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Best Electric Bike for Outdoor Riding

Apr 20, 2023

People are removing more layers of clothing and spending more time outside as a result of the warmer spring weather. Cycling enthusiasts see that riding an electric bike around the countryside is a very pleasant pastime. More and more people are turning to electric bikes instead of traditional bicycles to start their outdoor cycling lifestyle in pursuit of unrestricted, accessible and faster exploration. How should you pick the ideal outdoor e-bike? You might get purchasing inspiration from this post.

In the contemporary social milieu, engaging in outdoor activities has become a popular way for many individuals to discover their inner spiritual values. Activities like hiking, mountain biking in the wilderness, outdoor camping and fishing provide people with the opportunity to commune with nature and find inner peace while venturing into more expansive wilderness. People's outdoor mobility patterns are evolving with the advent of e-bikes, extending the range and depth of outdoor experiences. Riders are able to move quickly through woods and trails and discover sites that are inaccessible by foot and by car.

The best outdoor e-bike model

The most challenging part of outdoor riding is navigating the complex terrain of wilderness routes. Picking an all-terrain e-bike is the ideal option since it allows you complete freedom over where and when you ride. With the introduction of its fat-tyre electric bikes, Cyrusher has substantially boosted the availability of high-quality personal mobility products for worry-free riding.

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Safety for a stable ride

The primary benefit of a puncture-resistant fat tyre is that it offers better traction to navigate various types of challenging road terrain and prevents tread breaking brought on by some road impediments. Additionally, the pressure of a fat tyre is often lower than that of a narrow tyre. This creates a cushioning effect that further absorbs the shock when travelling over a rough surface, resulting in a more comfortable and stable riding experience. By riding on fat tyres, your outdoor exploration is no longer limited and you can travel on complex terrains such as beaches, mountain slopes and wilderness trails.

Because the whole frame is composed of aluminum, it is sturdy and long-lasting. This allows it to handle a more dynamic riding style while still giving the rider reliable frame support. One of the most crucial aspects of road safety is the braking ability of the bike. In order to travel securely, hydraulic brakes with enhanced braking capability are recommended for quicker reaction, shorter skid-distance limitations and improved ride safety. When riding in the wilderness, where it is likely that humans and wildlife will unexpectedly cross the roadway, it is essential to be able to brake quickly.

The need for comfort

Since outdoor riding can be a day-long event, comfort is of great importance. The rider enjoys the most wonderful experience while riding on a comfortable vehicle, which encourages them to continue. The comfort of an e-bike is related to its shock absorption system. Most adult e-bikes are only equipped with front fork suspension but lack rear shock absorbers to absorb the impact of bumps under the rear wheel. The rider will experience more obvious bumps since the hub motor's rear wheel will be under greater stress than the front wheel. As a result, you will experience more discomfort and be prevented from completely enjoying your adventure. 

Traction and torque

The power it gives you to move ahead on the road directly affects how much traction an e-bike can offer. A challenging mountain environment demands higher driving, starting and climbing abilities while you're out on an adventure ride. How powerfully the bike performs is determined by the torque. The right torque gives the bike better suspension, strong climbing abilities and effortless acceleration in these environments. Higher torque allows for faster acceleration and more climbing power, giving you complete control over your ride. Therefore, a more potent motor and torque provide you with a better riding experience overall.

Longer range

For riders who love outdoor adventures, travelling farther may test the range of an e-bike battery. In addition, the battery serves to power other components like the lighting system which is crucial in dimly lit riding conditions. Therefore, pick a battery with a larger capacity when purchasing an outdoor e-bike to offer the machine more juice to run on. This will ensure enough lighting power in low light and offer a farther riding range.


The XF800 is the first professional mountain e-bike from Cyrusher. It has enhanced components and an upgraded full suspension system to make mountain riding possible. The full damping system absorbs most road bumps and ensures a comfortable ride. Equipped with a 48V 13AH quality battery from Samsung or LG, it meets most of the rider's needs. The quality motor with a torque performance of 80nm ensures reliable running power for the vehicle. The higher quality hydraulic brakes provide 180mm of braking line to deliver a safe ride. As a result, the XF800 is a more cost-effective outdoor e-bike option for many people. 

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The XF900 is a professional mountain electric bike. It is equipped with a full suspension system. The front and rear shock absorbers provide a great deal of relief from most bumps on the road, giving a very comfortable riding experience and reducing fatigue on long rides. The XF900 is equipped with a powerful 250w motor and offers 80nm of torque. This provides plenty of power to take you up high hills with ease and help you get a great view of the steep and distant landscape. So, choose the XF900 for your climbing needs and for the confidence you need to ride off-road. What’s more, the XF900 has a motorbike-style frame design with a distinctive feel and powerful performance.

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The Ranger is the latest powerful all-terrain e-bike to be released with upgraded and powerful components, making it the most impressive travel tool of choice for riders in 2023. In addition, the Ranger has been fitted with a new standard battery, opting for a high capacity 52V 20AH battery to provide riders with a more reliable range for long-distance riding. The Ranger is also equipped with an upgraded cadence sensor which controls the speed of the bike by varying the pedal effort. This offers a more intuitive riding experience for the rider and helps them achieve a better cycling workout. The Ranger is a more powerful outdoor adventure bike for riders looking for higher performance, with all the performance you can imagine for outdoor riding.

Reasons for choosing an electric bike for outdoor activities

A portable means of getting around

Using an e-bike for outdoor activities can be a portable and green way to get around. The e-bike's powerful motor allows riders to start their rides as quickly as they want. And with the pedal assist feature, there's no need to pedal hard to begin your journey. Whether you're camping outdoors or exploring the wilderness, the e-bike can cut through the country trails and help you reach your destination with ease. Save energy and the time you spend on the path. The e-bike can offer travel speeds of up to 28mph (the UK limit is 15.5mph), significantly increasing personal mobility speed. You can get to your outdoor activities faster and it also allows you to change locations readily, giving you more time to devote to your favourite activities. For example, you can start fishing or hunting with a lot of energy saved.

Offers a wide range of gears

One of the advantages of an e-bike for outdoor adventures is that it offers a wide range of gears so that you can change your speed for different styles of outdoor riding depending on your preference. For instance,, if you're planning an exciting outdoor riding adventure, then you'll need higher gears to provide more speed and power to climb hills, traverse around obstacles and ride at more exciting speeds. If you plan to embark on an exploratory ride, you can constantly change gears to suit different riding styles on different surfaces depending on the terrain. Explore the various landscapes in nature and embrace the healing freedom and relaxation that nature offers.

Helps you enjoy nature

The high-pressures of society has made many people aware of the limitations of city life and how the environment can feel depressing. More and more people are choosing to go outdoors and experience the vastness of nature as a way of relaxing and connecting with their spiritual sides. Cycling, walking and driving are all common forms of transport. As we all know, with social and environmental initiatives to reduce carbon emissions, traveling by car has become less of a priority for many people who are more focused on cycling and hiking. The advantage of e-bikes over walking is that they save energy and time and offer a more reliable travel range, allowing riders to explore further distances that cannot be reached on foot.

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Start the outdoor cycling journey

Warm spring days harbour nature's infinite possibilities and spring cycling opens up a flourishing landscape for riders. If you want to get rid of the exhaustion of traveling on foot while reducing your carbon footprint, then an e-bike is the perfect option for you. The three models from Cyrusher are specific all-terrain bikes that are popular with many riders. They each have the ability to climb hills with ease, open up smooth beach rides and offer a long-range for your long-distance outdoor adventures. A Cyrusher fat tyre ebike is the perfect companion to start your outdoor riding.