents more than just a simple mobility tool, it is also a powerful support for an empowered new life. In this issue, Cristina, a female rider from Germany, shares her experience of rediscovering the freedom to fly on the Cyrusher Kuattro.

Rider’s Story

Cristina, a German rider living in Spain, faced significant challenges after experiencing two pelvic fractures that resulted in severe nerve damage, particularly in her left leg. Dealing with occasional numbness and tingling sensations, Cristina confronted physical obstacles daily that jeopardized her mobility.

The Cyrusher Kuattro e-bike played a transformative role, becoming Cristina's ticket to newfound freedom. Thanks to its pedal-assist system and adaptable design, the bike has enabled Cristina to achieve a fresh sense of independence. No longer dependent on crutches, she overcame the hurdles that life presented. The e-bike wasn't just a mode of transportation for her; it propelled Cristina into a life of liberation. She expresses gratitude for the joy and independence that electric bikes provide, anticipating relying on them for about the next two decades.

Blog- Cristina with her rider friends

Ebikes redefine independence

Cristina: "I do have limits. I have to overcome my fear of falling. I have broken my pelvis twice. The innervation of my legs is damaged, affecting the left leg more. So, I experience paresthesia, with constantly prickling or numb zones, as well as a lack of strength and reflexes. Once, I was afraid and started to run - at least my head and upper body did. My legs didn't, and I fell. I stumble over small irregularities on the ground."

For Cristina, who faces limited mobility, confronting the fear of falling becomes a daily challenge. Having experienced two pelvic fractures and enduring neurological damage to her legs has diminished her strength and mobility. The constrained movement in her legs can cause irregularities in limb function. To enhance her balance, Cristina depends on crutches or a cane for daily travel, and in uneven terrains, she may even use two canes. This significantly hampers her ease of daily movement, making longer distances particularly challenging.

As Cristina says, "I felt like a queen on the Kuattro, and I could keep pace with a group of younger semi-pros. I was the only one with an E-Bike, but also the only one with a 56% disability."

Thanks to the e-bike's pedal-assist system and electrical support, Cristina has reclaimed her cycling life and proudly dubs herself the crowd's queen on her Kuattro, even keeping pace with the professionals. Now liberated from relying on crutches, Cristina soars once more with the Kuattro.

The introduction of the e-bike has significantly improved Cristina's daily mobility, enabling her to effortlessly explore longer distances without the assistance of crutches. Regular pedaling has strengthened and contributed to enhanced mobility in Cristina's legs, allowing her to walk short distances freely on a daily basis.

About Cyrusher Kuattro

The Cyrusher Kuattro stands out as a step-through e-bike featuring a low step-in frame that Cristina can effortlessly climb over to begin a ride with ease. The Kuattro's versatile pedal-assist modes provide Cristina with the freedom to adjust speeds, tailor her riding style and rediscover the unstoppable joy of cycling. Thanks to the Kuattro's dependable front shock absorber system that alleviates the impact of bumps on the road, Cristina travels in comfort.

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On foot, Cristina can only cover 2 kilometers in 60 minutes, but the Kuattro offers a riding speed of 20-25 miles, akin to a feeling of flying for her.

The Kuattro is fitted with a high-capacity 48V17ah battery, enabling Cristina to venture up to 50 miles. This range proves more than sufficient for her daily needs and allows her the flexibility to explore further whenever she desires. The Kuattro's clear electronic display facilitates easy monitoring of data during Cristina's rides.

For Cristina, the Kuattro has become a crucial component of her daily 8-kilometer commutes each way, significantly enhancing the convenience of her life.

The benefits of a step-through ebike

Cristina enjoys the benefit of a step-through e-bike, featuring a low-frame design that eliminates the front crossbar. This thoughtful construction ensures effortless mounting and dismounting, particularly beneficial for female riders wearing skirts or dresses.

The step-through e-bike seamlessly combines the advantages of a traditional pedal bike with electric technology, prioritizing a rider-friendly experience. The low-frame design not only enhances accessibility but also enables riders to initiate pedaling with ease. This makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of cyclists.
For those dealing with mobility challenges, consider exploring the option of a step-through e-bike to unlock a newfound sense of independence.

Embrace a new life

At 58 years old, Cristina's passion for cycling persists despite her physical challenges. The Kuattro is her steadfast companion in embracing the liberating sensation of soaring like a bird on the road. Thanks to the Kuattro, Cristina is no longer restricted to the limited mobility afforded by a cane. Instead, she can travel greater distances, and her diverse riding excursions have filled Cristina's heart with positivity and a renewed love for life. She now embraces its joys and hopes with newfound enthusiasm.

New hope on wheels

Cristina envisioned a life free from physical limitations and has discovered a way to sustain her cycling passion through the use of a step-through electric bike. As she pushes her boundaries and welcomes new adventures, her focus has shifted to the future. She has her sights on the full suspension ebike Cyrusher Trax, a potential birthday gift for her upcoming 60th. With a desire to ride for another two decades, Cristina sees the Cyrusher e-bike as a beacon of innovation and inclusivity, aligning seamlessly with her aspiration for independent living. The e-bike, evolving beyond mere transportation, serves as a platform to bring riders together and forge new pathways in life.

Cyrusher goes beyond being a mere electric bike manufacturer; it aspires to encourage individuals to contemplate life's possibilities and overcome mobility barriers through continuous innovation and good will. The goal is to enable more people to adopt a life of freedom and passion. Embracing a new reality on wheels extends beyond the love of cycling; it encompasses the pursuit of freedom, independence and a future devoid of limitations.

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Encouraging more riders

"Cyrusher's e-bike restored my freedom and independence," expresses Cristina. Her contagious positivity is an inspiration for others, urging them to approach life's challenges with the same determination and discover the liberation that Cyrusher's innovations can provide. Cristina's story has the potential to inspire riders to come together, fostering a community of active and independent individuals. This collective effort enables more riders to explore the joy of cycling and uncover the endless possibilities that life has to offer.


Cristina's zest for life and unwavering determination is like a beautiful symphony, echoing Cyrusher's ethos of charting a fresh course. Embracing the electric bicycle, Cristina sets forth on a journey to a renewed life. Her optimistic approach empowers her to overcome obstacles and, with Cyrusher's wheels, she propels herself towards a future brimming with increased freedom and boundless possibilities.