Cyrusher Advances Future Mobility with Electrifying Innovation and Sustainable Solutions

Jan 17, 2024

Cyrusher, a leading manufacturer of electric mobility vehicles and other devices, recently presented its comprehensive range of innovative products (including electric snowboards, electric skateboards, electric surfboards and electric bicycles) at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024. The event marked the introduction of Cyrusher's groundbreaking and inventive products, garnering widespread recognition and positive feedback from other exhibitors.

Exhibition Highlights

  • Immersive Experience and Interactive Display

    Attendees didn’t just see the products on display; they were able to immerse themselves in an interactive riding experience. Cycling enthusiasts experienced the power and allure of electrification firsthand by taking a test ride on selected vehicles. Cyrusher transformed the exhibition into an engaging space, offering interactive displays and hands-on demonstrations. The emphasis was on turning attendees from passive observers into active participants in the electrification revolution.

     Test-ride attendees

    • Renowned Media Coverage

    The unveiling of Cyrusher's first electric snowboard garnered significant attention from respected media outlets. Live coverage effectively captured the essence of its forward- thinking technology. Acclaimed media sources commended the innovative features of both the e-skis and e-bikes, broadcasting about  the cutting-edge technology showcased at the CES to a broader audience.

    • Strengthening Connections and Expanding Influence

    Throughout the exhibition, Cyrusher strategically utilized the CES platform to forge connections with additional offline dealers, aiming to broaden display and sales channels. The objective is to make Cyrusher products more accessible to riders, ensuring they have the opportunity for a test ride experience before making a purchase. This approach is geared towards better serving customers and optimizing their overall shopping experience.

    Product Highlights

    • The World's First Electric Snowboard Ignites Imagination

     Cyrusher's Ripple, the world's first electric snowboard, captivated audiences as a technological marvel that has turned electric snowboarding into a reality. This radical invention attracted live coverage from esteemed media outlets. Attendees at the exhibition had the opportunity to witness the allure of this electric device firsthand. Indeed, the launch of Cyrusher Ripple marks a significant milestone in the evolution of winter sports.

    Cyrusher electric snowboard

    • E-Bike Innovations Capture Attention

    Cyrusher’s newly introduced and unveiled e-bike products took the spotlight for the first time at CES, providing attendees and other exhibitors with a firsthand glimpse of the latest technological advancements in the e-bike industry. These models, boasting enhanced performance and practical designs, cater to riders' multifunctional riding needs.

    Cyrusher 2024 E-Bike Product Categories

    Cyrusher's 2024 e-bike lineup is categorized into three series, each tailored for specific use scenarios, enhancing product quality to better meet the needs of distinct user groups.

    Recreational Series

    This series features models carefully chosen from popular and best-selling options. The 2.0 version of these models has been introduced based on market feedback. Included in this series are the Kommoda, Ranger, and Trax.

    Kommoda 2.0

    The Kommoda, a widely embraced model, has empowered numerous individuals to experience the advantages of motorized cycling. In its new 2.0 version, a standout enhancement from the original model is the increased battery capacity to 52V 20Ah, extending the riding distance to more than 50-62 miles. Additionally, the pneumatic damping system has undergone an upgrade, further refining the riding experience for enhanced comfort.

    Ranger 2.0

    Building on the strengths of its predecessor, the Ranger 2.0 enhances the overall bike by optimizing its weight, rendering the ride more manageable and portable. The entire model has been streamlined for a sleeker appearance. Upgraded components encompass the incorporation of UART electronic communication mode and an optional GPS feature, elevating its intelligence. In catering to diverse scenarios, the Ranger now boasts front and rear lights, coupled with an upgraded braking system for more versatile and unrestricted adventures.

    Trax 2.0

    Trax is a robust step-through all-terrain e-bike, celebrated for its powerful performance and embraced by many riders. The Trax 2.0 introduces optimizations in weight, incorporating an Intelligent Positioning Mode for enhanced functionality. Further enhancements include upgraded front and rear lights for improved visibility and utility. The 2.0 version also elevates safety and comfort by upgrading the 2-piston brake system to a more advanced 4-piston brake system.

    Adventure Series

    The Adventure series comprises models designed to inspire riders to embrace risks, featuring high-end performance attributes to elevate the rider's adrenaline.

    Mid-drive ebike Trident

    The Trident stands out as an adventure-focused mid-drive ebike, featuring a robust 1000W mid-mounted motor and a 52V 20Ah battery pack, providing ample power to conquer any obstacle. Equipped with a DNM 4-piston hydraulic braking system and front and rear pneumatic shock absorbers, the Trident ensures safety and reliability for riders in exhilarating and adventurous situations.

    Mid-drive ebike Maui

    The Maui, another robust model geared towards adventure, stands out with an overall design featuring a low-frame step-through for enhanced accessibility to adventurous pursuits. Powered by a potent mid-mounted motor and an efficient battery configuration, the Maui is equipped with front and rear gas pressure damping, coupled with a responsive braking system, making it the ideal blend of comfort and power.

    Mid-drive ebike Quest

    The Quest, a step-through ebike designed for rider comfort, features a potent mid-drive motor and a 52V20Ah power configuration, ensuring robust riding performance. With small fat tires that reduce the overall bulkiness, the Quest offers increased flexibility for trail riding. The inclusion of four-piston hydraulic brakes enables swift braking at high speeds, making it a powerful and secure choice for riders seeking both safety and comfort.

    Mid-drive ebike Hurricane

    The Hurricane caters to riders seeking a high-performance biking experience. Crafted with a carbon fiber frame, the entire bike attains a new level of texture and riding sensation. The potent mid-mounted motor ensures exceptional climbing power, while the high-capacity battery design extends the possibility of exploring longer distances. The bike is fully equipped with high-quality components, enhancing the overall smoothness and safety of the ride.

    Mid-drive ebike Cyclone X

    The Cyclone X is a dynamic ebike featuring a 500W Bafang motor and a mid-drive torque sensor for a smooth and comfortable ride. Crafted with a carbon fiber frame, the overall design prioritizes weight optimization and durability. Geared for speed, the Cyclone X can reach up to 45 km/h, with a fast-charging head to minimize charging time and get riders back on the road swiftly. Ideal for those seeking a more responsive and action-packed riding experience.

    Premium Series

    The Premium series features uniquely designed models tailored to the specific needs of distinct rider groups, aiming to appeal to a wider range of riders.

    Dual battery dual motor ebike Scout Pro

    The Scout Pro stands out as an innovative e-bike offering both single and dual motor options. With the integration of dual motors, the Scout Pro achieves a remarkable 1500W of power, pushing the boundaries of e-bike capabilities. It can operate independently in single-drive mode or in both modes simultaneously, while the dual-battery version can extend its reach in single-drive mode. Designed for safety and practicality, the Scout Pro features front and rear turn signals, brake lights, mirrors, electronic horn, and more. The fully-damped setup with adjustable shock absorbers is a valuable addition, enhancing the overall riding comfort, while the adjustable seat height (available in three heights) ensures versatility to accommodate different rider preferences.

    Electric motorcycle Terra

    Terra is a formidable electric motorcycle designed to cater to the needs of professional speed racing enthusiasts. It features a robust 3500W motor with a peak kinetic energy of 7000W. Capable of reaching a top speed of 80km/h, it effortlessly conquers uphill terrains. With two speed modes, off-road tires, a hydraulic braking system, and a full damping system, the Terra is engineered for superior performance. Its ability to navigate through diverse and challenging terrains showcases the limitless potential of electric power for riders.

    electric motorcycle terra


    Jetbo is an e-bike designed specifically for young riders, featuring a 250W motor system that achieves a maximum speed of 13mph. This allows little riders to experience the joy of e-biking while maintaining a level of safety and control. The hydraulic braking system ensures fast and reliable braking, contributing to a secure and enjoyable riding experience. Jetbo is for children aged 3-7 years old, providing them with the opportunity to explore the world freely!

    • Diversifying Electric Mobility: Skateboards and Surfboards Ride the Wave of Innovation

    Cyrusher's commitment to pushing the boundaries of electric mobility extends beyond conventional modes of transportation. The introduction of electric skateboards and surfboards showcased the brand's dedication to applying electricity in diverse areas. Drawing significant attention from attendees, these products highlight Cyrusher's extended innovation, making electric mobility a thrilling and versatile experience for enthusiasts.

    • Adherence to Sustainability and Green Initiatives

    Central to the Cyrusher exhibit was a dedication to sustainability. The unveiling of electric mobility products underscored Cyrusher's commitment to a greener future. Beyond dazzling the audience with technological innovation, the e-bikes and e-snowboard/boards showcased Cyrusher's pivotal role in shaping an environmentally friendly industry.

    Coming Full Circle

    Cyrusher's impactful presence at CES sent ripples throughout the electric mobility sector. Exhibitors gained an up-close view of the remarkable success of electrification technology and its promising future prospects. Cyrusher's vision for the future is to democratize electrified innovation, enabling more users to reap the benefits of electrified development and encouraging individuals to experience this progress.

    This exhibition serves not only to unveil pioneering products but also to foster the involvement of diverse communities and individuals everywhere in the electrification revolution. The goal is to extend the reach of electric mobility beyond the confines of technology events like CES, seamlessly integrating with people's lives and pushing the boundaries of what electric mobility tools can achieve. 

    Cyrusher ces 2024

    About Cyrusher

    Cyrusher is at the forefront of revolutionizing electric mobility, extending beyond traditional electric bicycles to introduce innovative electric snowboards and skateboards and surfboards, encouraging users to experience a new way to travel and have fun. With a successful presence in over 10 nations, Cyrusher's products undergo stringent international quality tests, meeting CE, UL, Rhos and FCC standards. The company is committed to offering fast, convenient and zero-carbon urban travel solutions, fostering a connection between people and nature. As Cyrusher continues to broaden its product range, there's anticipation for more electrifying options and a world  of adventure.

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