Bike Comparison:Cyrusher Trax vs Juiced CrossCurrent X Step-through

Bike Comparison:Cyrusher Trax vs Juiced CrossCurrent X Step-through

Apr 17, 2023

Electric bikes are getting more advanced with higher performance and bigger battery capacity as the industry continues to refine to keep up with rising demand. Riders now have additional model options thanks to the introduction of more powerful Ebike models. A comparison of two powerful step-through electric bikes will provide some inspiration for the purchase of an electric bike. This article looks at the model Trax from Cyrusher and the CrossCurrent X Step-through from Juiced.

Model overview

Cyrusher Trax

The Trax is an e-bike with fat tyres for all-terrain riding. The bike is equipped with additional cutting-edge components to provide the user with a better riding experience. The Bafang motor was chosen because it offers a lot of forward force, making it simple to traverse challenging mountain terrain and move ahead steadily on city streets. Speeds of up to 28 mph are feasible. However, it will be constrained to 15.5 mph by regional regulations that must be complied with when travelling on city roads.

Since the frame structure is made from sturdy aluminum, it is equally durable and stable for riders to use. Shimano's 9-speed transmission with pedal assist mode is standard on the bike and enables users a wide range of gears to adjust their riding pace. The bike features hydraulic brakes of the best quality, which increases braking capability and guarantees riding safety. This powerful electric bike offers maximum initiating power and shifting ability as well as premium range and superior braking ability for easy travel on challenging roads, not to mention flat city roads.

Juiced CrossCurrent X

CrossCurrent X is an urban electric bike intended for urban commuting so narrower tyres more suited to city streets were chosen. There are two frame alternatives available for this design and the step-through frame will be more accommodating for most riders. Many urban commuters find its simple frame design appealing. The battery provides an acceptable range. The removable battery pack gives greater flexibility in terms of energy storage and the battery design is integrated into the bike frame. The Altus 9-speed transmission that comes with the bike allows the rider to alter speeds for various riding circumstances. The hydraulic brakes on this electric bike and practical design elements, such as the light and horn, ensure riding safety and make it a great choice for comfortable urban cycling.

Blog-Bike Comparison:Cyrusher Trax vs Juiced CrossCurrent X Step-through

Specification comparison



Juiced CrossCurrent X Step-through





56miles range(90km)

65+mile range





250W Bafang hub motor 

hub motor 250W geared motor


LG 52-volt 20 amp-hour

UL certified 52V / 15.6Ah extended range


6061 aluminum full suspension frame

custom aluminum heat-treated


suspension fork + air rear

suspension fork


Shimano 9-speed

Altus 9-speed


26"×4.0" puncture-resistant fat tyres

Upgraded 28" x 1.75" road tyres


TLogan Hydraulic Disc Brakes

hydraulic brake

Load capacity

330 lbs

275 lbs

Riders Height

5'4" ~ 6'6"
(165cm ~ 200cm)

5'3 ~ 6'1

Bike Weight

66 lbs (30 kg) / 74 lbs (34 kg) with battery

67 lbs (55w/o battery)


orange/ white/ blue / gray

black/Arctic White/Beach Blue/ yellow


LED headlights:250 lumen LED

Front: water-resistant 1050 lumen headlight

LED taillights: included

Rear: Rear LED

Horn & Bell




half twist throttle

thumb throttle


2 years

1 year


full colour backlit

custom LCD


The primary difference between the two bikes is in the battery components. The Trax is powered by a 52V 20Ah LG battery pack which ensures consistent current input and output and minimizes the risk of explosion from poor-quality batteries. A difference also exists in the bike's capacity. A higher capacity battery often provides more launching power plus a greater range. In light of the fact that the battery is an essential component in powering the bike forward, including operation, lighting and other functions, a larger battery would be preferred.

Shock absorption

A more comfortable ride will undoubtedly offer you more motivation to use your e-bike, keep riding and get the most out of your e-bike, making your investment worthwhile. The suspension system difference is the main determinant of riding comfort. These two models have entirely different suspension systems. The CrossCurrent X, for instance, primarily features a front fork suspension which is a typical type among the majority of electric bikes. It smooths out the impact of some visible terrain imperfections but the rider still inevitably senses bumps on the road. The Trax, on the other hand, is a full suspension model that could serve as an electric off-road bike since it has an oil-spring front fork and rear suspension. Due to its advanced suspension that offers increased damping without compromising weight advantage, and rear air suspension, it has the most expensive of all suspension systems.


Different tyre types are shown in two ebikes, with the Trax having 26"×4.0" puncture-resistant fat tyres and the CrossCurrent X using upgraded 28" x 1.75" road tyres. While the narrow tyre improves riding efficiency on urban roads, it shows limitations on challenging terrain where riding puts more demands on this type of tyre. On the other hand, the fat tyre on the Trax is capable of tackling many different riding terrains, making it suitable for urban commuting or as a practical means of transportation for exploring the wilderness in your leisure time.

Blog- Trax with puncture-resistant fat tyre

Riders can make a choice based on their riding requirements. If your purchase is more likely to be for the daily commute, consider Juice's CrossCurrent X which gives an efficient way of travelling about. Choose the Trax if you're searching for a model that can be used for both commuting and exploring the wilderness.


The throttle is an essential component that allows the rider to regulate the bike's acceleration and deceleration on the road. The cycle can quickly get started from a stop with the help of the throttle. Different throttle types have different operating mechanisms. More riders favour the half-twist throttle over the thumb throttle because it is simpler to use, enabling acceleration and deceleration by simply rotating the handlebar. In fact, both throttle systems are equally effective in moderate temperatures so riders are free to choose which they prefer. In cold weather, however, the thumb throttle is less flexible than the half-twist throttle. The rider has to keep their thumb on the button which can easily result in frozen fingers in cold weather. On balance, the half-twist throttle is the better choice. The two models have different throttles with the Trax having a half-twist throttle and the CrossCurrent X using a thumb throttle. The Trax's half-twist throttle is more practical if you want to carry out your riding activities without weather restrictions.

Weight capacity

Weight capacity is a frequently overlooked but crucial model feature. The greater the load capacity, the more accommodating the model is for the rider and the steadier the ride. Of course, load capacity will determine the transportation of products. A vehicle with greater cargo capacity is able to carry more stuff without sacrificing riding comfort. For instance, due to the layout of the frame structure the Trax has a higher load-bearing capability, offering riders a more practical alternative.


The warranty period is  crucial to consider for assurance when purchasing a product. In general, the longer the warranty period, the higher the product standard that you should expect. Customers are, therefore, more likely to pick a product with a longer warranty. Cyrusher provides a two-year warranty (one year on the battery) on all the bikes in its collection, in contrast to Juiced's one-year warranty, providing customers with confidence that their purchase will be enjoyed for years to come.

Price point

Because of the performance and riding experience differences between the Trax and CrossCurrent X, there is a pricing difference between the two. The Trax costs £2,799 and the CrossCurrent X costs $1999. However, while the lower price of the CrossCurrent X is attractive, the vehicle does not deliver the same performance. By buying the Trax, you will obtain another year of warranty coverage in addition to a superior electric bike by spending another few hundred. If you want more for your money and a model that is more useful, go for the Trax as your first option.

Blog-Trax all terrain ebike riding


Both electric bikes are exceptionally powerful step-through models and the different circumstances in which they can be used impact performance. As shown by the comparison above, the Trax, with its full suspension system, puncture-resistant fat tyres, higher battery capacity and greater load capacity, can carry the rider and cargo through multiple riding circumstances with agility and superior ride comfort. The CrossCurrent X, on the other hand, has a front fork system that provides comfortable riding but the model is limited by the riding scenario. Consequently, there is no doubt that the Trax is preferable in the long term due to its more impressive performance.